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Me and Mummy goes Shopping

Muumy wanted to buy herself a new outfit.I was promised a meal if I went along.
so after hours of trapsing round endless shops, she finally saw a skirt she liked. The Shop was a small back street boutique. It was a leather skirt about knee length. Mum went into the changing room to try it on. She hadnt closed the curtain fully and I moved my position so I could see her changing. Mummy's always had a great body. She is in her 40,s now but so sexy. She removed her old skirt and I gazed at her pulling up the leather skirt over her lovely long legs.
I admit I becoming aroused. Suddenly the curtain pulled right back and mummy beconed me over. She pulled me into the fitting room and asked me if I Liked her new skirt. I Nodded and stumbled over my words " its lovely mum" She turned towards me and said I can see you like it by your trousers. I Turned and tried to hide my buldge.
Mummy wanted to keep the skirt on so the old was was put into the bag and we left. She looked so great in that Skirt. passers buy were also looking at mum.
As promised mum headed for a small restaurant for lunch.
We took up a seat right in the far corner of the restaurant. It was quiet dark in there and we were the only table taken. After we had eaten, we were sharing some wine. Mum was sitting next to me at the table and i couldnt keep my eyes of her legs. She kept crossing her legs and uncrossing she was fidgeting around. Mummy whispered "I need a wee wee Honey" she began to lift her skirt and hold her crotch. I could make out in the dim light a small damp patch. God I was so hard now and mun knew. we Struggled out and made our way to the toilet mummy was unsteady on her feet. we made the toilets and she said "you have to help me". We move into the cubical and she stood still let out a little moan and peed her pants right on the floor in front of me. Mummy reached forward took hold my now erect cock and began to rub it against her leather skirt.
I could'nt hold back and began shooting big globs of spunk all over her Skirt. god it was so good. I left mum to clear up a bit and I paid the bill.We left soon after with smiles on our faces. Cant wait till aour trip to the supermarket
Posted by moby999 2 years ago
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10 months ago
2 years ago
made me edge while reading..