here is a brief back story, i was married for many years, when i finally got divorced, i decided to finally do all the forbidden desires i always wanted to try.
i met a black man thru a online bdsm site, i always wanted to be sub as i am total opposite of that in my every day life.i met master Jayson and we immediately hit it off. after work i would come to his apartment, and we would play for hours, bondage, rough play and more.
one night as i got off work, he asked me to pick up some weed for him and to drop it off at a friends house were he was attending a party. as i drove up i could hear the heavy beat of the music , and see the crowd of cars surrounding a house, set back from the main road.
Jayson met me outside and after chatting a short time, invited me into the house . i was excited that he was going to introduce me to his friends, i thought this was a great step in our relationship, him introducing me to his friends, boy was i ever wrong.
as i was introduced and handed a drink, i noticed that it was only men, but that didn't bother me as i assumed it was just a group of guys hanging out.after the second drink i was starting to feel dizzy. i was nodding off and i felt like i was 3 foot thick, sluggish and disoriented. i decided to sit down and get my bearings. after i nodded out the second time , when i opened my eyes i realized every one was looking at me and laughing .then master Jayson said hes under our spell now and i saw a few guys approach me, as i stood up, i got an intense head rush and passed out.
when i woke up. i was naked and tied to a sturdy wooden chair, i was in a room by ankles were tied to the legs of the chair, and my arms were tied to the arms of the chair, as well and around rope around my neck, that was tied to the back of the chair.
the door open and in walks a k**, he couldn't have been older than 17 , but he was a tough looking k**, he was built and hard. i started to ask him what was going on and with out warning he thru a right hook and connected on the side of my head.i saw a white flash and passed out.
as i was waking up i saw him remove a syringe from my arm. i don't know what he gave me , but i was floating in my mind.
this is when my hell began,,.
when i open my eyes i was laying on my stomach, i was tied down, but i seem unable to move.a man walked over to me, he was huge, maybe 6"5 300 pounds. he started kicking me and punching me in the side and back. just when i thought it was over he took out the biggest cock i ever saw and started pissing on me, when he was done, he grabbed my soaking hair and pulled my up to a sitting position. he told me to open my mouth , and when i was slow to respond he slapped me in the face, knocking me down, he bent over and grabbed my hair and pulled me back up to a sitting position, and said open your mouth faggot, i did as i was told. with out warning he shoved his massive cock down my throat. i have never seen a cock this big and thick outside of a porn movie. he held my head in his hands and furiously face fucked me, his hand were huge and encompassed my whole head, i couldn't move, and my arms altho not tied down, wouldn't respond to my commands as the injection they gave me made me lethargic and unresponsive. he was pumping his cock in and out of my throat, i was gagging like crazy and started to panic, spit and vomit was gushing out of my mouth and nose as he continue to **** my mouth. he finally came and released my head from his huge hands, i fell like a rag doll to the floor, he stood over me and began to piss on me, telling me him and his gang now owned me, and i should get used to the idea. i passed out again, and when i awoke again, a few hours later i was being injected again with something,,,,, this is the beginning of my hell,

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2 years ago
damn thats crazy