Fantasy with a stripper

Fantasy at a strip club

I met her at a crowded strip club when I had some free time when my wife was off with her friends. Instead of sitting at home alone, I figured I could watch the game and enjoy the view of various naked ladies at the same time. Can you blame me?

A dancer I’ll call Ann approached me with a luscious southern drawl soon after I was seated, but before I even had a beer. I was not yet ready for company, and honestly told her I was going to watch the game for awhile. She took no offense, found a willing guy nearby to pay for a table dance and soon she lifted her clingy, open mesh dress to reveal her perfect breasts and shaven status. I guess she was about 5’4, nice body and warm friendly smile. She caught me glancing at her, and she smiled back. I really wanted to stare, but thought it inappropriate given my stated desire to watch the game.

Some strippers are only it for the money, and you can tell. Ann seemed to naturally enjoy the attention. Either that or she was a great actress. When I saw her more than an hour later, she was coming up the stairs, we smiled at each other and she came right to my table. She took a seat and I offered to massage her legs, asking, “How do you last on those stupid shoes?” She told me that her legs were quite out of shape after re-starting dancing after taking time off. It was her 4th day, her calves hurt, and she was grateful for the massage.

I said I was happy to do so, and admitted that I liked “giving.” I added with all the sincerity I could gather after talking with her for less than 3 minutes, “I think we know each other well enough that I can admit to you that my favorite thing to do is lick a woman between her legs. She looked at me with raised eyebrows and instead of dismissing me, she appeared interested.

A new song started, Ann lifted her poor excuse for a dress, and I loved seeing her beautiful breasts right in my face. They were perfect, with quarter sized areolas and hard nipples. It was a table dance, but you couldn’t call it “dancing.” It was lap-sitting, gyrating, bending and swaying. She was proud of her body, showing off every inch, and she looked delicious.

While sitting in my lap, Ann even let me briefly caress them and even lick her nipples during the dance, which may have violated house rules or state ordinances, since we were not in the VIP area. But if it was ok with her, who was I to argue.

During the “dance,” she revealed a little bit about her likes: She whispered into my ear, “I like being licked, every inch, from toe to chin, with light touching, and massage, and mmmm, . . . “

“Oil for the massage?”

“The more the merrier, babe!”

“I don’t suppose you are, any chance, multi-orgasmic?”

“Oh yeah, I can sometimes squirt from here to that chair over there.”

I could not have hoped for a more enticing answer. At one point, she even admitted that in the past, she had gone home with guys who propositioned her at strip clubs, even older guys. I am easily double her age, but I couldn’t help thinking that it might be possible for her to see me after hours some time. But would I actually go through with it if she was willing?

We talked about the possibility of meeting outside of the club, and she said that she had lost her cell phone, and didn’t have a website. I decided to give her my private email address, and I would love to chat. I needed to get home soon, and I knew I couldn’t have another dance.

When I left, I started doubting the whole thing. Strippers HAVE to appear interested in their clients. That’s how they make their money. But later that night, I had trouble sl**ping thinking about her sexy body and the possibility of being with her sexually.

Upon reflection, I kicked myself for not having spent enough money or attention on Ann. I decided to return to the club, and I called ahead to make sure she was there. Upon arrival at lunchtime, I couldn’t see a thing as it was so dark inside, and the contrast from the sunny afternoon took a toll on my eyesight. When acclimated, I looked around for Ann, and not finding her, I was as disappointed as if I had a boyhood crush. After being seated, I was approached by a couple of other girls whom I dismissed.

Ann emerged from the dressing area, and when she spotted me, she walked straight to my table, sat down, and lifted her legs onto mine; leaving no doubt that she remembered my calf massage the last time. I am sure the grin on my face made it clear that I was not playing hard to get.

We engage in a little small talk. I ask her about her k**s, and how things are going. She said she’s all right. “The father of my k**s and I usually get along ok, but he was on my case recently.” She had told me that they still live together but without actually saying it, I got the feeling they weren’t sexually active with each other. I paid for two table dances, figuratively drank up her wonderful body, and briefly kissed her on the cheek.

I wanted to get together with her outside the club, but with her long hours and my sneaking around, it wasn’t easy for us to find a time to get together, but we figured out a time, and set a date for me to take her out to a nice lunch.

She arrived in street clothing, the first time I saw her in anything other than a skimpy costume or nothing! She had less make-up, a high collar, non-revealing shirt, looked great, and we enjoyed non-stop conversation. She probed about my situation. I revealed that my wife’s interest in sex had declined over time, but I had no intention of leaving. I tried to talk about stuff that was not sexual, but it was nearly impossible because Ann was so sexy, and was so willing to answer any of my questions.

I told her that I would have a free night coming up, and invited her to join me for dinner and dessert. Reading my mind, she asked, “Will I be the dessert?”

“If you are willing: Absolutely.”

Waiting for that dinner was agonizing. All types of thoughts when through my head. Am I crazy for cheating? Is she really going to come back to a hotel with me? Will I be able to perform? I was so distracted that I had trouble concentrating at work.

The night finally arrived, and I drove to the restaurant early, as I did not want Ann to be waiting on me. When she arrived, I took her coat, and she smelled wonderful. “Mmmm. . .” I said loud enough for only her to hear. “You look and smell fabulous.” She smiled back.

We ordered dinner and all I wanted to do was ask her if tonight was for real. Was she really coming to my hotel? But I tried to act nonchalant asking about her day, her work, etc.

When the waiter arrived with the dessert menu, I looked at Ann briefly, and turned to the waiter and said that we would be having dessert later, and asked for the check. The waiter kept a poker face, and I felt Ann’s leg rub against mine under the table.

It was really going to happen.

She followed in her car to the hotel and we entered the hotel room. I took her coat again, and hung it up. She stood still waiting for me to make the first move. I offered some red wine, and she accepted. Pouring took all of my concentration as my hands were shaking. I gave her a glass, told her she looked beautiful, and I hoped she would enjoy being catered to. We both took a sip of wine.

Neither of us said anything for a few moments. I took another sip, set both glasses down, put my arm around her and kissed her gently. She responded by putting her arm around me, and we enjoyed just kissing for several minutes. Slow wet kisses, nibbling on her cheek, neck, earlobe, and lightly licking her ears. I leaned down and took off her heels. I pulled her legs onto the bed, massaged her feet and alternated between kissing, licking and massage. I asked her to lie down, close her eyes and relax. She did so without hesitation and without saying anything.

I spent more time on her feet, then kissed her neck and softly questioned if there were other areas that I could massage. Ann opened her eyes, smiled, got up, and went to the bathroom. I turned off all of the lights in the room, and she returned wearing the hotel robe.

I walked to her, kissed her again and rubbed her back. Through the robe, I could feel her bra strap, but her shirt was obviously missing. I still moved slowly, wanting to make sure she was comfortable, but also wanting to make the night last.

She tasted and felt delicious standing there in the dim indirect light. I waited to see if she would make the next move, but she was obviously doing the same. I whispered that it was time for her massage.

“Would you like the massage through the robe, or directly on your skin?”

Ann looked at me and kissed me again, took her arms away from my neck and to her sides. I slid the robe off of her shoulders. I had seen her naked before, but this was seemed very different. Touching her skin, holding her body to mine without loud, awful music, without an audience, without distractions, I was getting hard again.

I led her to the bed, had her lie face down. Her bra was light blue and lacy with matching panties.

I put a lot of massage oil in my hands, warming it, before letting it dribble onto her back. I started with the safe parts of her body and waiting a very long time before opening the clasp on her bra. Her legs were together until I started massaging her calves, one then the other, then moving up to her thighs, alternating rubbing with light touches and finger nail caresses.

She was breathing deeply, full relaxed and appeared to be appreciating being a pillow princess.

I decided it was time to massage her beautiful ass, and slowly pulled her panties down. She cooperated subtly.

I started on the outside of her cheeks, pushing in from the sides. I am no massage expert, but I tried to make it clinical. When I finally separated her cheeks, I was able to smell her femininity. In my mind, I was screaming “this is fucking unbelievable,” but I kept breathing slowly and worked my hands slowly closer to her shaved pussy. She arched her back giving me more access, but I teased her a little longer before lightly stroking her from the top of her ass down through to a light caress of her pussy lips. She leaned back toward my hand, and I pulled back. More light caresses, and then I decided to stop. I didn’t move for a minute, and then I took my own shirt off.

I told Ann that I was just getting started, offered her some more wine. She lifted up, and the open bra fell off. I couldn’t help staring at her breasts. She drank some more wine, looked up and I kissed her some more. She put the glass down, and this time, was face up. She was offering her young body to me.

I looked at the bottle of massage oil, looked back at her, and Ann’s eyes were closed.

I started on her arms, taking my time with each one. Then I moved to her feet, again, moving slowly from her feet to her calves to her thighs. I then rubbed her belly, moving from her hips to shoulders. I added some more oil and dribbled it on her breasts.

I put one knee between her thighs. As I leaned forward my thigh came in contact with her pussy, and she pushed back. She obviously wanted me to rub her there.

I concentrated on her breasts rubbing, squeezing, pinching lightly, pinching harder and she started undulating. Without changing her facial expression, her hips betrayed her true desire. I moved down her stomach, and massaged just above her pubic bone and then with one hand, I started massaging her pussy lips. One then the other, and then finally massaging her inner lips. I inserted a finger and then massaged her clit.

I could not really wait any longer. I repositioned myself, and started licking all over her pussy, this time with more urgency. Lightly, then hard. kissing, then nibbling, and her breathing got heavy. I reached up to squeeze a nipple while rubbing my tongue back and forth across her clit. And this soon led to her first orgasm. Her breathing quickened, her body stiffened, and she squirted in my face as her body shook with ecstasy. It was a strong contrast to the relaxed state she was in a few minutes prior. I kept licking and she had another orgasm, not quite as strong as the first. I slowed down, gave her a moment to catch her breath and started again.

Ann wasn’t ready for another yet. She pulled my arm toward her, pulling me up to face her, and kissed me deeply. She did not say anything. I was thrilled knowing that I was able to give her pleasure.

That activity fulfilled a long-time fantasy. But she was not done. She sat up, reached for the wine glass, and her first words in what seemed to be hours were, “I need a shower.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me with her to the bathroom. I put the water on for her, and she pulled down my boxers. We washed each other playfully, but not sexually.

We dried off, and headed back to the bed. She asked how long she could stay, and I replied that I was leaving at 9am. “Good.” She cuddled next to me. Ann lightly stroked my chest hair. As a hairy guy, I was a stark contrast to her hairless body. She gradually moved lower and started fondling my cock and balls. I usually take a while to get hard, but with Ann it was different.

She stroked my cock gently, and I reached over to fondle her breasts some more, and gradually moved lower - sensual, slow mutual masturbation while kissing.

I started getting very close to orgasm and asked her to slow down. Instead she positioned herself lower and kept stroking me. Gradually, the increasing the pace until I could not hold back. I came hard in her hand and was amazed and ecstatic to feel her mouth licking my cock clean.

Upon regaining my wits, I apologized for not being able to last longer, and she responded by sitting up, and positioning her legs on either side of my head. It was clear she was ready for more attention, and I happily licked everywhere I could reach. I loved watching her body undulate as she grabbed her nipples. Her breathing quickened, her mouth let out increasingly high pitched grunts, and then she cam again. Her thighs clamped my head and then released over and over. I kept licking. This time, her orgasm seemed to go on for a long time, and only gradually did her body relax and her breathing returned to normal.

Ann thanked me with a slow wet kiss, and cuddled next to me as we drifted off to sl**p.

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2 years ago
It was very well all the massaging .... until her pussy has built up so much desire only to be released by your tongue!!!!
2 years ago
very well written, wonderful story
2 years ago
Totally believable...great story, well told...looking forward to more!