diffrent, part 2

rosa was hearing things now. she was in the cell her new owner had put her in, a dark, damp, dungeon, and could see almost nothing. tied to the wall, a 10 inch dildo stuffed into her anus, a 9 inch in her mouth, and a chastity device on her newly aquired penis, nipple clamp on her tits, and every once in a while, water dripping on her head, she wanted nothing more than to die. she felt younger, though. like she was in someone elses' skin. scary, yes, but invigorating, it was. she listened for the sounds of her new owner. what had the man said about a "procedure"? it didnt matter. suddenly, foot steps. 'great' she though, 'another one, come for a blow job'. she seemed to give a lot of those in this hell hole. how many days had she been here? 3 days? 4? was she dreaming? was this a terrible nightmare that wouldnt end? the footsteps became much louder. she began hearing voices. deep manly voices. then, feminine answers, but each with a bit of a husky growl. 3 men and 2 women walked in. she at least thought they where women. no, they werent women. beautifull, yes, but she saw the bulges. they where shemales. no, they werent that far along. the looked like sissy slaves. yes, thats it. very slutty, at that. the pink mini skirt, long dark hair, overly done make up, and lack of clothing on the upper body besides a small top, with collars around their necks, each had a tattoo of a word describing them on their right arm. on the left, the asian one, she had the word "cum slut", the right, the latina, "cock whore". she to would get a tattoo like this one day. she didnt know it, but she would. the men came over and held her by the head standing her up. he was a large black man, a bit like tyree, but had a bit of a belly on him. the other was a white man, about 5'9", no the biggest guy ever seen, but he looked like a smurf on steroids, muscle bound with a wild look in his eyes. without a word, they dragged rosa out of the room to whatever waits beyond..................

if you want to hear more, message me.
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2 years ago
i liked it
2 years ago
so what happened