First time sucking to cocks at the book store.

I was standing in the video both at the adult book store. These booths have no doors just a walk way back to the booth area. As I was watching a girl get slammed in the ass on the screen a guy walked in. I was so hard and ready to suck cock I grabbed right for it. As my hand wrapped around it I could tell it was nice and thick. He was only half hard and pretty nervous so I couldn't tell how long he was yet. I was jacking him and he was jacking me for about 1min without him making a move. I got to excited and dropped right to my knees. I stuck out my tongue and slid his nice cock to the back of my throat. I'm a bi male who only gets to play with guys like twice a year. I love the feeling of his warm flesh filling my mouth almost making me gag. His cock got more and more sloppy each time I went up and down. I could taste the pre cum start to flow. After about five minutes of slobbering on his cock. I pulled back as I did I noticed another guy coming in to the booth. I could tell the guy I was sucking got nervous. I'll have to say I was a bit annoyed that he was in our booth when it was already taken. Then he pulled out his cock. His Dick was slightly bigger then the other guys huge cock. Instantly I grabbed for his and wrapped my lips around it. His cock wad so big and thick my jaw started to hurt. He was not shy like the other guy. He grabbed my head and started to Fuck my throat. Normally I gag to easily but I was so into the fact that I had to huge dicks hanging in my face, I took the hole thing as far down as it would go. Over and over again. He was oozzing pre cum since I started and then I could feel his Dick start to pulse. He told me he was going to cum so I started sucking fast till his first spurt of cum. Then I pulled back as his big hard Dick shot white hot cum all over my face. Without hesitation I moved my cum filed face back over to the other big Dick. He had been stroking it while watching me suck the other guy so he was ready to squirt. His Dick was throbbing so I pulled out to let it spray on my face but only a little came out. I quickly caught the little bit in my mouth and began to suck again. This time he grabbed my head and pushed his cock to the back of my throat. Then I pulled it out as he sprayed all over my face and in my mouth. I felt so dirty kneeling on the floor coverd in cum and licking what was left off the two cocks.
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1 year ago
cock is good ;)
2 years ago
Iv been sucking a lot more cock lately. Found a guy i suck once a week. Been getting top alot too. I just stopped on here before i go over there to get fucked and swallow a nice load.
2 years ago
I've done this a googd number of times at an abs.and having two or more cock is AWSOME.
2 years ago
Good stuff
3 years ago
would love for this to happen to me. love to have two to suck while another was plowing my ass filling it with hot cum
3 years ago
Very hot!
3 years ago
You've found your calling! Very hot.
3 years ago
You got me HARD!
3 years ago
Hot story! Got to love those book stores.
3 years ago