The Gift

“Wait,” she said, putting her slim finger to his lips, meeting him at the front door. “I have a surprise for you, but you will need to be blindfolded.”

He gave her a quizzical look, but she just cocked her head to her right as was her habit and gave him an impish grin. “You do trust me don’t you?”

Damn, she always does that to me. But he did trust her, so with a slight smile he allowed her to put the blue and red bandana over his eyes.

After making sure he couldn’t see, she took his hand and led him to the car. She helped him get into the convertible and in a couple seconds heard her get into the car. Within minutes they were flying on the highway.

He tried to pinpoint where they were by the turns they made but was soon lost. Damn woman knows more back roads then I do, he chuckled to himself. After what he estimated was about twenty minutes of driving, he felt the car slow down and make a sharp left. He could feel them come to a stop and heard the drivers door open and shut.

She opened up his door and helped out. Taking his hand, she led him into a building. He could feel the air conditioned air hit him in the face as he passed through the doors but had no clue as to where she had taken him. He tried to open his other senses to determine where they were but it was of no use. He just had to trust her.

They stopped for a moment when he heard a soft ding and the sliding of a door opening. Ok, now this would be an elevator, thought seemed ridiculous, but it was all he had to go on at the moment. As he heard the door close he could feel her pressing her body against his. Her warmth mixed wonderfully with the coolness of the elevator. Then her lips were pressing against his in a deep, passionate kiss, her tongue sliding over his, whispering promises of things to come.

A second ding sounded softly and he could hear the doors slide open as she pulled away from him. She led him down a plush carpeted hallway taking a turn then stopping suddenly. He pressed up against her, his arms circling around her waist. The click of a door opening rang in his ears and she was leading him through the doorway. He felt her arms circle him from behind, her breath hot against his neck.

She guided him gently to a chair and sat him down. “No peaking yet.” She whispered, nibbling at his ear, and then she was gone. His head whipped from side to side trying to catch a glimpse of where he was. After a few minutes he heard her seductive voice. “You can take off the blindfold babe.” He reached back and undid the knot to the bandana that covered his eyes.

Blinking in the bright light of a hotel bedroom, he saw she had changed from her usual t-shirt and jeans to an inviting white tank top and a mid thigh blue skirt. Her nipples outlined against the cotton fabric as she stood in front of him. Her long brown hair framing the most seductive look he had ever seen from her.

He sat there admiring the transformation she had gone through from the time he arrived home to now. Her smoldering brown eyes glanced around, breaking the spell he was under and he took notice of his surroundings.

Besides the king to his right it was a pretty normal hotel room, furnished with a television set on the dresser with a loaded wet bar next to it. But what caught his eye was the glass wall to his left and the balcony that was beyond that. A slow grin spread over his face as he looked back at her, a smirk on hers.

“You like baby?” she asked already knowing the answer. His wordless grin and the slow nodding of his head was all she needed.

He stood and moved to the sliding door that let in the cool night air. He walked out onto the balcony and looked out over the people below them. The room was about eight stories above the street. He could hear the normal sounds coming from below. There was another hotel across the street, a skywalk connecting the two. He had always wanted to come here but had never gotten the chance.

He felt her arms circling from behind him then she was at his side. Turning he smiled at her as his arm slipped around her waist, pulling him tight against her. He could feel her rub softly against him, her body soft and sensuous. Leaning into her his lips met hers softly, then the passion started to grow as their kiss became harder and deeper, their tongues sliding over each other.

He could feel her breasts pressing against him as his hand slid under the tank top, caressing her skin along the spine. Their bodies melted together as the fires of passion grew. One of his hands slipped down into her skirt, his heart skipping a beat as he realized she wasn’t wearing any panties, his other hand sliding through her hair to her head, holding her mouth against his. Her hands were roaming over his back, down along his ass, pressing him tighter to her. Finally breaking the kiss she looked around and giggled.

“Don’t look now baby, but I think we have an audience.” He followed her eyes to a window in the hotel across the street. There was a couple behind the glass wall already naked. As he looked to his right he chuckled.

“It looks like our audience has grown love.” He nodded towards another window across the way where a man stood watching. He looked down at her with a crooked grin on his face. “I guess we better make sure we put on a good show, don’t you think?”

“I’m game if you are lover.” Came the sultry reply. He kissed her hard, pulling her tight to him then started to nuzzle softly at her neck where he knew she was the weakest, right below her ear. Her breath quickened the he heard her gasp.

“Oh god baby, we have another watcher.” He continued on nibbling at her neck as he whispered, “Where?”
“Right above us one balcony to your right.” She groaned as his tongue grazed over her skin. Taking a peak over his shoulder as he started kissing along hers he saw a petite redhead staring intently at them. When she saw his eye catch hers, she pursed her lips and gave him a slight smile. Turning back he pulled at his lover’s skin, causing her to groan and melt into him.

“Standing room only baby.” He whispered, lust resounding in his voice. His lips caught hers in a passionate kiss, their tongues battling for dominance. His hand slid under her tank top to one of her breasts and squeezed it hard, her nipple caught between her fingers. She moaned into the kiss and started rocking against him as he lifted her tank to up exposing her rock hard nipples.

She took a quick peak and saw the couple across the way mimicking what her lover was doing to her, which fed her hunger even more. He broke the kiss, turning her towards the railing and lifted her skirt, revealing her ass to the woman above them. Across the way they could see the couple imitating their every movement it seemed, while the man was rubbing his bulge through his jeans.

He undid the button to his jean shorts, letting them fall to the cement floor of the balcony, releasing his hard shaft. Quickly, he pressed against her, running his cock through her ass cheeks, feeling her pressing back against him. A soft groan escaped from her lips as she felt him coupled with watching the man and woman across the street.

She gasped suddenly as she felt him enter her dripping pussy. They heard a soft moan from above them as the woman could see him enter her since she was the closest to them and had a side view. He took a peak behind him and saw her leaned back on a lounger with her legs spread, two fingers entering her pussy, her eyes staring intently at them. She smiled as she saw the lone man as he fumbled at his business trousers, releasing his cock. He started stroking it with a death grip that made her chuckle to herself.

She could feel her lover grinding his large cock into her wet pussy, slowly rotating his hips as he pressed into her. His hands were on her hips, pulling her back against him. Her eyes darted towards the couple who once again were imitating them. She could see him thrusting against her as her breasts were pressed hard against the glass, her nipples making little imprints.

They heard a faint buzz come from above them as the redheaded woman moans floated down. He could feel her juices starting to drip down his leg, as they ground their hips against each other, her ass sliding along his stomach. He reached and rolled her hair into a loose rope, grabbed it, pulling her head back. He started to drive his member hard into her folds, causing her to gasp.

He could see the couple across the way staring at them as they continued with their mating, their eyes filled with hunger. Slamming harder into her, he heard her moans coupled with the woman above him. They both are close, the thought satisfied him. She noticed the man across the street was pulling at his cock harder, his face flush and jaw set. Releasing her hair he reached around with both hands, grasping her swaying breasts, her nipples between his fingers. Smiling to him, he pinched his fingers together as he pressed the soft orbs together, driving harder and faster into her causing her to moan louder. He used them for leverage as he felt his own orgasm starting to build, spearing her pussy repeatedly. The moans from above him told him their female watcher had reached her climax.

She leaned over the railing, while pushing back against him, her eyes glued to the loan man who was simulating what her lover was doing to her. His eyes opened wide then she could see him jerk three times, his chest heaving. Her lover released her breast, placing both hands on the railing next to her. She could feel him bite into her shoulder, then his lips sucking hard against her skin.

Unable to hold back any longer, she screamed as her juices spurted over him, covering him with her nectar. Unrelenting, he continued to pound into her causing a second wave to wash over her. The couple across the way were also coming to their climax, her mouth open in a silent scream as his head was flung back. She could see their bodies falling against the glass, his hands between her legs.

The tail tell sign of her lovers orgasm was evident as his body began to stiffen as he fucked her with a****l want. Suddenly he went rigid and she could feel his cock throbbing as he released his seed deep in her. Contracting her pussy muscles, she milked every drop from him. She reached under them, massaging his balls, causing him to shudder again.

Her head turned and caught his mouth in a deep passionate kiss. His tongue searched hers as his arms held her close. They glanced across the way to see the lone man closing his curtains. The couple caught their eye and waved, huge smiles covering their faces. They waved back and turned to go inside once more. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his lover look up at the balcony above them and gave the woman a large smile.

He led her to the bed and they lay down, exhausted from their love making. “Thank you”, he whispered softly as their lips brushed against each other. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

She smiles and gave him a soft kiss. “Just lay their and relax lover.” She whispered and laid her head against his chest. Soon he was asl**p, dreaming of the miracle that just happened. When he awoke however, he realized that the surprises were just starting. He was blindfolded once more with the bandana.

His lover’s sensuous voice whispered against his ear as he started to jerk up off the bed, her hand firmly holding his chest. “Shhh lover, lay back and enjoy.”

Leaning back against his pillow confused, he submitted to her whim. He felt her hot breath move over his skin to one of his nipples, where she slowly circled it with her tongue. Then her mouth was wrapped against it, causing a soft moan to escape his lips, he could feel the bl**d rushing through his shaft, causing an instant erection. She sucked eagerly, her teeth grazing the small nub.

Without warning she stopped, the cool breeze from an open window covered him. Her hot breath instantly surrounded his manhood and her lips were sucking the head, like an ice cream cone. Reflexes took over as he tried to push his cock further into her mouth, against her throat.

Then just as sudden as when she started, she stopped sucking on him, and a new pair of lips surrounded him. Under the bandana his eyes widened in shock as these foreign lips took him deep into their throat, the lips caressing his balls as they sucked hard at him. His body shuddered and his breathing quickened with excitement.

Once more the lips removed themselves only to be instantly replaced by the first set of lips. He groaned more, feeling his balls starting to tighten. This time how ever the second pair started tugging at his balls causing his hips to jerk on their own. The two mouths alternated positions once more sending ripples of pleasure through his body. Just as he thought he was ready to climax, the mouths disappeared.

He started to grunt his protest but it was cut short by a pair of legs moving over his head. A pussy he was unfamiliar with pressed against his open mouth…fresh juices running into it. At the same time another pussy was swallowing his shaft and two female voices, one unknown and the other his lover’s, moaned in unison.

He allowed instinct to take over, his tongue pressed up into the damp lips that started to grind on his mouth while pressing his shaft into the dripping pussy. He could feel both women grinding themselves on him, covering him with their juices. His body was so electrified by the blindfold, unable to feast his eyes on his assailants, yet feeling their being through every nerve.

Then they were gone once more. He about yelled his frustration when he heard a commotion along one side of the bed. “Take your blindfold off baby.” His lover whispered, desire hidden in her husky voice. He tore the bandana off his head, finding her on her back, legs spread wide with the redheaded woman from the floor above over her. Her milky white ass was high in the air while she licked around his lovers thighs.

For a moment all he could do was stare at the two women. One of his favorite fantasies was about to come true and all he could do was sit there, dumbfounded. The redhead wiggled her ass invitingly and gave him a quizzical look as if to say, well, are you going to fuck me or not! She then dropped her head and flipped her tongue slowly around his lover’s clit. She closed her eyes, groaning at the redhead’s soft touch.

Not having to be invited twice, he moved behind the upstairs neighbor, slowly running his cock through her ass cheeks, pressing it against her rim. She wiggled her ass slightly and pressed back against him. He slid his shaft down, finding the opening to her dripping pussy and speared her hard, causing her to grunt against his girl friends cunt. He looked into the brunettes eyes as hers flashed back at him as he started to grind into the new playmate. The red haired lady moaned and lightly bit his lover’s clit, causing her to gasp and rock her hips upward into the waiting mouth.

He started fucking the woman faster, using short hard thrusts. The red haired lady’s head bounced into her wet meal with each causing both women to moan louder. The brunette reached down, holding the red headed woman’s face to her throbbing clit as the red head grabbed one of her lover’s breasts, massaging it. It was cause and effect; the more each did to the other, the more frenzied the passion became.

Then his lover quickly moved from the red head’s mouth and repositioned her self in a sixty-nine, her head under the two of them. The upstairs lady continued licking and sucking at the dripping pussy. He could see her lifting her hips, pressing farther into the wanting mouth as he slammed his cock into the flooding pussy.

The brunette’s breath caressed his balls as she alternated between flipping her tongue over the bald nub that was the red head’s and his shiny cock as it disappeared and reappeared above her. Their playmate slipped a finger into the writhing ass under her, triggering a loud groan from under her pussy. His lover wrapped her mouth around the enlarged clit above creating the same effect. All three were becoming desperate as they kept triggering reaction after reaction.

His lover then gave her signature growl and lifted her hips high off the bed as she squirted against the waiting mouth and swirling tongue. Instantly he felt the pussy that he had been abusing shudder and start to spasm as the muffled yell came from in front of him. He slammed his shaft once, letting her spasm around his cock, dripping down on the waiting face below. He knew he was going to orgasm soon and let them know.

More quickly then he could imagine, the red head was off of his lover and waiting, face to face with her as his hand glided over the slick shaft. A low growl started from his throat as he felt his cum rising through his cock. Suddenly the thick sticky fluids jettisoned from him into their waiting mouths, covering their faces also.

He fell back totally spent but they weren’t done yet. They started cleaning his cum from each others faces. Then their mouths found each other in a deep passionate kiss. Their hands roamed across each others back, pressing their soft bodies together. He watched in amazement as he saw their legs tangle together. They clung together as if their skin had melted.

They started rocking, each lifting a leg against each other. The friction seemed to send them into frenzy as they gyrated against each others hips. He could feel the bed starting to rock as they fucked against each other’s legs. All he could do was watch the two goddesses rubbing against each other. Their moans echoed in his ears, they gasped against each others mouths at their tongues continued to battle. Hand side to each others ass, fingers teasing their rims causing the frenzied passion to heighten. The red head suddenly broke the kiss. Dropping her head her mouth clamped onto a nipple causing the brunette throw her head back and writhe harder against the smooth thigh. He mouth was open in the same voiceless scream they had witnessed from the woman across the street when they were on the balcony.

He could see fluid gush against the red head’s thigh as his lover’s orgasm wracked through her. Her slim finger found their way to the red heads nipple and twisted. Once more they were both brought to orgasm, finally falling away from each other, chests heaving as they tried to regain their breath and composure.

All three were too exhausted to move for the next five minutes. Or maybe it’s the shock of what’s just happened, he chuckled to himself. The redhead finally moved, slipping her t-shirt and shorts on while picking up the rest of her clothing. She then kneeled on the bed giving each a soft kiss. With a sly smile she nodded her head in a silent good night and then she was gone, the click of the door shutting behind her.

The two lovers repositioned themselves on the bed, curled in each others arms, lips nuzzling against each other. She caressed her fingers over his cheek, a soft smile on her face. “Happy Anniversary baby.” She whispered against his lips. “I hope it was everything you could want.”

He returned her smile with one of his own and kissed her, their lips lingering on each other. His arms engulfed her, holding her body next to his,. He could feel her heart beating against his chest as she closed her eyes. She had a soft smile as her breathing slowed but he looked off into nothing, already planning for her birthday.

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3 years ago
Great story. So sensuous. Thanks
3 years ago
Nice Story, really descriptive and nice... hoping for a part 2! ;)