Bring the roof down…

It was the week preceding the weekend of my wedding to Eva, even though I am usually calm and collected I tend to catch some degree of anxiety prior to major events in my life. I had had quite a long day what with wedding preparations in their final stages and even after downing some beers to urge on some sl**p none was forthcoming and that’s when I thought to go up to the roof of the flat that I stayed in. The block of flats I stayed in had one of those old type roofs where only someone that had serious business on the roof bothered going there.
Anyhow so this idyllic moonlit Sunday evening I decided to go up there and count stars while I smoked some pot to see if that would help bring some sl**p. The layout of the place is such that a waist high wall encircles some additional water storage tanks hence it is possible not to notice anyone else who might be seated on another side and especially when its dark. So this evening being my first time ever to visit the roof at night and with no reason to think to check if there might have been anyone else I proceeded to light one of my specialty blunts (think one of those humongous Jay and Bob ones) and only after several puffs did I become aware of a stir on the other end (I had been leaning against the half wall) and it is only when the other person stood to full length and started moving towards me that I noticed it was Katie.
I had noticed Katie several times before, her f****y had just moved into one of the vacant flats some couple or so months back, and even though I was hardly at my flat due to work commitments I knew she mostly kept to herself and seldom responded even to greetings. Now Katie’s quite the looker but there’s something quite offish about her that I hadn’t quite been able to put a finger on. So she walks towards me with a look on her face that seemed to imply that I had been sent to her by God, she smiled her most radiant of smiles that might have put several stars to shame and asked for a puff, she went on to explain that she had for the longest period wondered where to get some weed for herself as her supply had ran out and she was finding it hard to locate a dealer in the new neighborhood. Several puffs later she’d loosened up quite a bit and the only thing that held us from laughing out loud was the fact that it was well past 11 o’clock and we didn’t want to rouse the neighbors some of whom had school going k**s.
The conversation eventually got round to my impending nuptials which elicited an unexpected response from Katie who admitted that she’d seen me around and with the weed starting to take its toll she even went as far as to admit that she’d always fantasized about having sex on the roof ever since she discovered it. Even though I was rather loosened up myself I couldn’t help gasping in shock upon which she went ahead and said she might offer me the honor of making her fantasy come true if I could guess an amazing fact about her. Several tries later and not even having come close she said she’d let me in on her secret since I’d been kind enough to keep her company and share my weed with her.
Katie then asked me to close my eyes and turn around for a few seconds and when I turned back I was not only beholden of a perfect hourglass body with the perkiest tits ever seen by man but she was packing a pecker!
She spun several times to bless me with a all round view as though I was a camera guy at a modeling shoot and only after I had picked up my lower jay from off the floor did she move closer and got on her knees to unzip the fly of my shorts and release my pecker which by now was struggling for release. I had previously only assumed trannies existed in internet pornos and had fantasized several times what it might feel like to see and touch one in the flesh. The moment my dick went in her mouth and I started having second thoughts about my wedding! The next 15 minutes felt like the best day of my life and my moans of pleasure were the only reminder that I hadn’t yet died and gone to heaven. The weed having somewhat numbed our senses I was able to extend the experience, and Katie having unsuccessfully tried to make me come on her perkiest of tits I decided to return the favor and had her lie down on our now discarded clothes and went ahead to teach myself how to pleasure a she-man.
Not being selfish, Katie suggested that we try a 69 and boy did we suck dick that night, I realized that I was quite the fast learner as only 10 minutes into it I felt Katie tense up and moments later she filled my mouth with her seed which she asked me to spit into her mouth. And down she went again to wet my dick to lube it as we hadn’t brought some. The next half hour cannot quite be put into words for all I recall myself was some floating sensation as though I had a combined high of liquor, ecstasy and weed rolled into one and I think I only came to after I had ejaculated and Katie not only drained the last drop of jizz before she let go of my pecker with her ass muscles but made me promise that I’d let her have some of my weed stash too.
I had to move to a larger flat following the nuptials and Katie went off to do her undergrad in Europe shortly after but I cannot forget that night on the roof however hard I try (or get).

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2 years ago
now why cant i meet a pretty girl like that