something more to her, part 2: the fun begins

as they entered carloses room, none of the 5, except carlos, of course, could believe how nice the room was next to the rest of the apartment. a queen sized bed with red lace blankets, a flat screen TV with at least 250 channels, hundred year old antiques, gold, and, the thing that stuck out the most: the bags of marijuana sitting in the corner. D'Andre bitch slapped him as soon as he saw them. "WHY YOU HOLDIN OUT ON ME, CARLOS?! i oughta beat yo ass right here, but i wont if you give me some of dat. deal?" D'Andre didnt wait for an answer and grabbed 2 pounds of the best lookin stuff he could find, found a bong, and went to work. he was so rapped up in the weed that he forgot about the 2 sexy young wemon standing a few feet away fondling each others penises and making love. pedro was the only other who took a few hits from the bong. after about 2 minutes, D'Andre was down for the count.oh well, it didnt matter. pedro was high, but was also still horny. he decided hed see what he could do to get in on jasmine and marrisas action. the hot, slutty sex that theyd been having while D'Andre was getting high.

as they had entered the room, marrisa and jasmine immediatly began to play with eachothers penises. jasmine pushed her on the bed so hard the springs almost broke and immediatly jumped on her, kissing and fondiling her huge penis. she licked the shaft up and down and sucked so hard it made her dick turn white. then the roles where reversed and it became a 69 that lasted almost 30 minutes, until they decided to explore eachothers asses. as this happened, carlos and pedro decided that they wanted to do the exploring. both men went to a girl, pedro to marissa, jasmine got carlos, and immediatly, with a bit of lube and a short suck from both wemon, they began fucking there girl in the ass. carlos was a large guy, about 10 inches long and about 1/12 inches thick, and jasmine felt like she was being ripped open, but the feeling soon became pleasureable
marrisa was busy herself, with pedros 9 1/2 inch long dick prying open her anus. he began gently, but once it was fully in, he was like a man possesed, pounding her ass like a jack rabbit on crack. marrisa couldnt speak or say a word. she felt amazing and horrible at the same time. she just moaned and soon came, and then again, and then again, and 2 moe times after that. it was a nonstop love making fest. jasmine had a little bit of a diffrent experience, but every bit was just as good. carlos was gentle and caring, making sure it felt good for the both of them. he kissed her passionatley and she savoured each thrust of his penis in and out. they both came at the same time, 30 minutes into the love making, and everyone collapsed on eachother, there lover still inside them. when they awoke the next day, they found D'Andre fast asl**p and smelling like a he just got off the set of a cheech and chong flick. jasmine looked at carlos and said" that was to good to charge for" " i know" he said, and they kissed and made love one more time befor she left with a smile a mile wide on her face and an ass full of cum.
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3 years ago
nice lil story thanks
3 years ago
Have to meet this Jasmin thats some cock she has would love to suck it for a while and let her fuck my tight ass hole thanks