The silent fuck

Mal and Chris were in Malaysia. They had been travelling for two years now and were on the last leg of their trip. They had left Indonesia and were now travelling up Malaysia from Singapore to Thailand and thence home. They had travelled to the east coast to Kuala Terengganu, they travelled overnight and made for a guest house on the river. The house was set on stilts above the tidal estuary and was very beautiful. They came here as this was the best coast to see Leatherback Turtles. They slept most of the day in their three bed bunk room, which was quite spacious for a hostel. Chris took the far bunk and Mal had one near the door opposite another bunk, which had some items of girls clothing on it. Waking in the afternoon they met Suzi whose bed it was. She was Chinese American and very bouncy. Fit as fuck, peitite but exotic with beautiful eyes and a body to match. A wicked grin and quick to laugh, she loved English men as they were so polite and courteous, unlike Americans and Australians. They shared a table at dinner and chatted through the night with many of the other hostellers. They were told to stay awake, and hopefully would get a call that a Leatherback had been spotted. So they drank beer and slowly got d***k. At 1:30 am the call came that one had been found on the beach. So off the hostellers went following their guide in the dead of night. It was slow going on the sand and they walked for over an hour.
Finally, they saw a hushed crowd. As they moved towards it they were warned not to use cameras as the flash would disturb. They were looking at a small round object, and thought that is not so big when they realised that wasn’t it. When they saw the turtle it blew them away. It was bigger than a mini car. Low lights had been set up at its tail so we could see it laying eggs in a big hole it had dug. Mal was amazed how big it was, it measured two metres by one metre and must have weighed 1000 kg. It strained to lay each egg and the crowd was awed at its effort. One smart arse took a photo and was heckled by the crowd and told where to go. After an hour the three decided to return to the hostel. It was dark but there was enough moonlight to see. As they walked they chatted about how amazing it was. Suzi cut her feet on a shell, so Mal bathed it in the sea and used a hanky to protect it. He then offered to carry her as it was not far to the hostel. She agreed and hopped on to his back. He grabbed her muscular thighs and she wrapped her arms round his neck. He could feel her hard tits rubbing against his back and his bulge grew in its shorts. He ventured a thumb towards her shorts and slipped it in quietly. She didn’t stop him and indeed squirmed a bit so he could slip it further. He felt her panties, but couldn’t quite reach her pussy. So he stroked her arse slowly as they walked. On arrival he turned his back to her bunk and dropped her on it. Chris went to bed and Mal cleaned the cut again and got a plaster and covered it. He thought about kissing it but decided not to. She took her things to the bathroom, which was a shower with a hole in the floor. Mal got down to his boxers and got into his bunk under the mosquito nets. She turned the light off when she returned but he saw she only had on a loose t shirt which just covered her bum, and her nipples were fleetingly pronounced as she reached for the switch. Her shirt rose and he got a glimpse of her pert arse with just a string between her tight buttocks.
He was already semi erect and that finished it off. He stiffened and watched in the gloom as she got under the nets. It was stiflingly hot and both left the sheets off. Mals hand was in his boxers and slowly surreptitiously rubbed his finger up and down his hard cock while staring at Suzis bunk. As his eyes got used to the gloom he noticed her hand moving on her body too. She fondled her neck and he thought brushed her tits. This was enough for him and he needed release, so he pulled his cock out of his boxers and started to tug. He heard a gasp from Suzi, she was obviously watching also. He still wasn’t sure of the situation, so he went to the bathroom to see if she would follow. She didn’t so he returned still with his boner bulging his shorts. When he returned she was still lying there but now he could see her hands were in her knickers. He decided to drop his boxers. He stood facing her at his bunk and allowed them to drop, his boner hard and pointing right at her, she gasped again. This time he wiggled his forefinger, an invitation to join him, ‘hey’ he whispered. As hoped she climbed out of the bed and came towards him. Chris was fast asl**p but he indicated with a forefinger to his lips to keep quiet. She nodded and without ceremony dropped to her knees. She grabbed his cock and started to wank it slowly. Then she licked it, he saw her nipples were hard through the tshirt and grunted quietly as she sucked him in. Slowly she sucked him and licked him and just as he was about to come she stopped. She raised and kissed him he was so hot one tug probably would have done. He kissed her back and lifted her tshirt off, a tease hey well two can play at that game. As they kissed he fondled her backside and then her tits, his cock pressed against her belly. He slipped a hand inside her pants and rubbed at her pussy, which was wet already. He lifted her and took her under the mosquito net onto his bed. He kissed her again and then kissed and nibbled at her ears, her nose, brushed her lips again and kissed her chin. He licked her neck and kissed both shoulders. Just as she thought he would move to her tits he turned her over. He removed her thong and straddled her. She felt his balls tickling between her legs. And occasionally his hard cock as he moved around. He separated her butt cheeks and inserted his cock lengthways trapping it between them as he let them go. She squeezed them tight onto his cock so each time he moved she would wank his foreskin. He massaged her shoulders and arms. Bringing her fingers to his mouth he sucked on them. He slowly caressed her back with his fingers and kissed her neck. He stroked her sides from hip up to armpit, lightly touching the skin, and tickling her pit. He kissed the middle of her back, extracting his cock as he moved down her body. He massaged her buttocks and opened them so he could lick her hole. She squirmed and moaned, he ssshhhd her. He kissed and licked both buttocks and had a good look at her pussy which he could taste from where he was. He blew on it and she squirmed, but tease was the name of the game. So he widened her legs and started kissing down them. He licked down the back of one leg to the knee and then the other. He kissed her inner thighs down to the knee also. He lifted her feet and massaged her calves, then the soles of her feet. He kissed each toe in turn and then sucked on them. She was stifling a moan and he knew this was teasing her. So he turned her over, and spread her legs again. Now he kissed up her thighs slow soft kisses with his lip pursed together, they barely brushed her. Eventually he reached her pussy and could smell her wetness. He kissed it softly, many many times. She grabbed the bedsheets to stop making a noise. He then flicked out his tongue and licked her wet lips, moving up to the clit. Back and forth he felt her build, and now he sucked her clit in and munched on it with his lips. Grinding softly he chewed on it, he inserted a finger and probed her slit. He rotated it round so all walls were well felt. He pulled it back on him feeling for her G spot. He inserted two fingers and started to fuck with them. Still chewing on her clit he felt her build. Unlike her he wanted her to cum, and he knew it would be difficult silently, he teased her nipples with his other hand and she joined him. He inserted a finger form his other hand in her mouth and she sucked on it. She was in the throes now and she bucked her hips against him as he pressed hard with his mouth and his fingers were a blur. He felt her cum on him and as she squirted a sigh leapt from her lips but she managed to control it. As she came to he was facing her, he kissed her strongly. Again he turned her over and spread her legs. Now he inserted his fat cock, slowly inch by inch in her wet pussy. She gasped as she felt his length filling her. He could tell she was biting the pillow to stop moaning. She was very tight and he found it difficult to remain in control. A few years earlier he had had a Eurasian girlfriend in Liverpool and she was also similarly tight, and one of his best ever fucks. So he had experience enough to cope but with the need for quiet too he had to concentrate on long slow strokes, and with her tightness he felt it more than usual. He fucked her slowly so the bed didn’t move, she loved the feeling and felt herself build again as he fucked her like that for a good twenty minutes. Eventually he pulled out and manoeuvred her so she straddled him. She guided his cock in and licked her juices off her hand. She slowly slid down his length until her clit bashed against his groin. Up and down very slowly, her tightness pulling his foreskin, wanking him, up and down she played with her breasts as she fucked him slowly. He loved the view and her cunt was delicious on him, he could feel her juices dripping round his balls. She screwed him like that for ten minutes, and when he felt her cum, she nearly snapped his cock off it was so tight on the spasm. He couldn’t contain himself any longer, and made a run with her clinging on to the bathroom. She had avoided it before, as it wasn’t very nice, but now she needed a good ramming. To save her from the floor, he fucked her standing up. But now he could fuck hard, so he pushed his hips. She swayed away from him and then crashed back in. He met her half way and thudded into her crashing her clit and she squealed. She could make a bit of noise now so he went to town. Out crash, out crash, out crash. She squealed each time and after a good hour of fucking he was ready to cum. She squeezed him again as she orgasmed and he let go also. His cock burst inside her and she crushed him to her fingers digging deep into his back. As she came, squashing every last drop from his balls. They kissed and slowly he let her withdraw and drop to the floor. They kissed one last time and checked the coast was clear and ran back to their room. He kissed her again and she got in her bunk and he in his. Next morning Chris woke totally unaware of the nights action and they had to move on. She was awake as he packed and he blew her a kiss and a wink and said. ‘Good bye, hope we meet again,’ ‘me too’, she responded and winked back. They didn’t yet another one off horny episode from his trip.

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Aussies are politer than English. Welsh and Scots too. But Canadians are the nicest