for the next 3 days i was chained to a bed, when ever i would become lucid and start to think straight, i would be injected with something.i soon realized they were using me as i was passed out. my ass would be on fire when i awoke, my mouth and jaw aching . what ever they were injecting me with , i was becoming addicted to the forth day i was hooked and i turned my life over to the gang.i was f***ed to sign over my car . as i watch them spend the money on d**gs and booze, i was d**gged and in the side bedroom.
he walked in.he was a black man, older , maybe mid fifties. i thought maybe this man would be my salvation and help me, ,,,, i was wrong. he started to get undressed, and i knew i was in trouble. he had a angry look about him, like he had a hard life, and i was going to be the person he took it out on.he grabbed me by the hair and tossed me to the floor.he took his belt from the loops of his pants, the pant were green, why i still remember that i don't know, one of the memories i can never erase, or delete.he started belting me on my abs, chest , and occasionally he would land one high across my neck.begin d**gged at least help me bear the pain, as i was abused.his dick this whole time was as hard as a rock. he dragged me to the bed, placed me on my back hung my head from the edge of the bed, and proceeded to fuck my throat.. i would try to push him back off of me, but i was d**gged and he swatted my hands away easily. this continue for a few minutes, and i was panicking big time, this man could easily choked me to death on his cock, and these guy didn't seem like the type to worry about killing some white blue collar guy from the burbs, that no body would be missing.
he stopped fucking my mouth,and turns me over and i was tied to the bed face down , actually he used cuffs, when i have the night mares that haunt my soul, i always dream it was rope, but i still have the scars on my wrist,, from were the cuff bite into my flesh as i struggled for my life.he straddle my ass as with out warning, plunged his hug cock in my ass. it felt like the sun had exploded in my ass.
i began to whimper and cry , he laughed at this and grabbed the back of my neck and said ," you want something to cry about, i will give you something to cry about".
and proceeds to punch me in my lower back and sides, landing serious blows, k**ney punches , and hard shots to the middle of my back, as i was about to pass out, more from shock than the pain, i heard him laugh and explode into my ass, he laid on top of me till he caught his breath, then got up and left me there.i began to cry..............

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