the flash that brought its own reward

Mal was horny as hell, more than usual. He had been picking g****s in north Victoria, Australia for ten weeks. He had not even seen a woman apart from the farmer’s wife and very young daughters. He was backpacking around the world and was about a year in and he and his travelling mate Chris needed some money. They had picked two thirds of the plot and made a few thousand dollars, to keep them going. He was at the peak of his condition, fit, muscular, tanned and no alcohol had passed his lips either. He noticed how he got second glances from girls as he went into the pub, and knew he was going to score that night, he needed to.
They went back to Melbourne and met up with the s****r of one of Chris’s colleagues from London, Tara. She was off limits due to a prior agreement with the b*****r, we later found out she was most unhappy about this and had been dying to fuck us as well. She brought a friend, Stacey, and Mal knew within seconds he was going to fuck her. She was fun and talked sex most of the night, and Mal did his ‘I love to kiss cunt’ line and saw that it had the desired reaction. As the night wore on Chris chatted to Tara and Mal chatted to Stacey, occasionally surreptitiously giving her a stroke on the thigh.
At the end of the evening, Chris e****ted Tara to her tram and they both knew what Mal and Stacey were going to do, so left them to it. Stacey explained she was bunking with a mate on her floor, so it was going to be a bit awkward. They snogged and had a good feel of each other outside the flat. He felt her hard nipples and she was impressed with his bulge.
On entering, Stacey introduced Mal to her mate Christine. She was in shorts and a vest ready for bed and she was fit as fuck. He smiled at her and noticed her glance at his bulge and blush. Her nipples started to appear. Stacey took Chris into the kitchen and they chatted as Mal sat on the sofa. On their return Chris sat opposite and Stacey next to him. The conversation came round to sex again and Mal was asking if girls enjoyed the sensation from a blowjob. He wondered whether the lips enjoyed the feel as they do when kissing. Chris snorted and Stacey smiled, so Mal inserted a finger in her mouth. She sucked on it and nodded, Chris stood up and said ‘I think I better leave you to it.’ She left the room and retired to her bedroom, Mal was sure she was turned on, apart from her nipples he saw a blush to her neck.
Stacey now went straight for his pants and had his cock out in no time. She licked and sucked it and then deep throated until he gushed down her throat. He explained about the last ten weeks and not to be disappointed as it was still ready for action. She noticed it remained hard and lay back with a smile. He undid her top and noticed no bra, very firm tits, so he gave them a good suck. He licked her neck and kissed her and went back down to her tits. Sucking, tweaking, massaging he went to town and she was close to an orgasm already. He slid his hand in her shorts and felt she was very wet, he flicked at her cunt and she came there and then.
They both stood up and stripped each other, once naked he lay her on the floor and gave her cunt his complete attention. He sucked and kissed and frigged until she came again, very loudly. He thought about Chris next door, and wondered if she was masturbating. He gave Stacey the tonguing of her life. She grabbed his head and pulled him up, so that his cock was at her entrance. He didn’t need to wait and thrust right in, in one shove he was all the way in, she moaned again. He started moving and she joined him. They fucked quite slowly and he could feel her build again, he sped up and started to fuck her hard. The slaps where quite audible and she squealed every time he went fully in. After ten minutes he was ready and he felt her spasm on him as she came again, so he went full out and fucked hard until he exploded inside her. Both grunted as she came again. When she came to, he was lying next to her and had put his arm under her head so she was against his chest. They chatted for a while and she absentmindedly stroked his cock. Soon they were ready again, this time he fucked her doggy style and the noise if anything was louder. He lasted a good half hour and she came three times, squeezing his cock quite hard as they fucked. He gushed his load inside her and collapsed on top of her. This time they chatted but drifted off to sl**p, covered with a small sheet.
In the morning Mal woke when he heard movement. Chris was making breakfast in the kitchen as she had to go to work, in a record store, Stacey was fast asl**p. Mal had a hard on, and wondered what Chris would do if she saw it. So he moved the sheet so it wasn’t covering him and lay there with his stonker on full view. He pretended to be asl**p. He heard Chris enter the room and was nearby, when he heard an intake of breath, and Chris sank to the sofa, her legs nearly gave way. She saw his naked body and especially his hard boner and became wet instantly, he found out later. She was torn as whether to touch it or leave immediately. She needed to masturbate urgently and went to the bathroom, Mal knew he had had an effect and quietly got up and listened at the bathroom door. He heard muffled moans and knew she was frigging. He knocked quietly and she responded ‘hold on’ in a tense voice. When she opened the door her clothes were obviously in a state. He stood there balls naked with his fat pik, lul, staaf, piemel, paal etc, pointing straight at her. She blushed, and he held his fingers to his lips. He took her hand and led her into the bedroom. She just complied as he removed her clothing, she was in a state of lust she hadn’t experienced before. Once naked, he kissed her and she felt his firm body crush her and his cock against her belly. He kissed her neck and moved down to suck on her very stiff nipples. She was already so wet so when his fingers moved down they slipped in easily. She was so hot she came on his fingers in seconds. She was stifling her moans, but this one came out. He spread her legs and sucked on her clit and finger fucked her with two fingers, again she came on his fingers and he felt her tighten. He now positioned himself and entered her slowly. Just the tip, he was going to tease this one. Slowly he moved in and out just a few inches. And then one shove all the way in. She grunted, as she felt her clit smashed against his groin. He now started to fuck all the way out and in. Building speed he fucked her for a good ten minutes and she was moaning as quietly as she could. He felt her come again and let go himself and pulsed his come inside her. He collapsed on top of her, and then heard a slow clap.
Stacey was stood at the door, naked and had obviously been enjoying the spectacle. ‘Steal my fuck would you’ she smiled. She entered the room and went straight to Chris’s cunt. She licked Mal’s cum dripping out of Chris and smiled at Mal as she did so. Chris was in shock again, but Mal knew Stacey, met her type before. Mal pulled Chris further up the bed and Stacey followed licking, chewing and sucking on her cunt. Stacey’s bum was in the air so Mal went round the back and just pushed his cock right in, one thrust. She loved that and wiggled her bum, so he circled his cock inside her. Chris watched in ecstasy as her cunt was given another tonguing and Mal fucked Stacey into her. Every thrust pushed Stacey harder onto Chris and she was soon coming. This time she could let go and Stacey felt her spasm on her fingers, as she screamed. Mal was fucking Stacey quite hard and eventually both of them came together.
They both smiled at Chris who was in new territory here, they suggested she rang in sick and spent the rest of the day in bed with them. She agreed and Mal, Chris and Stacey made up for ten weeks without a shag for Mal. They fucked, sucked, licked and probed all afternoon and used toys, watched porn, and essentially spent a day fucking in every position imaginable. Chris was a veteran by the time they had finished. Mal had many ideas as did Stacey, and soon even Chris was joining them. Chris licked her first pussy as Mal fucked her from behind and soon knew this was going to change her life. She even double fucked Stacey with a strap on dildo as Mal had her from underneath. It truly was an education and Stacey and Mal were good teachers. That evening Mal was supposed to be going to see Phil Collins in concert, but he knew he would rather be fucking the two new friends. So he got a message to his mate telling him, he would see him tomorrow. His mate knew what that meant, cock wins again. They fucked all night and had so many orgasms they lost count.
Next morning Mal had to move on they were going to Alice Springs for Ayers rock and had already bought the tickets. So reluctantly he had to leave his new fuckbuddies and hoped he would see them again. He didn’t but got letters from them, horny ones, and he hoped the lads in Melbourne praised him as they now went hunting in packs and often had trio, moresomes and gangbangs with many men. Mal was proud to enlighten another girl into the joys of mixed fucking.
Mal found that he must have been very attractive as he found more girls willing to join him for such spontaneous fun just in Australia, and again in Asia. But that is another story or two.

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