Sarah again

It's been a while since I had to time to write about Sarah. Things have really been busy for us.

We took a trip to San Diego a month or so ao and stayed on Mission Bay at the Sheriton. What a nice place we really had a great time. We found a nice club in old towne that stayed open late and had live music and dancing. We visited thhis place two or three times over the course of the week we were there.

Our first evening out Sarah dressed up nice to go out, she had on a knee length dress with a slit up the right leg. The dress hung to her every curve quite nicely. Her top was black and somewhat sheer. I tried to convince her to go braless, but she declined. Although her black push up bra really looked nice, her nipples were just barely covered and when she would move at times you could see them through her top. She unbuttoned the top to be open to the top of her bra. I personally love this look. She red high heel, no nylons and no panties, so as she walked you could see how her cheeks moved nicely under her skirt.

As we ordered our dinner we received a lot of attention from our server...Sarah was doing her best to show off a little booby as she moved around, she would lok over at me and just smile. We had a couple of margaritias with dinner and Sarah began to feel nice and warm, normally a good sign that the alcohol is working :-). She took off her shoe and placed her foot inmy lap and began to rub my cock through my jeans, she had this lttle mischeivious smile on her face. She commented it sure felt nice to feel me growing. As the evening wore on we moved to the bar section of the restuarant. There were a lot of people there both what appeared to be college age k**s and business men. At the table next to us was a nice looking young man, who occassionally would glance our way and smile, Sarah always being a flirt was very receptive and would give him a nice big smile back, he eventually worked up the nerve to come over to our table. He introduced himself as Greg. Sarah asked Greg to join us. The conversation was quite lively, we covered all kinds of topics, at one point a song Sarah really likes came on, she was dancing in her chair, she looked at Greg and asked if he would mind dancing, since I am not a fan, and she was really feeling it tonight. Greg was only to happy to oblige. I have to tell you, I love watching Sarah dance with other men, she is so sexy and she really moves very sensuously as she dances. When the dance slow she really moves herself into their body. With Greg it was no exception. After a few dances Sarah and Greg returned to the table. Sarah came back and was complaining because it was so hot, she asked if maybe we wanted to go outside and use the patio area. We picked up our drinks and moved to a table on the patio. The patio was a lot darker and there were fewer people outide. It was fun to watch as the cool air hit her top, her nipples became extremely hard. I know Greg could not have missed this. Sarah moved her chair closer to Greg and really was looking for reasons to make contact with him, and he in turn was willing to return the favor. Sarah hen leaned over, looking Greg right in the face leaned in a gave him a kiss on his lips, he was kind of starled at first and began to pull away. Sarah felt this and placed her hand on the back of his neck and pulled him closer. It was then that I could see her tongue flicker out into his mouth. fter they broe the embrace Greg looked over at me as if to see if what was happening was cool with me. I comented that Sarah must really like him, she is not normally this aggressive. That was all he needed, they began to make out right then and there. His hands began to lightly touch her breats as they made out. I said "comeon guy, let's go get a room". Sarah pulled away looked at Greg and asked if he was interested. He said you have got to be k**ding, hell yes I am. With that I paid the bill and we walked out of the restaurant. Sarah and Greg arm in arm...We walked over to our car, I asked Greg if he wanted to follow us or did he want to come with us and we would come back for his car. He said he would come with us.

Sarah and Greg jumped into the back seat. Honestly this kind of surprised me, I thought Sarah would have joined me in the front, but, she was extremely excited and obviously wanted Greg badly. Our hotel is only about 15 minutes from the restaurant, but since they got right down to business iI decided to drive around a bit. As I adjusted my rearview mirror so I could see what was hapening in the back seat. They again began kissing, their tongues were in and out of each others mouth, they looked like they could not get enough of each other. Her hands were behind his neck holding him closely, his hands were inside of her top, her bra was unclasped and her tits were extremly visable. He has them out of her top. If someone was looking they clearly would have seen her bare tits. I can hear Sarahs breath begin to get louder and Greg begins to pinch her nipples between his thimb and finger. Sarah releases his neck...and she begins to unbutton his shirt, he has a nice hairy chect, that she runs her hands over and through. She leans down and takes one of his nipples in her mouth, flicking her tongue across it, he pulls her closer. His hand leaves her breats and goes to the hem of her dress, she rises up a bit and allows him to pull her dress up to her waist. He runs his hands down between her thighs, she parts them slightly, I hear an aubile moan as he discovers she doesn't have panties on, almst imediately I can hear her wetness. She comes up for air long enough to say...aren't we there yet? I say I am enjoying the show, she says...take me home...NOW! with that I head back to the hotel. I guess fortunately for us our room is on the ground floor and we do not have to go through the lobby to get into the room. When I pull up in front of the hotel, Sarah pulls her bra off and hands it to me, pulls her skirt down some and walks to the room, Greg and I both have huge tents as we walk to the room. As we enter the room, Sarah immediately drops her dress to the floor, from behind she has a nice round ass, it looks so sweet, her black top is open but still on. I tell Greg he had better grap onto that ass or I will and he will be losing out...she walks to the bed, lies down on her back and calls him over, getting back u into a sitting position, she unclasps his belt, undoes his pants and pulls them down along with his underwear....since his cock is at eye level, she takes him into her mouth. His eyes glaze over as she runs her tongue around his head, flicks her tongue over his pee hole and cups his balls with her hands. She starts out very slowly, just teasing his cock with her mouth and then in one motion, takes his entire cock into her mouth. Her hands are on his ass as she pulls him down her throat. His hips begin to convulse as she increases the speed on his cock. He is breathing faster and faster, he says OH Fuck me as she ulls him deep and then holds him there. It looks like he is getting ready to cum, she grasps the base of his cock a squeezes, pulling him out, she says, not yet! not yet! She then moves back ontot he bed and calls him to her, as she moves between her spread open legs, she pushes his head down onto her pussy...his mouth opens and his tongue begins to work on her clit. My god she is so wet, and she is so swollen, it has been a while since I have seen her this hot. She looks at me, motions me over and takes my cock in her hands, stroking me as her pussy is being eaten by Greg. She pulls me over and says I want to taste you in my mouth..her hips come off the bed as Greg is working her up to a feevor pitch. It is then that she begins to stiffen and cry out, she is having her first orgasm of the night and it was quite powerful. Greg says, oh my, she is so wet..she tastes so good, he quickens his pace, her hands go to his head trying to push him ff, she is so sensitive. He pushes down harder and faster, and she cums again. She is atacj=king my cock...she is almost gagging bcause she is cumming, but she doesn't let go....I am ready to cum...sensing it...she pulls me in deeper....strokes my balls and then I begin to cum in her mouth...she works faster and faster as I explode in her I begin to relax, she pushes me aside and asks Greg to fuck her pussy. He almost jumps out of his skin as he drives his cock into her waiting and wanting pussy...his balls are slapping against her ass...she raises up on her heels as she works him in deeper, she is pulling him in deeper with her hands on his ass...she then explodes again this time it was even bigger, Greg, grunts lowly and then i watch as his balls begin to convulse and empty themselves in her pussy...he cums and cums...what an amazing sight, I never tire of this...listening to her as she begs for more, watching as she digs her nails into his ass and back, hearing the sucking of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy...and is all over, they both lay exhausted in each others arms. Greg roles off of her and her lips are gaping open, his cum and hers dripping down her ass...she asks me to clean her up, Greg rolls away to allow me to get between her thighs, my tongue flicks across her opening, she is so warm, the taste is salty but almost sweet on my tongue. His cum is so thick, it clings to her lips and mine as I suck it into my mouth...she begins to wiggle again under my tongue as i work on her lips and clit...she grinds her mound against my mouth as she cums lightly again. She hen asks me to make love to her, I begin nice a slow, my cock is not overly hard, but it is again beginning to get hard as I slide in and out of her full and soaking puss. She cums again, again lightly, she kisses me deeply and she tells me how much she loves me...the three of us lay on the bed and go to sl**p all naked, sticky and warm, she feels so good between us, his leg is between hers as they face each other...a nice full night of sl**p comes over the three of the morning, i am awaken by movement in the bed, i look over and she is sucking his cock again...we spend a wonderful weekend together, but...that is another story

sorry this one has gone on so long!
Thank you for reading and we would love to read your comments, Sarah reads each and every one!
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