Caught by Bobby's Mom

My best fiend growig up was Bobby. We were both 14 and had niether been past first base with a girl. His parents were divorced and he lived with his mom. One weekend I was staying over at his house Friday night before his father picked him up on Saturday morning for the rest of the weekend.

Bobby's mom was tall and slim with long curly blondish hair. She had very long legs and not real big boobs. I had always thought she was a little sexy but she didn't wear a lot of revealing clothes although she almost always wore nylons. I sometimes would catch a glimse of her boobs in the mornings when she wore a robe making breakfast.

Friday night Bobby and I had crashed early after playing ball all day and I woke up and needed to pee. I got out of bed and opened the bedroom door and there was a light on in the bathroom. The door was partially open and I slowly moved down the hall and until I could see in.

Standing in front of the sink was Bobby's mom wearing only a blue bra with black straps and matching blue panties with back lace. She also had on a garter belt and stockings with black nylons. I could see in the mirror that the bra was cut low and the tops of her boobs were visible. She had just finished brushing her teeth and then turned and unhooks her bra and tossed it on the floor. She moved to the toilet and out of my sight. I wanted to move foward but floorboards in Bobby's house creaked a lot and I did not dare. I heard a stream of pee in the toilet and the toilet paper roll being pulled and quietly and carefully moved back into Bobby's bedroom.

All was quiet and then I heard the light being flipped and steps in the hall and a door closing. My cock was rock hard and throbing as I lay there. I could hear myself beathing as I counted to 500 twice. I got up and opened the beedroom door and all was quiet and dark. I crept up to the bathroom and closed the door and turned on the light. There on the floor were Bobby's moms clothes with the stockings on top and then the bra and panties. I picked up the stockings and rubbed them against my face - they felt so smooth. The bra smelled a little of perfume. The panties were also smooth and soft and then I smelt the gusset and Bobby's mom pussy. I stroked my cock with her panties and started cumming on them almost immeadiately.

I took my piss and then jerked off into her panties once more before putting the stuff back as well as I could. I turned out the light and went back to Bobby's room. I laid in the bed thinking of Bobby's mom her boobs and pussy and got hard again. I ended up going back to the bathroom 2 more times and jerking off into her panties. They were a little messy then and I kind of balled them up and hoped she would not notice.

The next morning Bobby's mom was making breakfast as usual and when Bobby and I had taken showers her clothes were no longer in the bathroom. There was nothing unusual about the conversation that morning although I did notice Bobby's mom was already wearing nylons under her robe. It also looks like she may not have been wearing a bra and her boobs were bouncy.

At eight o'clock there was a car horn sounding in the diveway and Bobby kissed his mom bye and grabbed his bag and headed out the door. I followed behind him and as Bobby was getting into the car Bobby's mom came to the door and called out to me "wait a minute, have to ask you about something."

I turned and went back into the house. Bobby's mom was sitting on the couch and she said "close the door and come here." I closed the door and walked to the couch with a little trepidation. Bobby's mom said "you will call be Catherine from now on, is that understood?" I said "yes" and she replied "yes what?" Catherine had a smile on her face and I said "yes Catherine."

Catherine said "I want to ask your about these" and pulled her lingerie from under a pillow on the couch. My knees buckled a little as she d****d first the nylons and the the bra on the couch. I felt I could not breathe as she held up the panties and inspected them. Catherine said "what do you know about these?" I was dumbfounded and Catherine slowly moved the panties from side to side and said "I would hate to think Bobby was the one who masturbated with his own mothers dirty panties. It certainly looks like a mans cum." She held them to her face and remarked "smells like a mans cum too - or should I say a boys cum, and quite a lot of it too."

My face was burning as Catherine said "well, was it you who jerked off with my panties and lingerie?" I could only nod my head and Catherine said "tell me you masturbated with my panties." Catherine was smiling and appeared to be enjoying my embarrassment. I said "yes and she replied "yes what?" Catherine was forcing me to say out loud "yes Catherine I jerked off with your panties."

After I said that Catherine smile broadly and said "now it's my turn to watch you. Lets see you masturbate again" and tossed my the panties. I didn't know what to do and Catherine said "maybe a little encouragement will help" and opened her robe. Catherine was not wearing a bra and her nipples were hard - I coule not believe how far they were poking out - she also had on white panties and the same garterbelt with tan stockings. Catherine reached forward and undid my pants and jerked them and my underwear to my knees. My cock was growing and Catherine got up and took off her panties and handed them to me and said "use these."

I started jerking off with her panties as Catherine sat on the couch and with one hand stroked her boobs and nipples and the other had between her legs. I could hear both of us breathing heavily as I stroke my cock faster and faster. Right when I felt I was about to cum, Catherine leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. I didn't last 10 seconds before I started cumming in her mouth. Catherine sucked and sucked until I was spent and then pulled me down on the couch.

Catherine leaned over me and started kissing me. Catherine was forcing her toungue into my mouth and then I started tasting my cum. Catherine was forcing all of my cum back into my mouth. Catherine finished and looking down at me said "there, a man or boy shouldn't be afraid of his own cum. Now it's your turn to make me cum." Catherine got up and straddled my face and lowered her wet pussy onto my face. I remember how warm and musky her pussy was with large pussy lips.
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8 months ago
Fuck. I wish I had been that kid. I had a next door neighbor mom I wanted to do things with. After I was grown and married she propositioned me. I changed the subject as I was true to my wife, but I've always thought about, "What if?"
10 months ago
and did bobby sit patiently waiting in the car?.....
3 years ago
Hot story...I treated a few of my sons friends like that and a couple of distant cousins..I caught playing with my bra and panties....
3 years ago
triaplus. info my sity
3 years ago
Amazing! xxx Part 2? xx
3 years ago
WOW another LOAD on the floor......Sweet
3 years ago
WOW, that was hot.
3 years ago
nice story,liked it
3 years ago
nice for a wank
3 years ago
sweet n sexy story
3 years ago
vry hot
3 years ago
very hot