diffrent, part 3

1 year later......
Rosa sat on the dildo, thinking it was her best freind in times like this. she had sucked more dicks than she could count and it was almost like a cycle now: suck, get fucked, move on to the next guy, repeat. it had continued non stop for a year now. she couldnt remember her c***dren, her beautifull c***dren. she couldnt remember tyree. all she knew was sucking and fucking. her masters walked in the doors, carrying a collar. her collar. she was put into it and walked out of her fuck room. "todays a big day for you, rosa" said curis, the black man. "today is the day you get your tattoo" he said and rosas eyes lightened up. her own tattoo! now she could be pimped out like the dirty slut she was to as many men as possible. maybe even sold to a man with a bigger penis!
yes, freinds, rosa had lost her entire mental state. countless surgeries where preformed on her mind to remove all natural behaviors and replace them with the pure desire for the nastiest sex possible. she was a servant who loved being treated as such, a whore with a dick who craved sex and nothing else. she had survived all of this time eating nothing but cum and whatever else they told her to eat. she has no self control, no will power. she has basicly been made into a sex robot, there to please and more than happy to do so.
she has suffred many side effect of the over extensive cum eating, however. her skin had become very pale and her face more and more feminine. her eyes began to reshape, and her bones hardened at the extreme amounts of calcium.
she was injected with experimental serums that created a new DNA structure. she was basicly made into a tiny asian sissy whore.
scientists where astounded by the success. turning a tall latina women with k**s into a asian sissy whore? it opened the gateways for a flood of DNA experimentations.
rosa was then gven bat wings and small horns, both fully functional. her aging ceased, her thoughts, all completey controlled. her humanity was gone.

curis led his little slut to the tattooing table. an hour later she was ready. her arm read the words that described her best: "sex slave"
she was ready and willing for any type of encounter possible. little did her captors know that her humanity could be restored........
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