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[Story] My friends mom part 1

Im over at my friends (bob, were 18) when he pops out for a bit and says i can wait in the lounge. His mom comes down stairs, asks me where bob is and i tell her gone to shops and says i can wait around. she says that is ok and goes to get a drink of wine, as she bends over at the fridge i catch a glimpse of her pants as her shortish dress has risen up. i start to get a bit hard cause bobs mom is quite hot. she says i can put the tele on while waiting. i put it on and on comes some softcore porn, i struggle to quickly turn it off but cant. bobs mom tells me its ok, thats just bobs silly p... Continue»
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[Story] My first dry orgasms

I cant remember the exact age, but it was when i was 12/13. I would practice goal keeper dives onto pillows onto my bed. Once the action of falling on my front and my trousers rubbing along the bed caused things to stir down below, thing never felt before. Not knowing what this meant i ignored them and carried on. The more i did it though the more the feelings came. I cant say they were pleasurable like one knows now but they were intriguing enough to just jump straight onto my front and see what happening.

Doing this more caused motions down there and this was different. I did it som... Continue»
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help with finding certain type vids please

howdi all, wondering if anyone can help me find specific type of videos please. ones where people go into shops hoping to pull the hot girl serving and try there best, give over money and more money etc. i have seen a couple like this, one in a lingerie shop i think but i cannot find them again :(, if anyone knows of any please reply back. thanks very much
Posted by mjstars 3 years ago

Getting to 100 tribute videos!

I have set myself a target of getting to 100 tribute videos, of may 2011 i am at 12. if anyone wants to help me increase my number please get n touch. lingerie, bikini pictures turn me on most. i take suggestions for what you would like done in a video for you, so please holla with suggestions. Thanks all
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does anyone else on here have a love for pantyjobs? do you think there is a distinct lack of videos on here? does anyone know where to get such good videos or maybe to make some for here?
Posted by mjstars 3 years ago

video terms + abbreviations

hello all - could you help me out please? i dont know what all the abbreviations and porno terms mean, could someone help explain them to me? for example bbw, bdsm etc. thanks
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[Story] A Massage With 'added extras'

Steph went to the spa to cash in her 45 minute full body massage one of her friends gave her for her birthday a few months ago. As well as the massage it gave her use of ‘other facilities’ as the receptionist said, after enquiring about these it was use of the pool, sauna, and gym. She met the lady masseuse who briefly told her what she does and how the session will go. She reassured her that lots of people fall asl**p during the massage as it is so relaxing. Steph got changed (well not exactly changed, more de-robed) and went into the massage room and followed the masseuses ins... Continue»
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