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the secretary gets more than she expected

The secretary gets more than she expected.
He is a top manager in the public services. He is responsible for 100s of people and a budget of over 100s of millions of pounds. He is single and too busy for a regular partner as he works late most nights. He has a large office with several chairs and a big desk. It overlooks some great countryside. He is in his late forties, but has kept fit through cycling to work through the local hills and playing sport when he can. He is of medium build, athletic and tanned as he walks his dogs in the morning and evening sun on the beach. He is quite stressed at the lack of funds in his organisation and having to make people redundant in a recession. He has a pool of typists and a P.A. She is in her forties and quite severe, she also keeps fit through the gym and is always well attired.
He has a temporary secretary to help with a massive project. She is in her mid thirties, very lithe and always wears very short skirts. She is very bright with a higher degree and is between jobs. She knows what she likes and she usually gets it. She is feisty, flirty and has a tendency to tease the younger men. She has the hots for her boss as he is a very powerful man, but he is also compassionate as when she had f****y problems he counselled her. She most likes his grin and the way it makes his gorgeous eyes sparkle. He also hasn’t helped but notice her allure but tends to avoid personal contact with his staff. One day he asks her if she can stay late the following night to finish of the project initiation document.
She thinks this is her chance to see if she can get through his barriers. So next day she is in her usual short skirt but now she has Christian Louboutin shoes with strapping up her calves, suspenders, frilly lace red knickers and bra, a white blouse with the buttons low, hair in a bun and she has her glasses on. He is wearing his suit trousers, and a white shirt, he keeps ties on the back of the chair in case he has to meet people, but today it is too hot.
They sit facing each other in executive leather chairs. She is all prim and proper and he is concentrating on some budget work. It is sunny so he pulls the blinds down to the outer office. She jokes about people gossiping but he says everyone’s gone home. Her groin is now tingling at the anticipation of her next move. When he turns to the computer to input some figures she crosses her legs. When he turns back to her he sees the flesh at the top her thigh outlined by the suspender belt. He dwells a little too long it and feels a tingle in his groin.
When he looks at her face, she is smiling right at him, with lust, she slowly uncrosses her legs. This time he can see her inner thighs and a glint of red from the lace. The tingle in his groin is growing and he shifts in his chair. Bad move, the trousers press his cock and it reacts. He is now trying to look elsewhere and stop the inevitable. He can’t, it has a mind of its own, and it starts to grow. Soon it is an obvious bulge and he can’t hide it.
She leans forward, and her cleavage comes into view. She rests her hand on his thigh. His cock twitches, she runs her hand towards it and asks if she can help with his problem. He is in a fog of lust and just grunts. Her hand traces his bulge from crotch to tip, it is stiff and thick and is at an angle to the left up to his belt. She leans further in until her breasts are pressing his crotch. Slowly she undoes his belt looking him in the eye all the time. She unzips the fly and slowly pulls his pants and boxers down. Once past his balls his cock springs up like a jack in the box. She undoes her blouse and bra and puts them on her chair behind her. She grabs his cock in one hand, feeling her nipples with the second. She slowly tugs his foreskin, his cock is lovely and fat with a big purple dome. She keeps this up with her eyes intently on him. She puts his cock between her breasts and slowly moves them up and down. He groans, and she can see he is not long for this action. So she flicks a tongue over the top of his glans. She plays with the frenulum with her tongue until he is fit to burst. Then greedily she swallows him just using her lips to go slowly up and down his shaft. Her tongue is working his cock as she slowly takes it to the hilt. Back and forth she goes, for an exquisite time until she feels him twitch and then explode as a surge of sperm releases from his cock. She squeals, he groans loudly and pulse after pulse keep coming. She lets it hit her tits and give her a pearl necklace. He collapses and she smiles as she rubs the sperm into her breasts.
‘Now it’s your turn you minx’ he says. ‘Oh goody a man of action’ she replies. He lifts her up and throws her back into her chair, she squeals. He unzips her skirt and pull it off, her panties are wet. He moves in and kisses her full on the lips and his cock rests on her mound. He moves down to her breasts and sucks on each fat nipple massaging her breasts as he goes. His fingers are stroking her clit. He moves down further until he purses his lips and start to chew on her clit. He rips her knickers off. He is an expert at cunni and she starts to writhe in agony/ectasy. She grips the arms of the chair as he goes to town pressing ever harder into her mound. His fingers now enter her and he pulls them about in a circling motion. He carries on until he feels the spasms in her body.
As she returns from the fog of orgasm she looks down and sees her hands have been tied to the chair with his ties while she was oblivious to anything but her body. ‘Now then I have got you where i want’ he says. She likes this idea and is happy for more in this episode. He pulls her legs out and up and ties them so her arse is sticking out and he has good purchase for both holes if she wants that. He is about to start with his cock on her pussy when he stops. ‘I wonder’ he says, and he has a look in her handbag. ‘Ah as i thought, a minx like you is likely to have a vibrator, and a rabbit too, good’
He turns it on and she hears the buzz. He comes round moving the vibrator down her pliant body. Her nipples are taut and he moves to her inner thighs, lightly touching her bum hole. He moves to her lips and moves it up and down from lips to clit and back again. Pressing a little harder each time on her clit. Eventually he inserts it slowly into her pussy until the clit is being rubbed rhythmically and the main piece is slowly revolving. He steps back, and watches this picture of beauty. His still stiff cock moves to her mouth to keep it hard, she sucks on it like a lollipop. Eventually he wants to fuck her so after she has had her third orgasm, he removes it and replaces it with his cock. Slowly at first he pushes to the hilt, and then out again. Slowly the speed starts to increase until it is a good rhythm. She is moaning now, after five or so minutes he increases the pace and ferocity until he is banging her so hard the chair is rocking and scr****g on the floor, it nearly tips over and he has to pull her back in. He is now at the point of no return and bangs her frenziedly until she comes with him, her cunt twitching in unison with his pulsing.
He collapses on top of her to get his breath back, cock still in cunt. After a few minutes he jerks upwards. He pulls out quickly and moves to the door. He pulls it open quickly with his cock still in full view. on the other side of the door stands his P.A. She must have come back and had been looking through a crack in the blinds. One hand was on an exposed breast and the other inside her pants, she had obviously been turned on and was playing with herself. He pushed her inside, and shut the door behind him. Sweety in the chair thought oooh what next. He put Karen the P.A.s hand on his cock. She couldn’t speak. So he started to strip her blouse off. He mauled her breasts as he pulled that off too. She was pulling urgently on his cock. He lifted her onto his desk and pulled the trousers and ripped the knickers off. She made a grab for his cock, but he pushed it away. Let me get you desparate first he thought, so he massaged her breasts and brought one hand to her glistening bald cunt. He started to finger her and she writhed. Sweety was really enjoying the spectacle, but was frustrated by her tied hands. He said to Karen ‘do you want my cock in you’. ‘Yis’ was the timid reply. ‘Then you will have to work for it’ he said. ‘Get on your hand and knees’ She got on the floor. ‘Now crawl to sweety’ she looked slightly surprised but knew he was in charge. He placed her in front of Sweety’s exposed cunt and told her ‘go down on her’. Karen started lapping away at Sweety’s cunt and as with all girls was soon into the swing. She knew what to do and soon was rubbing her clit with her fingers. Sweety was loving it and she noticed Karen’s pert buttocks like two half moons. Mal was tugging at his cock watching it. He got behind Karen and decided to give her what she wanted and needed. He took a good look at her pussy lips and fingered them to make sure she was ready. By the way she moved back on to them gave him the signal. Sweety watched as she could see his fat cock moving into position behind Karen. He teased her lips a bit and she moaned between pursed lips on Sweety’s lips. He moved in a little and pulled out. Each time he inched further in until eventully he was all the way, she groaned and he stayed there enjoying the view of Sweety and her together. After a while he started a slow circling motion inside her. Then as Sweety reached an orgasm, he started to pick up the pace. Each time he hit her hard, she pressed into Sweetys quim that little bit more. As this was his third orgasm he kept going like this for what was probably fifteen minutes. He felt Karen contract on him twice and thought Sweety had another too. He pulled out all the staops at the end and Sweety was jealous at the sight of the rogering Karen was getting. They both collapsed and Sweety relaxed a bit too.
He hadn’t finished though. After a rest and a drink, he picked up Sweety’s chair and placed it so her back was to the floor head resting on the floor and her legs and cunt were in the air. He then told Karen to sit on Sweety’s face facing the chair so she had her cunt in front of her upright 69. He told Karen to start riding Sweety’s face. She did this and then she instinctively knew to start sucking Sweety’s pussy. He watched again still rock hard, he moved Karen’s head so she could receive his cock in her mouth. She slurped on it while riding Sweety and fingering her cunt. Mal now moved round so he was above Sweety’s cunt with his arse in Karen’s face. He drove in to her cunt with abandon. She hadn’t been expecting this and gasped, her moans muffled by Karen’s ever quickening spread lips. Karen gave Mal a rimming as he pounded Sweety, this gave him impetus and soon it was a blare as he and Karen rode sweety until again all three were in agony and ectasy at the same time. He felt Sweety contract on him and Sweety was deluged by Karen spurting all over her.
They relaxed again. After chatting he asked how could he work it so he was filling both their cunts at the same time. ‘Maybe with the vibrator’ he asked. Karen said she had a better idea. She left the room for her handbag and when she came back she had a strap on dildo in her hands. Both sweety and Mal gasped, ‘well I never would have believed it’ he said. Right then he said three ways of doing this. Either we put it round Sweety’s waist and Karen rides it and i ride Sweety. Karen wears it and rides Sweety while i ride her from behind. Or I wear it and you sit facing me on top of Sweety and i ride you both. Hmmmmmmmmmm
So they tried the first one. Sweety was given the view of Karen riding the dildo in front of her with her tits in her face, meanwhile Mal was pounding her with abandon. She love dthe sight of Karens lips being stretched right in front of her. Mal loved the view from behind as the two got a rhythm going.
They then tried the second one, and Karen rode sweety’s pussy hard with the dildo while mal stood still allowing Karen to ride his cock. Karen was extremely fit and soon brought all three of them off in a frenzy.
Finally Mal tied it on and entered Sweety with his cock and Karen straddled the dildo. This time Mal did most of the work and nearly buckled his legs as he brought the proceedings to a climax.
Totally spent, they untied Sweety and lay on the carpet hugging, smiling and caressing. ‘Well things will never be the same around here again’, Mal said and they both nodded serenely. ‘I owe you both a pair of knickers’, they laughed, ‘maybe next time you don’t wear them’ they laughed again. They didn’t finish the work off and instead went to Mal’s penthouse for a cuddle and a sl**p, and maybe a repeat in the morning.
Who knows?

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