Ted grabbed Steve by that cudgel standing tall in front of him. In the dim light I could see that Steve's cock was still growing. Ted literally pulled Ted by that big handle to the basement stairs. It was clear that Ted was sporting his full 9 1/2 inches by now. I followed. When Ted reached the bottom he reached overhead for the hidden key, finding it he turned it in the lock. It had been unused for 3 weeks and I had cleaned all the toys for the next science experiment. The playroom glowed in the flourescent light. Steve's eyes got big. The gooseflesh on his body was not from the cold. He could anticipate the night's activities.

Ted flipped on the dvd player. There was still a dvd of my last game session. Ted said, "Damn,man, it's Joe. I never would have believed Joe would go for this." "If you keep watching, you'll see him beg for more," I smiled.

Ted didn't mess around, he bent himself over the old leather horse and told Steve to fasten the arm and leg straps. Steve smiled a knowing smile and did as he was told. "Please, I've been very bad. I have to be punished. Please! Now, please!" It was all I needed. I grabbed the old razor strap and snapped it sharply. Steve was mesmerized. That extremely hairy presented for punishment had his attention. I swung the strap cracking Ted sharply. He cooed, "More, please, more! I need it!" I swung the strap harder and watched the welt rise on that beautiful hairy ass. Steve's mouth dropped as Ted begged for more. I handed Steve the strap. He was clumsy on the first two hits. The third had Ted in heaven. "Let me show you something else, Steve," I said. I returned with gloves and a handful of nettle. I handed Steve a pair of gloves, took one swipe across Ted's willing thighs with the nettle. Steve was unimpressed. Then he saw the spots start to rise. He had the gloves on and took the nettle from me. He used it on Ted's thighs and calves. Ted was loving it.

In a break in the action, I pulled Ted's trapped cock from beneath him. It was huge. Even in that strange position. Using a very small amount of lube I starting inserting my little finger in that beautiful piss slit. Ted moaned with joy. When I had my middle finger in to the nub, Steve couldn't take it any more. He grabbed his own huge cock, but he forgot to remove the gloves first. The result was almost instantaneuos. The stinging nettle began to work on Steve. Luckily, he had only stroked that cock once. He didn't complain, he seemed to like it. He pulled off the glove and begged to use his fingers on Ted's throbbing cock. Steve wasted no Time. He managed to pull that piss slit open and began forcing his thumb in. Meanwhile I retrieved and inflatable but plug. I greased it slightly and worked it into Ted's beautiful hair, but pocked red ass. Ted sighed with pleasure. As I inflated it, Ted encourage me with "More, please, more!" I didn't know whether he was talking to Steve or to me.

The dvd was showing Joe's flat crush balls in the plexiglass device. I couldn't even get a finer between the flats. His cock was throbbing a huge mass of purple dripping precum. Steve watched as he thumb fucked Ted's piss hole. "How does it feel?" He asked. Ted responded with moans of pleasure. "Not you, dick!" Ted responded, "the crusher." Ted managed a "try it. I love it" To which I retorted, "You know, I have two!"

To be continued
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1 year ago
read all 3 parts. Please continue.
2 years ago
very hott!