My first dry orgasms

I cant remember the exact age, but it was when i was 12/13. I would practice goal keeper dives onto pillows onto my bed. Once the action of falling on my front and my trousers rubbing along the bed caused things to stir down below, thing never felt before. Not knowing what this meant i ignored them and carried on. The more i did it though the more the feelings came. I cant say they were pleasurable like one knows now but they were intriguing enough to just jump straight onto my front and see what happening.

Doing this more caused motions down there and this was different. I did it some mre and wondered what had happened, there was a strange feeling. Having never really bothered with ones cock this was very new indeed, but having a peek down there revealed the monster a stirred. I didnt touch or play with it, i didnt know to do that, but with human nature following what makes us feel nice i would dive onto my front more and more. This then taught me i wouldnt have to dive, i could just rub my front along the bed / pillow.

After weeks passed and doing it again it felt stronger so i continued on. I rubbed along the bed more and more, the feelings growing and growing. It must of only been 10 mins passed and it suddenly got much stronger for a few seconds, almost a heavy feeling down there, then just stopped and everything went back to normal. This was very intriguing indeed.

As a k** you keep doing things /curious and i would continue on with rubbing along the bed and again 10 mins passing and things would stop. When i got really near to it ending i started to look down there and see it pulsate away then go soft.

And then we know whats coming, literally, the day comes where no longer it is dry. So it was usual of rubbing along and bed and then it got stronger but felt like i needed a wee a bit, i continued and then thought i had gone to loo. I look down and theres a small amount of white sticky stuff, now we had learnt about this in sex education and then everything clicked into place. The rest being the fun of teenage hood and hormones.

Has anyone else got memories of dry orgasms?
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2 years ago
I had recollections of having jerked off as early as 5 years old. All through grammar school I would fantacize about various things, which would cause erections. I would also remember going out to grandfather's wood shed when no one was around, strip off my clothes and play with myself, often rubbing my erect penis against various tools, etc. I did not start to spurt my first drop or two of cum until I was around 11 or 12.
2 years ago
LOL. I had similar experience growing up excepts it was climbing the rope in gym class. Sliding down with the rope between my legs created this amazing feeling and made my dick swell. I had no idea why. I had a fort with a fireman's pole at home and repeated the process once home....repeatedly. Eventually my dick got completely hard and I shuddered all over. I was hooked. I eventually began humping my bed and pillow as you described and continued that for years.