The Gift of......

Randy and I had been together for quite some time. Seven years to be exact. And while I loved this man with all I had within me, and I knew he felt the same. Our sex life had become quite predictable. I knew our “sex sessions” would begin with him sucking on my breasts before him diving his head in between my legs, licking up all of the sticky wetness from my pussy. I’d then return the favor by stroking his cock with my hands as I gently suck on his balls. I’d then take his dick in my mouth sucking and slurping until he comes close to releasing his love juices. We’d then make love until he explodes in orgasm. This sounds great, right? It’s enjoyable but I thought of something a little different kind of turns me on……

I’ve never been with another woman and I’m not sure if that is something that I’ve wanted to try, but the idea of watching him please another woman is a strange turn on for me. With our seventh anniversary coming up, I decided that I would make that happen.

There are a few things that I’m looking for in that special woman because I know my man’s type. He prefers a woman built like myself, big breasted and nice round ass. He also has a preference for dark women. More importantly, he loves the fact that I get so hot and so wet, this other woman would have to be similar in that aspect. We’ve never needed to use lube and we don’t want to start. And I knew the perfect person for it! I’d recently met a new friend at work that I clicked with. Her name was Adrianna. I’ve never really been into chicks but this girl was a gorgeous black bbw. She was about 5’4”, about 200 pounds with all of those pounds in the right places, with long black hair. She had large 44DDD breasts which I knew would be a hit with my husband. She’d been subtly flirting with me since we’d met. She was openly bisexual and pretty much down for whatever. After telling her my plan to spice up my anniversary, she was completely willing to participate. Besides, if nothing else she’d get her pussy eaten and get fucked really good.

On the day of our 7th anniversary, I let Randy know that I had something special planned for him. I instructed him to come straight home from work. When he got there, I was wearing a favorite black dress that he loves to see me in, with a pair of 4 inch black heels. I had my medium length black hair down for the occasion. I greeted him with a kiss and blind folded him and walked him over to my car. He had no idea what was about to happen, but I knew every detail.
He was quiet for the ten minute ride. When we reached the motel, I opened the door for Randy. I walked him into our room and laid him on the bed and immediately undressed him. “Baby, can I take the blindfold off now?”, he asked. “Not yet”, I replied. “Just lay back and relax.” I tiptoed over to the door and quietly let Adrianna in. She was ready with a raincoat with nothing under it.
I whispered in her ear to sit on Randy’s face. She climbed on top of the bed and positioned her dark, shaved pussy over his mouth. As she rode his face, he gripped her thighs tightly. The site of her wet clit going up and down his tongue, made me nice and warm in between my legs. As I got undressed, I rubbed my now erect nipples and placed one in my mouth. Her pussy was so wet and juicy by now. I know that Randy couldn’t tell there was someone other than me riding his face.

I climbed in the bed and in between Randy’s legs. I took his rock hard cock into my mouth. This startled him and he snatched off his blind fold. “Karen, what the fuck is going on here!!” Randy said to me. I told him this is my friend Adrianna and this is your anniversary gift” He went from being startled to having a big ass Kool Aid smile on this face. I said “Please, keep sucking her pussy”. Once he saw that I was okay with it, Adrianna climbed back onto his face and he seemed to be eating her pussy more intensely. Sucking, licking, and slurping her juicy wet clit. I could hear her moaning in delight as I continue to take Randy’s dick in and out of my mouth. Randy began to rub her nipples as he ate her pussy making her moan even more. I continued to look at Adrianna riding Randy’s face like a pro. I couldn’t help but rub my now soaked pussy. Adrianna got up to give Randy some air. And Randy truly looked like a glazed donut. I decided it was time for us to switch positions. I climbed on Randy’s face with my ass facing him. Oh, how I loved the way this man ate my pussy. I’m sure Adrianna was enjoying it to. Adrianna climbed on top of Randy’s dick and began to ride him gripping his dick with her tight, juicy pussy. I have to admit, this chick has some skills. All three of us moaned in pleasure. As I was riding Randy’s hot wet tongue with my juicy clit, my love juices were all over his face. Adrianna placed one of my hard nipples in her mouth and began to run her tongue around it in a circular motion before sucking my breast harder. It took everything I had in me not to cum on myself.

I got off of Randy’s face because I wanted to watch Randy and Adrianna. As she rode him, she moved her breasts closer to his face, dropping her heavy DDD breasts into his mouth. I knew all too well the pleasure that she was enduring now. As I sat in the chair next to the bed and watched, I pulled out a double ended dildo and worked it in and out of my hot wet pussy. Randy and Adrianna motioned me to come into the bed. Adrianna and I laid on opposite sides of each other so that we could use the double ended dildo together. As both of our wet pussies gushed against each end of the dildo, a very excited Randy began stroking his love stick. It was not long before I saw that cream oozing outside of his hands. But Randy being the champ that he is, and not wanting to leave us without cumming, he licked and sucked each of our clits, going back and forth, one at a time, as we continued to grind on the dildo. Adrianna and I eventually could no longer take it. Adrianna is not a squirter but I am. As I orgasmed very hard, my juices were all over Adrianna and Randy. All Randy could say was, “This was the best anniversary ever. Wonder what we’ll do for the 8th anniversary.

As I opened my eyes to my bedroom at home, noticing my alarm clock read 6AM, I saw that Randy was already awake. “Good morning, baby. Happy Anniversary! Are we still going out tonight?”, Randy said. “Sure we are” I replied. “Baby, I can’t believe it’s already been 7 years”, Randy said. “Me either”, I responded. What would we do without the gift of imagination. Maybe one day I’ll get brave enough to actually do it 

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6 months ago
Nice story Mizz Nikki. You know they say dreams do cum true !
1 year ago
Hot story
1 year ago
Baby, you sure can tell a story! I hope this actually happens for you!
2 years ago
i want her to be my wife
3 years ago
OMG this is greattttttttttt
3 years ago
Nice one! Too bad it was just an imagination!