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Michael was obviously d***k enough but as she felt his groin, he wasn't that d***k as she felt a stonker ready for her. she was overjoyed and when holland scored the winner everyone went berserk and sascha didnt' even notice someone had ripped off her bikini. Michael looked at her with joy, and lust. finally she was getting him to do the things she so wanted with her love. she grabbed his groin and rubbed the bulge, everyone around knew they were in for a repeat and some of the girls were also rubbing their mens groins. one man had shorts on and his cock was sticking out while his girlfriend tugged on it. Sascha now went down and undid Michaels trousers, he had no pants on an she let them drop, she loved his cock and started to suck on it greedily. she bobbed up and down and felt him groan as she was an expert orally. after 5 minutes Michael also exploded inside her mouth, this time she drank the lot, as she stood up and kissed him she noticed there were at least three blowjobs and fuck going on. what have i started she thought and loved all the different cocks and pussies on show. as she was kissing Michael she felt a finger in her bum she tought it was rob so she wiggled a bit, then she heard an english accent, it was Mal, he had come over to see the match and was the guy earlier with his fingers in her bikini. Michaels cock was still hard so she jumped on his waist and grabbed and guided it into her wet cunt. She asked Michael can mal join us, Michael knew he was the one who kept her horniness under control with his stories so being in such a good mood nodded. Mal didn't need a second invitation. he licked her bum hole as Michael fucked her cunt and then took his fat cock and slowly inserted it. Michael did most of the fucking as Mal stood still and allowed her to come onto him. he started to join in and after a while they were fucking her with abandon. Mal looked around and there were at least four other couples fucking and Rob was getting another blowjob right next to them. one guy came in his girlfriends mouth and Sascha shouted what does he taste like, between screams. she said here you go and came over and kissed sascha, giving her some of her mans juice. sascha greedily kissed her and when they finished the girl kissed Mal and slid a hand between Sascha and Michael and flicked her clit, as she was fucked. Mal frigged her into an orgasm as she enjoyed the spectacle of his cock in her arse. mal called Rob over to take over and fed his cock to the new girl Nic. she was hot and he soon had her on her knees riding her doggy style while Rob inserted into Saschas arse. he now started to give her what for while she still had her lovely Michael in her cunt. a second girl Anna was playing with Mals balls as he rode Nic, so he lifted her up pulled her knickers to one side and she straddled his shoulders. so while he was fucking Nic, Anna was humping his face. sacha was in heaven two men and one was Michael. rob was good and he gave her what she wanted, another girl Bev had come over and was kissing her, she whispered to Michael do you like her, he nodded so she prompted him and rob to sit on the floor. bev now stood between her and Michael and he licked her cunt while sascha licked her bum hole. Sascha used her fingers on Bevs cunt and mixed with michaels tongue as she inserted them. Bev turne d round so sascah could suck her lips and michael rim her she soon came and squirted all over sascha. Michael licked it off her tits, she was till being banged when Dirks cock came into view, she looked at Michael and he simply nodded. so she greedily slicked him from tip top balls and back again. then she sucked him all the way down, he grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth. three cocks fucking her and she noticed another three guys wanking over her she gestured them over and tugged them off one at a time while still riding away, a new girl Jayne came over and licked the sperm off her giving her clit a squeeze as she played with Dirks balls. by now the place was teaming with cocks and cunts mal was still fucking his two but now he was on his back and they had swapped places, both wwere fucking him for holland and he loved it, a third girl was behind Jayne frigging her as she was humping him. the place stunk of sweat, sperm and pussy, and sashcha was the cause of it, she ended up having the gangbang she always wanted and all the time michael was in her cunt smiling at her, she was in love and in lust too. eventually they all came together and the girls drank one last drop from her holes as she dismounted. Mal winked at her and said 'good game'. see you after the holiday.

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