Fantasy with a stripper, Part 2

Fantasy with a stripper Part 2

A stripper named Ann, who I had met a few weeks earlier and I were finally intimate in a hotel room. She’s about 5’4 with 34C breasts, a fabulous ass, and a hairless, pussy that was indeed as delicious as it looked.

Part 2

I woke up first, somewhat groggy, but the thin arm across my chest abruptly reminded me that I had realized a fantasy of licking a woman half my age of 51 years. And she was still in my arms! Amazing. I was stunned, didn’t want to move, but I had to pee, so I slowly got out of bed. Ann didn’t move as I quietly left the bed. When I returned, Ann had not moved. It was 3:30am. I had to leave at 9:00 am. What to do next.

I gently crawled back into the other side of the bed so she was facing away from me. I put my arms around her, shifting my body closer to hers. When my legs and belly touched her from behind, I started to get hard again. I whispered: Hello Ann, do you want to sl**p some more? Then I moved my arm from her arm to the sides of her breast, slightly brushing her warm, smooth skin. She groaned in a way that left me in no doubt that she was interested in getting more attention.

I was very gentle with her a few hours earlier, but I wanted to find out what else she liked.

I remembered that the robe had a belt. It was on the floor out of reach. I disturbed our comfortable entanglement to reach for it, pulling the belt out of the loops. Ann was still not quite awake – or at least she pretended to be that way. I was never one to read people’s minds and could easily be fooled.

I placed the belt around her top arm near her elbow. Then I pushed her so she was more face down than on her side. I slid the rest of the belt around her other arm, and gently pulled the arms together. I knotted the belt so that her arms were somewhat restrained but I did not want it to be painful. I told her that I wanted to pay some more attention to her private parts, and was that ok?


“Are you ready?”

“Mmmm Mmm” like an “ok”

I took my fingernails and scratched them into her butt cheeks. Starting in the outside and going in toward the middle. I then rubbed lightly, scratched some more and then without warning, slapped her left cheek really hard. The slapping sound immediately broke the silence, and Ann, face down on the pillow, reflexively shrieked and tried to pull at her bound arms. I was sitting on top of her legs, so she really had no leverage. However, I told myself, if she really hated it, she would have tried to get away. And she didn’t.

She did not say a word, and I went back to alternating scratching and slightly touching, and both of us knew another slap was coming - but I wanted to make her wait a little bit. When I ultimately slapped her right cheek, it was just as hard, and her immediate reaction was the same - a shriek without struggle.

I could smell her juices and really wanted to lick her right then. But I thought it best to prolong this new game.

I alternated gentle touching and slaps for a little while longer. Perhaps a total of 20 slaps. It was dark, but I imagined that her ass cheeks were red. I got some oil and rubbed it onto her cheeks and then pulled her thighs apart. Then an idea hit me. I told Ann authoritatively, “Do not move.” I got up and looked for her purse. It was an oversized bag. I brought it closer to the bathroom where there was light and I started taking some stuff out. Then I found it. She had indeed brought a vibrator with her.

“You have been a good girl by not moving. But Ann, you have a vibrator in your purse. What were you thinking?”

“Mmmmmm, she growled.” Her ass was still exposed with her head facing away.

“It’s ok to talk to me. I want to know your honest answer.”

Whispering, “I like all kinds of things.”


“What you did last night. What you were just doing.”

“I’m glad you liked that, but you are not answering my question.” SLAP on her right cheek.


“If I have to ask you again, it will hurt.”

“OK. OK. Ummm...”


“Oww – Um, My toy can also make me feel good.”

“Did you plan on telling me about your toy?”

“I wasn’t sure. I didn’t know if you would like to use it on me.”

“Ann, have I told you that I want to give you pleasure?” I started brushing her ass cheeks and let my fingers roam between her legs, brushing her pussy lips.


“Have I demonstrated that I want to give you pleasure?”

“Yes, and thank you.”

“Do you trust me?”


“OK. . . Now, roll over.”

With her arms restrained by the terrycloth belt, it was not easy, but she finally rolled over. I put the vibrator in her mouth. “Get it wet.”

She licked it while maintaining intense eye contact. Wow, did she look sexy. I turned it on low and put it directly on her nipples. I swear I could look at those tits forever. Ann’s nipples hardened.

I licked and sucked each nipple, and then licked the vibrator, and placed it right on her clit. No more subtly. Ann took a quick breath and jumped a little. I slapped her breast from the side while keeping the vibrator on her clit. Her eyes widened with a little fear but she didn’t move. Ann was letting me take the lead as before.

I had mixed feelings. I was never a dominant type, and was torn trying to determine how aggressive I should be. I took the vibrator away, and Ann’s body relaxed a little. I licked the vibrator this time, and then shoved it in her pussy. I was deliberate, but her pussy seemed wet enough. In and out, at different angles. Then I slapped her other breast and pulled on her nipples, varying the intensity. At one point, she winced and I backed off. Then I pulled the other nipple even harder and she winced again. I slapped and grabbed her tits. Her hips were meeting the strokes of the vibrator. I pulled it out and started rubbing it against her clit. That sent her over the edge with another orgasm making it hard for me to hold the vibrator on the right spot. She grunted with each spasm. No squirting but it seems intense enough.

Finally, her hips rested, her breathing normalized. I replaced the vibrator with my fingers. She was looking at me with appreciation, but still said nothing. A few hours earlier, Ann was a phenomenal conversationalist. Now she was silent and yielding. I got the feeling she would do just about anything.

I moved up so that my cock was close to her face. She stretched so that she could lick the head. I decided to untie her arms. Ann stretched her arms upward before putting her hands on my cock. I leaned down to kiss her, and she returned it passionately. We parted lips, looked at each other. But no words were spoken.

I lied down next to her so that my head was near her pussy, and gently stroked her. Simultaneously, I felt her mouth encase my growing cock. She then paid close and meaningful attention to me, getting me hard with her fingers, tongue and mouth.

The sensation was amazing. She continued stroking and licking and sucking for what seemed like a long time, backing off when she thought I was getting too excited. She was gently stroking my cock when she reached behind her for the nightstand drawer. She pulled out a condom and put it on my hard cock. I started to get a little nervous about maintaining the erection, and of course, I softened. She sucked me hard again with the condom on. She then looked up to me and whispered, “Will you please fuck me?”

Clearly, by putting the condom on me, she was giving me a strong hint that she wanted to fuck. But hearing those words were indescribably fantastic.

She got on top of me, ground her pussy lips up and down on my shaft for a while, and then put my cock inside her pussy. Honestly, it was not as good as bareback sex, but it was pretty damn close. I looked up at her beautiful face and tits, while she slowly rocked back and forth. She was taking it slow and I was quite happy with it. Her eyes were closed but when she looked down at me, she smiled. She saw from my expression the puppy love for her, and she smiled back in appreciation.

As much as we wanted it to go on forever, every instinct in our bodies was urging us to pick up the pace. And we did. Ann’s face looked amazing as she enjoyed the growing pleasure. I wanted to hold out, and because I came earlier, I was able to last. With my cock in as far as it would go Ann quickly gyrated back and forth so that her clit was rubbing on my hairy pubic bone.

In a cross between a grunt and a whisper Ann said, “I’m . . . going . . to . . . cum. Cum WITH me.”

That’s all it took. Her command with that southern drawl and her beauty and the entire situation: I started squirting as her spasms hit hard. I couldn’t see her face any more because she was looking at the ceiling. The pleasure was – well words can’t describe it.

Ann kept grinding until every last ounce of orgasmic delight could be reached, long after I started getting soft. And finally, I slipped out, she laid down next to me exhausted. After all, she had several orgasms and very little sl**p. I dumped the condom, checked the alarm, and also closed my eyes. Normally after an orgasm, I am asl**p very quickly. But replaying tonight’s events in my mind, I took a long while to fall asl**p.


When the alarm went off, I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and shaved. I kept checking to see if Ann was still there – thinking it must have been a dream. Fully dressed again, I had to wake her up. I thought about the movie sl**ping Beauty, kissing the beautiful girl to wake her up, but I had the added bonus of Ann still being naked. It was a little lighter in the room, now that it was day time. I stared again.

Ann was not ready to move, but understood she had to get going. She did not have time for a shower, so she reluctantly dressed. I kept staring at her, still drinking in her beauty. And she didn’t seem to mind.

“Ann, I want to express my thanks for last night, but saying “thank you” seems completely inadequate. You are just amazing, beautiful, sexy, delicious, orgasmic ! You fulfilled my fantasy beyond my wildest expectations.”

She smiled genuinely, and responded, “Awww, I don’t know what to say. . .You made me feel like a princess last night, so I thank you as well.” She put her breasts back into the bra, pulled on her shirt, and she let me kiss her one more time. “See ya again soon,” and with a wink she left the hotel room at a few minutes after 9.

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1 year ago
Thanks, Cocklover, for your insightful question. I think she had some fear, naturally, which made the excitement even greater, but she did not hesitate because she felt that she could trust me at that point.
1 year ago
was thinking about the fear (ann) must have felt being tied up with robe belt even though she had after hours encounters with gentelmen before!!!who truly knows what a persons intentions are!!! Am i right ?