Mom Sits In The Game

The weekly poker game that I held in the f****y room of our house was an event that me and my four best buddies looked forward too every week. Only this week it was almost canceled when two of the guys had to go out of town to visit relatives. So that left me, Charlie and Ernie to play, Ernie called his cousin Fred to get us a fourth.

I tried all day to try and find us a fifth but struck out trying, then I asked my Dad if he would play. He filled in a few times before so I had hoped he would be willing to play again.

"No way son, had the last time I played you little sharks taken me for sixty bucks." He said.

"Sixty dollars!?" My mom shouted from the doorway.

"Well mom there is normally a twenty dollar buy in, but dad kept re-buying embarrassed to lose to a bunch of k**s." I said to her.

"Oh I see." She said.

"It is not as easy as it looks." Dad replied. "These k**s play online these days and they have been regularly for the last four years."

"I've been playing online for a couple of years now, I should sit in." My mother said.

"Sure Mom, why not, the guys like you and it will be fun to teach my old mother a thing or two about the game." I laughed.

"Well the game starts at seven; you know the routine to set up for the game and where to find all of the snacks." She said. "I better go up and change out of these old clothes if I'm going to play."

"Mike just try to keep the cursing down, I know eighteen year old boys can get and don't try and gang up on you mother." Dad said after she left the room.

"Dad we would never gang up on her." I said innocently.

"You know what I mean, just don't let you and the other guys gun for her to push her out of the game." He said.

"Alright dad we will keep it cool." I said and went out to set up.

Right around seven o clocks all of my friends that were playing arrived, the chubby Charlie and Ernie and his cousin Fred. Unlike Ernie, Fred was tall, good looking and muscular, his blond hair was around shoulder length. The three of them got some snacks and soda, then they sat down and Charlie handed out the chips to everyone.

Now all of the guys know my mom is an attractive woman, they called her a milf from time to time much to my chagrin. I knew Charlie and Ernie would be respectful of my mother, yet I was unsure about Fred.

"So who else did you get, is your dad going to play again?" Ernie said aloud.

"No, my mom wants to sit in tonight; she has been playing online and is up for a challenge." I explained.

"Don't worry Fred, his mom is really cool." Ernie said.

"Is that her in that picture on the wall over there." He said motioning towards it.

"Yeah it is." I replied.

"I got something to challenge her." He said giving off an air of smugness, Charlie and Ernie laughed uncomfortably.

Meanwhile in the living room my mother finally come down, she took a shower, did her hair and make up. Then she wore a low cut blouse that showed off some of her ample cleavage, I checked her bra one time and it read thirty eight d. She also had on a short denim skirt that showed of her shapely muscular legs. Mom looked really hot and you could hear dad let out a little wolf whistle when she walked by.

"Well dear you sure are decked out to play cards with a bunch of boys." He said.

"Thank you dear, well you know these card sharks I'm playing against are hot bl**ded males. So I don't see what it would hurt to use some of my natural charm against them, I should have them cleaned out in a couple of hours." She laughed as Dad handed her a twenty.

"Good luck." He said.

When my mother came into the f****y room you could hear a pin drop, even I felt my heart race a little faster when she strolled in and handed Charlie her money. He fumbled her chips as her slid them over to her and she stacked them neatly.

"Hey Charlie, hi Ernie, how are you boys doing tonight?" She asked.

"Good Mrs. Anderson, thank you for asking." Ernie said.

"Good and how are you tonight?" Asked Charlie overcoming the initial shock of my mother looking so hot.

"And who might you be?" She asked turning her attention to Fred.

"Oh, I'm Fred, Ernie's cousin." He said. "I'm in town for the weekend."

"Well tonight boys you can call me Kelly, no need to be so formal at the poker table." She said shuffling the cards. "Mike could you get me a glass of wine before we start?"

"Sure Mom." I replied getting her a glass.

The game finally got underway and the first hour of it progressed without any major hands taking place. My mom had definitely picked up a trick or two online and Fred was also pretty good, he got Charlie to fold on a good bluff.

The night was also getting hotter and the air turned more humid, we did not have central air and we only used fans in a few of the rooms. I had the ceiling fan going full blast as we played and my mom was on her third glass of wine as we started the second hour of play.

The guys were quick to challenge her in the first hour of play and my mom proved to be a very worthy player. She bluffed Ernie into folding pocket Kings and she took a pretty good pot from Charlie. Fred proved to be good as well he sucked me in on a hand he had a straight right from the flop and he even got my mother on a couple of different hands.

The second hour proved costly for both Ernie and Charlie, they both lost all they're chips to my mother and Fred. Then they both bought in again and got a new stack of chips, I too was down half of what I started with.

Every so often you would catch Fred glaring at my mother lewdly or he would say something to her that could be interpreted as off color. Mom either did not get the comments or she was getting a pretty good buzz on from her wine. We played for another hour and then we called for intermission, I gave Dad a rundown on the game, while waiting for the bathroom.

Fred went first and then he was back in the kitchen, my mother was in there too filling up the snack bowls and cutting up more cheese, pepperoni and crackers. Fred stood close to her as she cut the cheddar cheese, he was talking to Mom and she was laughing at what he was saying, enjoying his flirting.

The fourth hour of play saw Charlie get eliminated; he decided not to buy in again, so he went and sat on one of the love seats in the f****y room to watch TV. By the start of the fifth hour Ernie went down on the river as Fred rivered a six of hearts to give him a set to beat his two pair.

By the time we began the fifth hour of play you could hear Dad in the living room snoring away. Then Fred pushed me all in, I had ace queen off suit in the hole and with a queen, seven, trey on the flop. The guy had a King and a seven in the hole, it was Mom's deal she flipped of the turn card and it was the eight of hearts. My heart sunk though as Fred got another river card and another seven came up knocking me out of the game.

"Well Kelly, it looks like it is just down to the two of us, are you ready to get down and dirty?" He said smugly.

"You bet now deal." Mom said to him as she slid the deck over to him.

The two of them were in a pretty see saw battle for almost an hour before Fred and my mother both with good hands went all in. Once again Fred came out on top and once again on the river.

"Another hand won on the river, you talk about having all the luck." My mother groaned as she slid her chips over to him.

"Wow must be a hundred and twenty in chips here." Fred said as he started to count them.

"Mike gets my purse for me." Mom said.

"Sure Mom." I said getting up to get it.

She took her wallet out and pulled out one hundred and forty dollars, and then she laid it on the table. Ernie and I looked at her in shock that she was going to try to go double or nothing with Fred.

"Kelly do you really want to do that, I think I proved I'm the better player here, put your money away." He said smugly.

"No, let's go double or nothing, Mike deals, winner takes all." She said to him.

"You're on." He said to her.

"Mike deals the cards." Mom told me.

I shuffled the cards and dealt out the hole cards, my face turned into a frown as she looked at them and Fred had a big shit eating grin on his face. I did the flop and it was a king, seven and a nine, Fred continued to smile and Mom downed her wine as she looked nervous. Then the turn card was another king and the river was a four, Mom turned her cards over and all she had was a pair of nines.

"Well Kelly, even with junior over there dealing, I still win and I did not even need the river this time." He said flipping over a king and a seven.

"Shit." My mom said as he took the money. "Mike, I'm way to buzz to drive, take my atm card down to the bank and get me three hundred dollars out."

"No way mom, is enough enough." I told her firmly.

"Well someone needs to teach him a lesson or two on how luck can run out." Mom said with a small pout on her lips.

"Well Kelly I'm willing to go double or nothing again, you have something other than money to bet." It was more of a suggestion than a question.

"What are you suggesting Fred?" Mom asked.

"I tell you what if I win the next hand you have to take off your blouse, if you win; I give you all of the money." He said looking directly at my mother's large heaving breasts.

"Dude that's my mother you are talking too." I said angrily.

"Right, I'm your mother Mike, now deal the damn cards." She said.

"But Mom!" I whined.

"Deal them Mike." She said with some annoyance.

This time my mother smiled when she saw the hole cards she had been dealt, and then I did the flop. Ace, five, jack, my mother flipped her cards over and laughed at Fred daring him to beat what she had so far. Fred saw her ace, jack and flipped his cards over as well to reveal he had a queen and a ten.

The next card was another five and then you could hear a pin drop as I flipped over a king on the river giving Fred a straight.

"Yeah baby, a bet's a bet take off that blouse and let's see what a pair you got." He said.

My mom looked at me nervously and all I could do was look away at the floor, then she stood up, reached down and pulled her blouse over her head. Everyone stared in awe at how great her tits looked in the tight black lace bra she had on.

"I tell you what Kelly one last chance to teach me a lesson, if you win all of the money, if I win you have to jerk me off, my cock is so hard seeing you like this." He said watching me turn red with anger and embarrassment.

"Deal the cards." Was all she said?

I did as I was told; I kept everyone's hole cards up so they could see what was going to happen. My mom had a four and a six in her hole cards, while Fred had a ten and a seven, the flop brought out another ten, a jack and a nine. The turn another ten, I went to flip the river and my mother shook her head no. She had no chance to win, she excused herself for a moment and when she came back she had a bottle of lotion, some paper towels, she was going through with it.

"Ernie gets Charlie and gets the fuck out of here." Ordered Fred.

"But" was all he got out.

"Get or I will kick you ass." He said threateningly.

It took a couple of minutes for Charlie to wake up and Ernie dragged him out the back door. Then I was told to go to the doorway and keep an eye on my sl**ping father in the living room.

Fred and my mother went over to the love seat, my mother sat down on her on knees on one of the cushions. Fred pulled his jeans and his boxers off, and then he sat down on the other cushion.

"Oh dear." My mother said aloud.

I took the opportunity to look back and saw what my mother saw, Fred had a large cock. It had to be almost eight inches long and as thick as her arm, as she squirted lotion on her hand and took a hold of it.

"Mmmm that sure does feel good." He said to her as she slowly strokes it up and down.

"Mike turnaround and watch the door." My mother said as she continued to stroke it.

I did as I was told for a couple of minutes and then I turned back to watch the action, Fred noticed me looking and he gave me an evil grin. He reached up and fondled one of her breasts, she moved his hand away and gave him an annoyed look. A moment later he reached up and gently ran his finger over the outline of her nipple.

She let him continue doing this and the sound of her breathing changed, Fred knew now he could play with her breast as long as he was gentle and slow. Then with a smooth move her slowly moved his hand to the clasp and reached across with his other one to undo her bra. I quickly looked away as my mother turned to see if I was looking and then when I was satisfied she was back to paying attention to Fred's cock I went back to looking.

Fred was gently massaging my mother's tit, playing with the nipple; mom was now fondling his large egg shaped balls. My mother sighed softly as I could see her nipples were now very erect and her breasts stood out firmly as bl**d flowed to them. Fred now let his hand drift and then moved it over to her leg and up her thigh, I waited for mom to stop him and she let him continue lifting the front of her skirt.

Mom had on a matching pair of black lace thong panties, Fred slid his finger inside and wiggled it around her pussy. He slowly eased another finger into her tight pussy and gently pushed them up inside of her wet cunt.

"Ohh, mmmm." She moaned as he fingered her.

I watched in shock as my mom began to hump up and down on his fingers and she was now jerking him off a lot quicker. She was moaning louder and so was Fred, I heard my mother mutter aloud something about cumming and Fred groaned he was going to shoot as well.

His thick jets of white cum shot all over his chest, on my mom's arm; chest and I shot my load right in my pants. Mom hand him a towel and took one to wipe herself off as well, she did her bra up and put her blouse on.

"Wow Kelly that was great." He said to her.

Mom however did not want any conversation at this point as she pushed past me and ran upstairs. Fred threw his towel on the floor and put the money in his pocket, before he left he turned to say something to me.

"Well I think I will stick around and visit Ernie a little longer." He said. "See you around k**."

Mom was in the shower as I made my way upstairs and I went into my room to lie down on my bed. My mother stopped in her tight short silk robe that she wore sometimes to my embarrassment as it showed off her shapely body.

"Mike, I'm glad you are still awake." She said.

"Hey mom, I'm sorry things got out of control." I said feeling guilty of what happened at my game.

"Mike, I should be the one who is sorry, I drank too much, my stubborn pride got the better of me and I hate how arrogant Fred got as he kept winning. Can you please look past what happened and not say anything to your father, I will never let it happen again, I promise." My mother said with tears in her eyes.

"I won't say anything mom and I will tell Ernie that I don't want to see Fred over here again." I said to her.

"Thank you Mike, I love you." She said leaving the room.

"I love you too mom." I replied watching her ass sway as she walked out.

Part Two a Few Days Later

A few days later I had returned from playing a pick up game down at the old school and now wanted to get home for something cold to drink and then a shower. I entered the backdoor and opened the fridge pulling out a bottle of juice, which I chugged down. I then heard the door bell ring, I went out to answer and saw my mother was home and then I remembered.

Her car was in the shop and she was getting out of work at lunch time today, my mother worked as an office manager for a local accounting firm. Mom always looked good in her office clothes, especially on the rare days she wore a skirt. Today she had on a short black skirt cut just above the knee, which I loved the way it hiked up and showed off a lot of her shapely leg. She was wearing a tight fitting green button up silk blouse which fit snuggly on her breasts.

It was Fred, the protective son in me wanted to go over and throw the smug bastard out, yet the voyeuristic perverted side of me wanted to see if this was going to go anywhere. You know which side won out and I hid in the kitchen, the door was already open so I had a clear view of the living room from my vantage point.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I heard my mother say. "I thought Mike told Ernie to tell you that you were not welcome here again."

"Hey calm down Kelly, I just came to bring you these and tell you I was sorry for what happened." He said showing her the bouquet of flowers he had behind his back.

"Really, well that is very nice of you to bring such lovely flowers, come in and I will put them in water." My mother said taking them.

I had to react quickly and I ran into the foyer as my mother came in and got a vase, Fred followed her. She filled the vase with water and put the flowers in; she took a moment to arrange them.

"Sure is hot today and I walked all the way here, mind if I had a cold drink and sat down for a few minutes?" He asked.

"Okay, I will get us a couple glasses of water." My mother said.

Fred went into the living room and sat down on the couch, my mother came in carrying to glasses of water. To my surprise she sat down on the couch as well, she did however sit to the far end away from him.

"Does it always get this hot?" He asked taking a drink of water.

"No this is a little on the unseasonable side." She replied.

"I must say you sure do look really nice today Kelly." He said setting his glass down on the coaster that was on the coffee table.

"Thank you." My mom said her drink down too.

"Do you still think about the other night, I know I have not stopped thinking about it?" He asked her as he moved closer to her on the couch.

"I think about how much of a mistake it was and how ashamed I am to do such a thing in front of my son." She said to him.

"Really I don't have anything to be ashamed of do I?" He asked her.

"No you don't." My mother said blushing.

Now Fred was sitting right next to my mother he had one arm behind her on the back of the couch and he was stroking her hair. She did not make a move to stop him and I could tell from the way she was breathing she was excited.

"You want to see it again, don't you?" He said a low voice.

My mother never said a word as Fred undid his belt buckle and her eyes were transfixed on his crotch. Then he unbuttoned his jeans and slowly pulled the zipper down, he lifted his butt off of the couch and with one hand pulled his jeans down to his knees. He must have had this seduction of my mother planned the bastard went commando for this as he did not have any underwear on.

"Look at it Kelly, so big and hard for you." He said as my mother kept staring at it.

My mother never said a word as he took her hand and pulled it to his cock; she gently wrapped her hand around it. Then slowly as if she was in a dream she began to stroke it up and down. Fred was happy with his new found power of his cock's hold over my mother he gently moved his hand down to her back and pushed her forward.

My mother began to move down his chest and then her head was resting on his stomach, she push Fred over so she could have more room as her face was now a few inches from his cock. Then my mother pulled the cock towards her face and her mouth engulfed the huge throbbing member.

"Oh shit Kelly that feels so good." He moaned as her mouth slurped a few inches into it.

She was now giving him one of the best and most skilled blowjobs I had ever seen right in our own living room. Fred not wasting anytime reached down and undid her shirt, and then he pulled one breast from the bra cup it was in. My mother moaned aloud as he played with her sensitive nipple, as she now had half of his massive cock into her mouth.

Fred lifted her skirt and pulled the fabric of her black lace thong aside, his fingers searched out the wetness of her pussy. He was now rubbing her pussy while she sucked his cock, his manipulations made her work even hard at it.

"Aw Kelly you sure suck one mean cock but I think I will fuck your tight little pussy." He said to her pulling her up off of his cock.

"Oh god Fred it's too big for me, let me finish sucking you off." She said to him looking like a c***d who had her favorite toy taken from her.

"Bullshit, I'm going to stretch your tight cunt right out." He said, he was already naked and he reached down and pulled my mothers shirt and bra right off.

"Oh my god, that feels good." She moaned as he leaned her back and sucked on her fat puffy nipples.

He kissed his way down her stomach and he pulled her skirt off and then he pulled her panties off. Mom giggled when he held them up and he took a long whiff of them and then smiled. He spread her legs wide apart and I now had a good view of my mother's pussy, she had it neatly trimmed and her pussy was slightly gaping.

Fred leaned in and parted her lips further apart with his hands; he then ran his tongue up her wet slit a few times. Then his tongue found her clit and he flicked over it in rapid fire succession. Mom reacted to this at once as she reached down and grabbed his hair roughly; she ground her pussy into his fast working mouth.

"Oh yes Fred, oh baby yes, eat my pussy, oh yes like that, oh shit eat it." My mother moaned as Fred continued licking her.

"Oh fuck, yes don't stop oh please don't stop, oh shit I'm cumming oh you bastard make me cum." My mother continued to moan as Fred lapped his way to bringing her to orgasm with his tongue.

"Damn your pussy tasted good, now I think it's ready to get fucked by my big monster." He said positioning himself between her legs.

"Go slow and be gentle." She looked up at him with her glassy lust filled eyes.

"You just lay back and let me do all the work." He said to her.

Fred eased the thick purple head into her first and then he had another two inches pushed into her. My mother had a look of both agony and pleasure on her face, Fred gave her a few seconds to get used to it and then he pushed another two inches into her. He had half of his cock into her now; he leaned forward and pushed the rest of his cock into all the way up to his balls.

"Oh uh, oh god, you are stretching my little pussy." She whimpered.

"Don't worry baby, you'll loosen up soon." He said as he slowly began to thrust in and out of her.

My mother grunted and moaned with passion, Fred alternated from kissing her to sucking on her large tits. With every minute his cock was able to piston in and out of her with less and less effort as her pussy began to accept the larger intruder.

"Oh yes, oh god yes, fuck me with that big fucking cock, fuck me." She ordered him.

Fred now started to fuck my mother faster and harder, her screams and moans filled the living room. Mom was bucking her hips wildly trying to meet his thrusts, every few minutes she mentions that she was having another orgasm. Her tits were bouncing wildly and I now had my cock out and I was jerking off in the kitchen.

Fred pulled his cock out of her after the last time she had an orgasm and he sat down on the couch. He held on his cock and my mother took the hint and climbed on top of it, she eased her pussy down on him. Soon she was riding up and down on his cock, one hand held on her nice round ass while the other held her tit so he could suck on them.

"Oh baby this is one nice big cock, oh shit I'm going to cum again." She moaned.

"Oh so am I Kelly, so am I!" He yelled.

"Oh shit, I'm cumming." She moaned. "Oh shit, Fred not in my pussy."

"What!" He moaned.

He got one shot off into her pussy as she lifted herself off of his cock; he shot the remainder of his cum on her pussy lips, legs and stomach.

"Sorry I think I got a little bit into you." He said.

"It's okay, since my husband had a vasectomy, I don't use any protection." Mom said.

"Well do we have time for another go?" He asked.

"NO!" My mother shouted. "Sorry my husband and son will be home soon, you better get dressed and go stud."

"I have to leave in a few days; do you want to see me again?" He asked.

"I don't know, we really shouldn't, I'm married, this is wrong, and I'll let you know okay." She said gathering her stuff and leaving the living room for the shower.

Fred got dress and left the house; once I knew the house was empty I crept up to my room. I heard my mother get out of the shower and in just a towel and her slippers she went down to the living spraying air freshener all over the place.

My mother came back through the hallway and I saw her walk by in her towel, then a few minutes later she came back in a tight tank top, no bra as her nipples pushed on the fabric and a tight pair of shorts.

"Hey Mom, I'm in here if you were wondering if I was home." I said to her.

"Oh Mike, when did you get home, just a few minutes ago?" She asked.

"I don't know, maybe around one thirty." I replied.

"Oh." She said trying to think of something to say. "Were you up here taking a nap or something?"

"No Mom, I was in the kitchen when Fred showed up to see you." I said to her sitting up on my bed.

"You saw everything, you didn't come out and say anything you just let has sex with that bastard and you did nothing." She said angrily.

"Mom you are the one who promised that nothing like what happened at my poker night would ever happen again." I replied. "Get mad all you want, I'm sorry but watching you today was the hottest thing I ever saw in my entire life."

"Oh my god, not only did I cheat on my husband but I also turned on my own son." My mother sobbed as she put her hands to her face.

"Mom don't cry." I said getting up from the bed and putting my arms around her pulling her to me.

"I'm so sorry Mike, you must hate me." She said.

"No I can ever hate you Mom, I love you and you are right I need to stop this for you, tomorrow I will take care of Fred for you." I told her.

"Mike I don't want you getting into any fights, are you going to tell your father?" She asked. "I cannot blame you if you tell him."

"Mom like I said the other night, this will be our secret, when I take care of Fred tomorrow I will come home. I want you to get out of work early again and meet me here, then we will talk some more about what we have to do to keep this from Dad." I explained to her.

"Okay, okay thank you son, thank you so much Mike." She said to me.

I let my mother go so she could leave my room and go make dinner; dinner was very quiet that night. I told my mother how hot I thought it was to watch her have sex, but did she realize how hot I thought she was. Well after I deal with Fred tomorrow she will find out what it will cost for my silence.

Part Three Fixing Fred' wagon and getting Mom as well.

The next morning I got up and called Ernie to find out what he and Fred had going on, he told me they were thinking about playing a quick nine. Then he told me Fred found himself a married, hot, older piece of ass and he would need to get laid afterwards.

I met them in the parking lot at the golf course and I went up to greet them, Ernie smiled and wave, while Fred looked in complete surprise. I waved back and continued to walk towards them; I gave Ernie a high five when I got to him.

"Ernie you did not say anything about Mike joining us." He said not even saying hello.

"Fuck you asshole." I muttered.

"What did you say, you little fucking pussy." He growled dropping his golf bag.

I reached into my pocket where I had a roll of pennies; I pulled them out in my fist quickly and punched Fred in the stomach as hard as I could before he could react. He doubled over in pain, and then I swung straight down catching him in the jaw, knocking him to the ground.

I followed this up by kicking and stomping on him several times, I finally quit has he laid on the gravel parking bleeding and moaning. I had Charlie give me a ride to the course; I picked up my bag and had him drive me home.

I had enough time to take a shower and then change into a loose fitting pair of shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt. Waiting for my mother to come home I had to resist the urge to jerk off as I played it out in my mind what I was going to demand from her. She came in through the front door around noon, getting out of work early as I had asked her too.

"Mike are you home?" She shouted as she came in.

"Yeah mom, I'm over here on the couch." I called back.

Mom came strolling into the living room looking very good again today, her hair and make up done perfectly. She was wearing a tight red low cut sweater that showed off a lot of her deep cleavage and a short leather skirt. Her five inch heels made the whole outfit look sexier than I could have ever imaged.

"So what happened today?" She asked.

"I kicked his ass and told him to stay the fuck away from you." I said boldly using foul language in front of her.

"Mike, I really don't like the idea of you fighting." She said sitting next to me that I was overwhelmed by her perfume.

"I was fighting for you Mom, for us." I said.

"Yes I know dear, it is very nice of you to defend your mother, even when she has not been a lady and has strayed for lust." She said putting her head down.

"Are you going to tell dad?" I asked her.

"What, oh no Mike, I could never tell your father any of this, he would be furious." She exclaimed holding my hand.

"Well I think I need to tell him then seeing how you won't." I said.

"What, I thought you were not going to mention this to him, oh god Mike no please no, if you love me no don't tell your father." She pleaded.

"Alright then mom, I won't tell dad, only on one condition, you are to have sex with me the rest of the summer until I leave for college." I told her looking into her eyes.

She was shocked to say the least her eyes welled up with tears and her mouth was open with a gasp. She could see my five inch cock poking out against my shorts lewdly pointing at her.

"Mike you can not be serious." She said to me.

"I'm very serious." I said to her. "I want you to pull my shorts down and suck my cock now."

"Mike please." She pleaded.

"Mom you behaved like a slut and the way I figure it, I have two months before college starts. What can two months of being my slut hurt, it's the only way you can save your marriage and keep my silence?" I explained to her.

"Two months, that is it, after you leave for school and even when you come back to visit you will never do this to me again." She said to me.

"Two months, that is all I ask." I said to her.

"Oh Mike, promise me two months and that is it." She said as she slid off the couch and got on her knees between me and the couch.

"I promise mom if you go through with this for two months I will never tell dad and I will never ask you for sex again." I said to her.

Without saying anything mom reached up and pulled my shorts down, she gave me a weak smile as she eyed my cock. She grasped it with one hand and engulfed the head of it with her mouth. My mother was now giving me a blow job in the living room; I never thought it would feel so good.

Her mouth was so wet and warm as she now took away her hand and she was now deep throating my hard five inches. I ran my hands through her hair and I could feel my cum boil up from my balls. I gave her no warning other than my loud grunts as my cum went down her throat. Mom did not gasp or spit any of it out; she kept sucking until she drained all of my seed from my balls.

"Oh mom, that was fucking awesome." I said helping her up.

"Thank you baby, I'm glad you liked it." She said to me.

"Let me see what else you have to offer." I said reaching out for the hem of her shirt.

I pulled the red sweater off of her and she had on a red lace bra underneath it, I unhooked it and pushed her down on the couch sucking on her tits. I muttered how great they looked and felt as my tongue and mouth explored them thoroughly.

I then kissed my way down her stomach and pulled her skirt down to reveal that she had matching red lace panties on. I pulled them down and I could smell her musk of her pussy, pushing her legs apart to get a better look.

Diving into her crotch with my face my mouth locked onto her pussy sucking on it hard, my mother groaned. I pulled her down on the couch to get a better angle on it and I found her hard little clit.

"Oh yes Mikey lick momma's clit." She moaned. "C'mon baby makes your momma cum."

The living room was now alive with her moans of pleasure and the sounds of my mouth devouring her wet pussy. She was now humping it against my mouth as she was panting harder and moaning louder.

"Oh Mike, oh my son, you're making mom cum, oh don't stop." She moaned. "Oh yes baby, I'm cumming on my son's face."

My cock was now hard again and I got up between her legs and shoved it in, she grunted and I was now fucking my mother on the couch. She was humping back against me as I was fucking her fast and hard.

"Oh yes Mike you have a nice cock, fuck me, and fuck your slut of a mother." She moaned encouraging me to fuck her.

"Oh mom, oh mom, I'm a motherfucker now, oh shit your pussy feels so damn good." I grunted.

My mother pulled me down on top of her and I could feel her legs come up around my waist and lock around it tightly. She pulled my face to hers and we kissed, I could taste the lingering taste of my cum still in her mouth. I did not care; I wanted to kiss my mother while fucking her and twirled my tongue around hers.

We switched positions after a few minutes and I pulled her off the couch, I lay down on the floor and she climbed on top of me. It was so incredibly sexy to watch my mother ride up and down on my cock. Her large tits were bouncing and swaying back en forth as rocked her ass up and down faster, I was now meeting her with my own thrusts.

"Oh baby, I'm cumming again, oh yeah fuck me Mike, fuck me." She said as she rode my cock to another orgasm.

I gave her a moment to let her orgasm subside and then I moved her off of me. I bent her over the coffee table, it has a glass top. I pushed her down and her large tits pushed against the cool glass. With one hand holding her down against it tightly the other hand guided my cock into her hot wet pussy from behind.

"Oh Mike give it to me rough." She said.

"You like rough eh Mom." I said slamming my cock into her while still holding her down tightly.

"Yes fuck Mommy hard." She moaned.

"UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH." She grunted with every thrust.

"Oh fuck Mom, oh fuck, oh god here it cums." I moaned.

Without pulling out I shot load after load of my hot young cum into her pussy, she did not scream for me to pull out like she did Fred. I finished cumming into her and you could hear my dick come out with an audible pop.

"Sorry mom" I said.

"Don't worry about it; we will have to be more careful next time." She said. "We should take a shower before your father comes home."

In the shower we made love for a longtime, it seemed to take forever for my cock to cum again. We ended up with her on the bathroom floor sucking my cock to finish me off.

Part Four: The Aftermath

I held up my end of the bargain and when I left for college I neither asked my mother for sex again nor did I mention her indiscretions to my father. I did receive an alarming letter from her about three weeks into school informing she was now almost three months pregnant.

She said dad wanted some kind of DNA test and it was enough to fool him into thinking his vasectomy had failed and Mom was pregnant with his daughter. I knew this too would have to be kept a secret that my new little s****r was also going to be my daughter. But it was worth it to have such a hot two months with my mother acting as my slut the entire time.
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