How Miwako Lost her Virginity at age 15. (100% tru

well this story wont be nice n sext and if your tryin to rub one out
forget it. Lol this wil just be an awkward story.. I was fifteen at
the time. My boyfriend of nine months was s*******n. Hmmm let
me tell about our first date first (lol sorry) Chris was my
boyfriends name. Chris came over to my house and me and him sat
in my houses' extra rooms. We played video games. Doing shy little
stuff. We was still fifteen and s*******n. Then when it was time
for him to go we hugged... Then kissed. We kissed for like five
minutes i swear. Before this kiss i was a nice little virgin that has
never seen a penis in real life. So i was feeling adventurous and
curious. I broke the kiss and lifted my shirt. Even back then i had
chubby c cup tits. He sucked my nipples which didnt have an effet
on me. (now as you know well you prob dont but my nipplkes are
quite sensitive now :D) then i looked down at his crotch. He looked
down too. He started opening his pants and i dropped to my knees.
When he took it out i expected sparkles and butterflies and
fireworks.... After all... It was the first dick id ever seen. It must be
something special since everyone talks about dick all the time. but
when it came flopping out... it was justa dick. lol about five inches of
cut dick. i thought that it didnt look to special. but it was my dick
now. so i put my mouth on it. lol i doubt that my mouth was wet. or
it prob was. i dont remember. after about half a minute of this he
made me stand up and kissed me more. ha my first kiss my first
nipple suck and my first time sucking a cock. lol but anywho... the
virginity part. in the nine months before i lost my virgnity we ve
learnt of the wonders of oral sex and swollowing cum and getting
my dick sucking skills on point. lol imagine me the fifteen year old
cock sucker n cum swollower. o.o we tried anal@. never went all
the way in and it hurt like hell. but anyway we were planning on
having sex one particular thursday but chris canceled saying he was
sick. for some reason we went to pizza hut and other places. chris
had a bad cold so he wass coughin n sneezing the whole time. when
we got to my grandma house i basically begged him to have sex. i
couldnt wait anymore. i had to see what the big deal was. so we
went to the back room at grandmas house. we didnt have much
time cause we had curfews. so we got naked and i laid on my back
and it hit me... i was about to lose it. to someone who i thought i
loved. i started breathing really hard and got very nervous. oh so
very nervous...... and he got o top of me and tried to put it in. oh the
pain. the pain.... lol but when it felt the slightest bit good he had to
take it out. i started crying. it was such a beautiful moment. so we
got dressed n kissed and left. the next day we had sex. we went to
some church function and when we got to my house my parents
wasnt home. so we got the pastor to drop us both off at my house.
i layed him down and strattled over his dick and to my surprise it
went right in. i was so wet thinking about the sex we had that
whoe time at church. that feeling. omg. i ccannot describe how it
felt. i cannot even fathom now how it felt. but i rode him and he
came . prob about five minutes. even though that relation ship ened
horribly we had our good times i suppose. he was very mentally n
physically abusive. even at that young age. i blame(d) him alot for
things that i went though after i broke up with him. and the views i
have of men now. but im older. trying a new take on life and finding
out about men on my own ........
71% (17/7)
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1 year ago
I was reading over my ramblings and realized that you commented on this. lol!
2 years ago
nice story, thnx 4 sharing
2 years ago
well thats a sweet story up until the breakup part. i so hope my first time is like that
3 years ago
youve got a grown up sweet puss now,nice story.
3 years ago
he was a putz
3 years ago
thanks for shareing with us,,we all have been there..
3 years ago
What a nice slut story. It was such a beautiful moment when he turned you into the whore that you've become.
3 years ago
Very nice. Thanks for sharing it with us.