Sarah gets a massage

Recently I have been having an overwhelming desire to share my wife Sarah. Although we have had occasion to do this in the past, it has been quite a while. Our pillow talk while making love has become hotter and hotter and it has all involved Sarah fucking a friend of ours. We had a few days off of work and i suggested we head out of town, maybe we could pick up someone and satisfy our building lusty desires. Sara agreed to play along with this idea. Not much arm twisting needed.

We headed out to a favorite destination of ours, a kind of quaint little beach community. Checking into our hotel room, Sarah immediately changed out of her jeans and into her swim suit and a short cover up. She said she was headed down to the pool and wanted to lay out for a while. I was pretty tired from teh travel so I told her I was going to take a np and if she was still down at the pool I would meet her later on. Since I could see the pool fom our room, I checked out what was going on, it was pretty quiet a couple of k**s was all that was in the pool. I laid down and fell asl**p almost instantly. Waking up an hour or so later, I began changing into my swim suit, I took a second to glance down at the pool to make sure Sarah was still there. What I saw admitedly surprised me some. Sarah was lying on her stomache and a very nice looking black man was rubbing lotion on her back. The straps to her suit we untied and lying next to her. rom my vantage point I could clearly see the sides of her breasts. I watched as his hands worked on her shoulders, running down the middle of her back and continuing to her lower back, his fingers would slide under the waist band of her bottoms and then back to her shoulders. He continued by then running his hands down her sides and clearly running his hands across her breats, it looking like he even took occasion to squeeze her tits abit and he continued to her stomache. I don't mind telling you this was very erotic for me, I had never seen her with a black man before nor had she ever expressed an interest. But seeing his ebony skin in contrast to her lily white skin was almost more than I could take. I pulled out my manhood and began to rub, i was extremely hard in seconds standing straight out I began to rub from my balls to me head, I simply could not take my eyes off of my wife and her friend. He then shifted to rub her legs, his hands kneeding her thighs, he gently pushed her legs wider in order to get her inner thighs, he continued to apply the lotion beginning at her thighs, down her calf to her feet, he gave her a nice foot massage before beginning back up her legs. His fingers were so close to her pussy, I couldn't tell if he was able to actually rub her pussy, but the tips of his fingers disappeared under her bottoms. This massage continued what seemed like hours, in reality probably less than 10 minutes. When he finished her skin glistened in the sun, she proped herself up on her elbows to say something, he got a nice look at her nipples realizing quickly what she had down she collasped and said something to him.

By this time my cock was so wet, my head extremely sensitive, i was pulling and squeezing, I started to grind my hips and dry hump aas I jerked myself to a load, spilling all over the carpet, I was somewhat releved and horny. I was thinking, maybe, maybe we can get him back to our room.

Sarah came up about an hour later . i asked if she had a nice time and felt better, she said she was extremely horny and wanted to fuck me right then and there. During our pillow talk I told her what I had seen, this seemed to make her hotter still. She said he had rubbed her tits, pinched her nipples and his fingers had indeed brushed across her pussy. I asked if she would consider making him our target for the weekend. She said oh fuck yes. I would love to feel him inside of me. She came huge screeming, soaking our sheets as she came over and over. I asked if she knew what room he was in and she said she did not. We hoped to run into him again during the next couple of days but did not :-( ... we did manage to have some fun this trip just not with this young man, and that is a different story
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