his name was jason. he was just a workin class guy, not much in the way of looks, slightly longer hair than normal, somewhat athletic, and gifted with a 11 inch penis and good sized testicles.he would go out after work and survey the bars and theaters, goin to concerts or events and haveing fun. the guy was a social maveric and great with girls. well, he knew how to get girls. he wasnt so good at choosing them.
jason decided to go to the local bar after work one day and found it half deserted. it was around 7:15 on a saturday night. it didnt make since for the place to be mostly empty. there was a young woman in her 20's, asian, nice pair of tits, shoulder length hair, dressed pretty nicely, and just kind of looked like one of those girls guys would kill to have sex with, but there was something else he couldnt put his finger on. he continued to scan the bar and realized that there where only women in it. this seemed very strange: it was a sports bar and had a reputation for being dirty and run down. then again, most of the wemon where dressed like sluts, but still, it was stange. he shook it off and sat down on a bar stool opposit the young asian women. she drank her whiskey and looked at him. "hello. my names li." she said in a voice that could make love to a man from across the room. she was seriously sexy. " names jason." he said" nice to meet you. you know, your the only women who doesnt look like a total bimbo in this whole damn bar. this place dont much seem like your kinda place. whyd you come here?" "just checkin it out." she said. jason smiled. he liked her. she wasnt some stuck up bitch and she just had somethin about her that made him feel welcome. that and she was hotter than any other girl he had ever seen. they began to talk and drink and by 12 he told the bartender "check pl-l-l-l-le-e-a-a-se" in a d***ken slur that couldnt be mistaken for anything else. this guy was d***k. realy d***k. d***ker than an irishman on st. patricks day. real d***k.
well, they both somehow managed to stumble back to his apartment and bega to kiss. they both blacked out as soon as the door shut. the next day they both awoke having hangovers from hell. they took a few tylenol and puked a few times, and went back to sl**p. they awoke around 5 oclock at night. they where both confused and barely remembered the night befor, but decided to finish it. they began to kiss and kiss passionatley. then it became a french kiss, wich becam suckling of tits, which became more erotic until li pulled jasons pants down and began to suck like her life depended on it. after about 30 minutes jason backed up, not wanting to cum just yet. he had plans for this one. he pulled down her pants and was amazed, shocked, and suprisingly turned on to find 7 inches of man meat instead of a beautiful pussy like he expected. she asked if he was ok with it and he replied "strangely, yeah, i think i kinda like it" and began to try to suck it. well, he wasnt very good and found this out quickly, but decided to try something else. he bent her over and began to fuck her with his 11 inch monster dick. it almost didnt fit. he bagan to go slowly, in, out, in, out, and kept going, steadily increasing pace, then ramming his dick up her ass, hard as he could. he almost thought if he kept it up hed kill her, so he began to slow down, but she urged him to go harder and harder. an hour had passed and he was fucking through the pain in his side he always got when he went for a long time. he got through it and began going harder without even trying. he had gone into his favorit part of sex: auto pilot. he then proceeded to fuck her as hard as he possibly could ramming his dick in faster and faster. at the hour and 30 minute mark, he came and when he did, she could feel it in her stomach almost. he pulled out and kissed her passionatley, then he began to suck on her tits as they laid there exhausted. they slept for a few more hours and li looked at him and said "lets do this again sometime" he smiled back.
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