the world around her blurred. she tried to speak but nothing came out. her eyes wattered from the gas that the room was slowly filling with, but for some reason, it felt good. peacefull, even. then, the world went black.

she awoke to the sound of beeps from a heart monitor. she looked around the white empty room to see nothing, except, what was this? a man? her world slowly came into view. her anus hurt. her legs felt tired. her head ached and her mouth was in pain. her legs felt strange, but only close to the crautch. she put her hand down to feel of them. her vagina, no, this isnt right. she didnt feel the all to familiar pussy lips that had pushed 3 c***dren into the world. she felt something else....... it was long, a good 8 or 9 inches and about 3 inches thick or so. it was soft and felt like a snake. a damn penis. she pulled on it, but that brought pain, and she could feel it. it was her penis!!!! under it was a pair of large testicles. she could feel them. her breasts felt bigger as she pulled her hands up to feel them. 36 DD. her hair was longer, she felt as she pulled at it and looked at a few blonde hairs with a blue one every now and again. her body felt slimmer, more feminine, sexier. it was to much. she blacked out.

she awoke and felt the restraints on her body. she was tied up, it seemed. it wasnt a dream. even then she could feel a cock growing between her legs and her larger breasts heaving on her chest. a large indian man, early 30's, looked like full bl**d native american, came in. he was wearing only a wife beater and a pair of jeans. he had long, thick hair going down his back and big brown eyes. his six pack abs heaved with each breath and his huge arms swayed slowly as he walked. he walked like the pimp that she was taken care of, a large man by the name of tyree. he wasnt her pimp, no, she was a working mother. she wasnt the type to do such things, no matter how wet her pussy used to get at the thought. no, he was just her husbands best friend, who had died years ago. he gave her whatever help she needed ever since. the man was huge, 6 feet 6 inches was her estimate, with a body like arnold swartzanager and a face like a model. she was extremely attracted to him, and it showed when her reminder of the situation started to grow. she then realized it was tied to the floor, as was she, as she felt a pang of pain spread from it to her newly gained male genitals. she became soft instantley. the man pulled a chair up and sat. he looked her over, occasionaly saying a few soft words like "im sorry" or "everything will be fine." finally satisfied, he stood and said " rosa, im sorry it came to this, but you where a perfect candidate for the procedure. i know you didnt want this, but everything will be fine. im so sorry, but your new owner is coming to pick you up"

to be continued.............
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Very interesting would like to read more of this story thanks Candi
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