Big Daddy Surprise for a sissy slut.

It's Friday mornin, first day of the weekend and I already know Big Daddy will be calling me any minute. Just as I jump out the bed my cell phone start ringing. Caller ID read Dad and yes I'm talking about Big Daddy. I grab my phone quick n answer with my sexy voice, Hey daddy! What time u gonna be ready? Look bitch! 7:30 by the bus stop downtown. Then he end his call just as quick as I answer it. That was nothing new to me because daddy always call me the same time every Friday when he wanna party n get in some of this good boipussy. I do not have to get into everything how i feel bout big Daddy but we are good old friends for over 13 years. I pick out my new tiger bodysuit and black kneehigh boots looking like a sissy hooker. I was looking hot as hell. 6:30 came by fast and daddy was calling on time as always . Look bitch ! I want u to call a cab and meet me at motel * down by southwest. Room 169 i will pay for the ride. Again that was nothing new to me because like i said daddy would tell me to jump and I would say how high daddy. However it did take the cab driver over an hour to pick me up dodo to it was snowing pretty bad. Now you know i was looking foreward to getting snowed in with daddy all weekend. Again nothing new . I call daddy . Im out front daddy. I see daddy hand in the door so i jump out and grab the money to give to cab driver. I hear talking coming from a few doors down and see two tall black guys looking my way. I ran inside the room so no one would know I'm a sissy boy. Not that i care. Daddy want it that way so we don't mix bad vibe with the wrong people. U know, guys that don't fuck mix around at all. I look at daddy sitting on the bed with a blunt in one hand and a drink in the other. You look good as shit bitch. That ass phat as shit daddy sounding d***k. Go pull a drink and hit this blunt. Ok daddy. Thanks and u look good too. I pulled my drink and jump on the bed next to daddy and grab the blunt . As we feeling on each other and talking, daddy phone ring and daddy answer telling someone the room # we in and told me to go in the bathroom. I ran to the bathroom and listen to what was goin on in the other room. Give me two ¿'s and sum tree's my nig. Alrite yo let me used your bathroom? I gotta piss like a waterhole. Daddy tell the guy no yo my bitch in there. My heart jump out my chest listening to them talk in the other room. I know that wasn't shorty that had on the bodysuit, the guy say to daddy. Dam nigga, what u creeping around checking niggas bitches? Daddy tell the guy. No nigga I had to see the guy with a room a few doors down from you. Chill out b*o u got a sexy as chick that's all. My bad b*o daddy say but what if i told u that is a man dress like a bitch ? Looking that good I would let him suck my dick but i won't fuck him. Now you know my mind racing down 95 south going no where. Daddy and the guy was talking for a couple minutes and I hear the guy say he gonna hit daddy back in 15 mins. we gonna call him Ten and u will know why soon. As soon as I heard the door close I ran out the bathroom door and asked daddy what's up? Bitch take this and roll sum blunts. I take one and daddy take the other and we both start rollin up. Look bitch u know what time it is. That my nig and he gonna give us sum more party shit. Just suck him off and after he see me get behind that ass he gonna want sum of that. U know u got that good wet pussy. Daddy phone ring. Ok my nig but i bet u gonna want to hit it too and if u do it's gonna cost u big because i tried to give u a deal. Ok I'm open the door now. Daddy open the door and a tall 6"4 , 210 light brown skin b*o walk in with short hair cut. Ten pull out sum party and we started talking and getting nice. Daddy told Ten he been told him bout me but not everything. Yeah my nig this the bitch i told u we can slut out when u was living down south. I been knew u fuck around because we both was fucking with shorty over east. Ten say man fuck that shit let's get this shit started. She phat as a bitch i wanna see what that head like. Ok daddy say. Look bitch show time. I went in the bathroom and got a little slutty and when i came out daddy start taking his things off. I jump str8 on daddy dick sucking it like no tomorrow. Daddy fuck my face n told Ten he better get ready for the best show he gonna ever see in his life. Daddy bent me over the end of the bed standing up looking at Ten at the top of the bed looking horny as a dog. I feel Daddy doing his thing getting my boipussy wet and ready for daddy bbc. I could not take it any more. I told daddy i want his bbc now. Daddy put it in real slow at first then start going to work like a porn star. Ten jump off the bed and drop his pants to the floor. Yo she is a true sissy slut. I think i love her already. Ten dick is 10inch long and 4 inch thick. Now Daddy dick is 9inch long and 3inch thick and good , I am saying daddy got that fit just rite dick but Ten is packing and nothing wrong with wanted sum big big cock sometime. I tried to put all of Ten down pass my lips but it was too hard and i gag 3/4 of the way down. Plus daddy was still behind my ass going to work like he was in the gym. That made Ten even more horny and all u can hear was hold wet my asshole was n how fast n hard daddy was fucking me. Yo let me see what that pussy feel like? Shorty sound wet like water. Ok homie but u know it's gonna cost u big. Ten said he don't care he want sum. Daddy sit back on the top bed and smoke a B. Ten told me to get on all four on the bed and Ten push his bbc in me 2inch at a time every 45 sec untill he had 6inch in. Now i had big cock b4 but not big and fat. By the time he was all the way in and fucking me hard I just wanted to stop and pass out. Just then daddy start slapping me in my face wit his dick. Eat this dick bitch. Get it sloppy wet because i got a surprise for your sissy ass. B4 I could think daddy slam his dick balls deep in my mo***. Then daddy jump up and told Ten to lay on his back and me to get on top. I start riding Ten and daddy jump behind me spit on his dick and my ass at the same time as he start pushing his dick in me while I'm already riding a big big bbc. It was hurting and feeling good all at once. My boipussy got pound like this for a few min and then daddy wanted me to get on top of him with my ass facing him. Ten put my legs in the air and they both went to work. I never cum so hard out my ass b4. I told daddy i can't take it any more and daddy said ok but u still getting fuck one at a time and Big Daddy first. My hole was open and it felt so good having daddy fuck me while I'm laying on my side ass pull apart. Ten jacking off in my face about to cum telling daddy how lucky he is to have a sissy slut bitch boi. We all was cumming at the same time and as daddy letting us all know who this boipussy belong to. Ten stayed the night do to the snow and we party all nite. In the morning we had a little fun b4 Ten left and Ten ask Daddy can he get my #. Sure can b*o but it's gonna cost u, Big Big Bbc.
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8 months ago
omigosh I wanna be fucked just like that mmmmmm
9 months ago
Wow, it is quite an erotic tale!
10 months ago
if i only ... i love it so much too
11 months ago
I love it...Post more!!!
11 months ago
Oh how I want to serve your sexy Daddy along side you!
11 months ago
great story! thanks so much!
11 months ago
So hot.
11 months ago
wow that mf story was like that dam i love yall lol
11 months ago
While dad and ten fucked you I wish i could have sucked you... good story... I am sure I'd have gone to the ER with dad and ten doing what they did with you... Love and kisses
11 months ago
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