First Cousins

Jack and Joe were two of the most popular baseball players on the team at the small junior college where I was teaching. While Jack was only two months older, he was in his sophomore year while Joe was only a freshman. It had to do with the state law about starting grade school. The two were inseparable. We had no offical dorms, but the baseball players all lived in an old hotel near the campus. Naturally, Jack and Joe roomed together.

The girls followed them around like bees around the hive. Joe was a little taller and more blond with slightly blue eyes. Jack was a little more muscular with darker hair and hazel eyes. They both had dates every weekend.

Both boys were in the same writing class. The sat side by side in the front row. Joe was left handed and when he was taking notes, he kept his left in his crotch. How lucky that left hand was. It was touching the cock that got the most pussy on our campus. Jack was right handed. His legs were always splayed wide as if to create space in his shorts for what must have been a monster cock. Every day it was the same thing. I'd try to concentrate on the lesson as the two sat there in front of me.

On Sunday in October, Dean Jones called. I had been in the study trying to prepare for a Shakespeare lesson. I didn't hear the phone at first. When I answered, Dean Jones said that the hotel that housed the baseball team had been damaged by an electrical fire. It was uninhabitable. He insisted that I take two players. After all, I had three bedrooms. I tried to remind him that I had only a double bed in the guest room, none in the study, and only one bathroom without a shower. His reply was that this was an emergency and all faculty members were chipping in. The two would be at my door in thirty minutes.

True to his word the doorbell rang at 9:30. When I opened it, I had all I could do not to gasp. There they were the two most popular boys in the school, Jack and Joe. My heart skipped a beat. How could I have these two in my house--me so deep in the closet. They had only the clothes on their backs. The coach had fixed them up with some sweats and gym clothes. They would get more tomorrow.

Jack was the first to apologize for barging in. He said that he knew it was an imposition and that they would try to respect my privacy. I apologized for the guest room with only one double bed. The two laughed. Joe looked at Jack and smiled as he told me that they always slept together on road trips. They both assured me that it would work out. I told them that the only shower was in the basement hanging from the floor joists over the floor drain. Jack said that they had seen worse on baseball trips. It would be fine.

By now, it was eleven. I showed them the guest room, got them an extra comforter and towels. I explained that I showered at night and excused myself to go upstairs. I worried about the trip to and from the shower. I knew that I would spend the time rock hard with those two in the house. They said that they would watch a little TV and go to bed.

They were involved in a sports special when I made my way to the basement stairs. I thanked my lucky stars. When I came back up the TV was still on but the lights were out. I thought that they had gone to bed. I made my way thru the darkened room around the couch to the TV to turn it off. There they were naked on the floor in front of the sofa in the 69 position. They hadn't heard me as they were so intent on servicing on another. When Joe saw me, he took is beautiful mouth off Jack's magnificent cock. Then Jack looked up. When he did, he exposed Joe's dick. It was even bigger. By now, my own swollen dick was poking out of my robe. Jack spoke first. "I hope you don't mind. We have sex every night before bed," he said matter of factly. Joe reached up, grabbed my throbbing tool, and started to massage it. That elicited a moan from deep in my body.

Soon the three of us were on the floor in a circle. I couldn't taste the two cocks fast enough. When we rested, Jack asked, "Which one of us do you want to fuck first?" I couldn't answer. Jack answered for me saying, "We'll go by age, my ass first. Then you fuck Joe." Just remember that I'll be fucking you first. I'll need to open you up for Joe's big one."

"But I thought you only did girls," I managed to get out. Joe laughed saying,"We fuck them every chance we get! We prefer guys! This housing arrangement is going to work out just fine." "You need to meet our shortstop Eric. He's not short where it counts. Maybe Tuesday," Jack smiled, "We don't have a game."

The semester didn't last long enough. The time flew by. Jack and Joe stayed with me until Christmas. We continued our relationship for the year. After graduation, Jack was drafted by a minor league team. Joe stayed on for another year. Luckily, Eric was all that they claimed he would be. And I, I became not just a Shakespeare scholar but a baseball fan.
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hot story, thanks for posting.
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Well Done!
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Hot story. It has a lot of ellements that really turn me on, teacher/student, incest, voyerisum, group sex. Thanks, this is fantstic.
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Wonderful story! Thanks
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That was one hot story. Got me really hard and precuming like crazy. Thanks for sharing.
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very hot
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well done , mt
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great story !!!
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Wow ateletes can be very much fun thanks