Mother on Holiday (True) part 1

Recently my mother and I went away for a week, Just for a Break. We Booked a Cravan at a Holiday Park in Essex UK. We drove down on the Saturday Morning and caught the usual holiday Traffic. We were on a busy Road when all the traffic came to a halt. We Found out later there had been an accident. We had been sat Stationary for about Thirty Minuets, When Mother became Restless and was moving about on her seat. When I asked what was wrong she Said "I wish i hadn't had those two cups of Coffee this morning" "Because Now im Dying for a wee"
As the time went on she was becoming more desperte. Before long She Said "Look Sorry Son but Im really desperate" She then had her hand up her Skirt Pressing on her Panties.Her Skirt had ridden up to her waiste, and her shapley legs were on show. I know I should not be looking but i couldn' stop myself. I could see her panties as well. I felt a Stirring in my pants. I was becoming hard.
Other cars were stuck both sides of us so there was no way out.
Mother was now moaning, I was still staring right at her crotch. Suddenly she let out a whimper, and I saw a wet patch forming in her panties. "Oh god im doing it son" "you shouldnt be looking at Mummy" "I know mummy im sorry but I can't help it" I replied. Mummy then began to pull wet panties off. As she did I saw her pussy. I couldnt help myself and began to stoke myself. "Mummy looked accross and just shook her head. Mummy Hitched up her Skirt open her legs and began peeing really strong on to the floor of the Car. As she sat back releived was was comming big globs of spunk. it was flying everywhere.
She Calmly reached over and started wiping me with a tissue.iwas in for A Holiday to remember (Part 2 Soon)
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1 year ago
so hot
2 years ago
Another awesome incest story. I love em!!!!
2 years ago
Quality story
2 years ago
amazing was wanking to this
3 years ago
fantastic start!!!!!!

more please
3 years ago
nice start very hot
3 years ago
Very hot story. More please.
3 years ago
Nice start, but should proof read before posting and sort out the mistakes.
3 years ago
Great beginnings, but take your time and read through before you post.
3 years ago
thats hot nothing better then a good peein let alone it mummy