The last day

The Last Day

Amy chases down her young lover for one last time
Two months had passed since the last time I had seen the young man that made me feel like a goddess and the events that had occurred were buried in my psyche.

I was out in the afternoon with my parents shopping, I hadn't seen anything that had taken my fancy all day and was beginning to get bored. Me and my parents had stopped off in a cafe and were in the middle of coffee, my mum and dad were talking amongst themselves, I began to blur the sound of talking from my head and had taken to staring out of the shop window. Many people had begun to create traffic in the small gap between the cafe and the adjacent shop. People were starting to leave town so near to most shops closing.

Every face blurred from one to the next, then I spotted a face I hadn't seen for months, it was his. The young man. He was making his way through the crowd of people. My heart started racing, I hadn't seen him for two months I wanted to jump out of my seat and race to him and start a conversation... then I realised I've never even had a proper conversation with him, it had only ever been a few short words and sex... amazing sex at that.

He was getting away! I sat there thinking fast for a few seconds as to whether I should catch him or not.....

My parent voices came to view.

“Ermm, I'm going to go home now I'm getting quite tired..” I announced anxiously getting up while my parents looked at me bemused.

“Really? Oh well I'll see you later then hunny” my mum said as I started to dart off down the cafe.

I got outside, there was no sign of him. Scurrying along through the crowd to the end of the street there was still no sign of him. I wondered down the cobbled section of town towards an alley way, I stood at the top of the alley and saw someone walking in the light shadows, it had to be him.

I followed him out and stayed back a good halfway down each street he walked, he was none the wiser to me and I followed him for about 20 minutes out of town and into a quiet set of estate houses, hid around each corner he took as not to be spotted when he walked up the drive of one of the houses. I started to jog a little and then ran as he was approaching the door. My foot steps grew loud behind him and he turned around to face the noise.

“Amy?” he said in a surprised tone

“Yes” I said struggling to sound sexy from the short burst of energy

“Did you follow me here?”

“Yes I did...”

There was a silence as we looked into each other for a few moments.

“..Look, I haven't stopped thinking about what happened for months. Come here, again – tonight. My Mum is out and-”

“Okay” I said cutting him off mid flow. “I'll be here tonight”

“My Mum leaves at 10 tonight, but-”

“Okay” I said cutting him off again. “I'll be here at 11. Be ready”

And with that I was gone, I turned around and was out of sight in seconds and I never looked back.

At home, I waited the rest of the day for the night time to come. Knowing exactly what I was going to wear...

The clock read half past nine and I knew that if I was to be on time I would need to set off any minute. I ran my hand up into my hair giving it a slight lift and applied my red lipstick liberally. I placed the stick into my coat pocket and headed downstairs.

“I'll see you later, I don't know if I'll be back tonight so don't wait up” I shouted as I opened the door.

“Okay, see you later” I heard back as I shut the door. My heels clipped against the concrete and I was on my way.


As I approached his door my pussy started to moisten itself automatically, the excitement of what I was about to do coupled with the fact that I wasn't wearing anything under this coat was the most exhilarating thing I had ever done.

'Knock Knock, Knock!'


He opened the door knowingly, chills ran up my spine.

I followed him into the hallway, he turned around to face me close, he stood a few inches above me even with my heels on. He looked down at my coat confused, then his face untangled from its confusion.

“...Are you wearing anything under that coat?...”

“...Maybe...” I said in an innocent tone.

He gave me a look like he was about to rip the coat off and take me like he would never do again. But he didn't, I was confused.

“Look there's something I have to tell you...” he said looking worried

“What?” I asked

Before he could tell me another young man started walking down the stairs.

“Hey Mike, what time is...”

The guy stopped on the stairs when he layed his eyes on me.

“Oh” he exclaimed

The young man in front of me gave me a worried look, I instantly knew what was going on, however with the new information that was apparent to me I instantly found it okay.

“Oh I see, Mike has a friend with him here tonight...”

His look turned from scared to surprised.

“ Yeah... he said you were beautiful, but I think that was an understatement” said the guy on the stairs with short blonde hair.

I looked at Mike with a twinkle in my eye.

“ Okay then, lets go to the bedroom should we Mike?” I asked forwardly

“ ...Yes, Yeah okay... follow me.”

I followed the two of them up the stairs, I had no time to think about what was about to happen. The blonde haired guy walked into his room first, Mike let me go before him. When I entered the room my heart skipped when I saw another of his friends sitting in the corner of the room which was very large. All three of them stared at me as I stood in the middle of the room wearing nothing but a coat and high heels. I didn't know what to do.

“Wow” said the young guy in the corner

“I know, we lucked out here didn't we! Jesus!” said the one with blonde hair

I slowly began to get wet again as they're lust filled grins loomed over me.

I turned around as the two whispered to each other. Facing the wall... I slowly dropped the coat to the floor by my feet to reveal my naked bare ass. The room fell silent until the two from the corner let out a sexual groan. I stood there rubbing the front of my legs. After a few moments of stillness in the room Mike wandered over to me and rested his hands on the sides of my arms. He pulled my hair to one side and softly kissed my neck before taking his hand and burrowing it between my legs in the closed heat.

He slowly nestled his middle finger between the lips of my wet pussy, I groaned out loud. He added all of his fingers to the mix and started to roughen up the movement, I heard the unbuckling of belts behind me from the corner. Suddenly Mike slipped two finger into my cunt, with his one free hand he took off his t-shirt. I placed my hands flat on the wall in front of me and spread my legs to make for easier access, The thought that the two behind me were watching all of the action between me and Mike turned me on immensely.

Mike dropped to his knees and slipped his wet tongue into my now dripping pussy, it was amazing. There was rustling behind me for the next few moments of bliss I experienced. After a while he started sliding his tongue up and down my twat whilst every so often sticking it up into me.

All of a sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder, Mike stopped licking and moved away from my legs. I felt the head of a very hard penis rubbing itself against my wet lips, I turned my head to see that Mike was standing to my left and then I realized that this was one of the other guys, Just as quickly as I realised what was happening he thrust his cock into the folds of my cunt, just slightly peeking.


I let out a slight release and steadied myself with a firmer grip on the wall. His cock felt brilliant and my legs trembled as he gently slid himself into my juice, grabbing my wide hips for better support. He was halfway inside me when he reached around from hip to front with one hand. With his two fingers he soothingly caressed my sopping clit, I was surprised this young man knew where everything was, he was very efficient.

Soon I could feel his balls softly knocking against my lips, he was sliding in and out with such ease now.

As this was happening, Mike walked over to us both, he was naked by this time. He grabbed my hands off the wall while the other guy grabbed my hips and turned me to face the room, The blonde haired guy was sliding his hand up and down his shaft watching the events take place.

There was a leather armless seat to the side corner of the room. The young man whose cock was inside me backed up and sat down, as he did so I was f***ed to spread my legs over his and started to bounce myself gently as he stroked the sides of my stomach. The young man with the blonde hair walked over sheepishly, he stared for a second as I sat straddled, my pussy oozing.

He took his cock with one hand and edged closer to my face, his purple head was eye level, his natural lubricant seeped at the eye. Now at my mouth, I edged out my tongue and softly nudged the bulging head. Instantly I tasted the faint salt of his pre cum.

My breathy sigh signaled him to drop his hand down to his side and enjoy what was to come.

I edged my mouth over the tip of his hardened cock, melting in my mouth. It was so good. I released a lump of saliva I had developed at the top of my mouth, mixing it with his own juices. With a mouth edged with cock I looked over to Mike who was standing watching, masturbating.

The Blonde haired young man became slightly exited by the moment and began to f***e his cock down my throat, it slid down hitting the back wall. I gagged momentarily, he swiftly pulled out of my mouth, a thick bridge of saliva followed and dripped down onto my leg as my eyes filled with water. He began to face fuck me as I stared up at him, eyes glistening in the dim light.

I basked in it. I was being thrust up and down ferociously now, my pussy squelched with the f***e and I was slavering all over my mouth trying to maintain the two rhythms. Mike walked over and grabbed me by the hands lifting me up, pulling his friend out of me. I walked over to the other side of the room with him, he knelt me down on my hands and knees. Coming round to my front he knelt down in front of me. The young man who's cock had been in my mouth a few seconds earlier had taken position behind me and was rubbing his cock against my lips.

The two entered me at the same time, Mike's cock slid with ease to the back of my throat, I took him all in without compromise. The dick shifting in and out of my sopping wet twat made me orgasm slightly, I moaned onto Mike's dick. They both fucked me for ten minutes as the other Young man rubbed his cock wherever he could on my body. They both stopped, I stood up and let Mike lay down underneath me, the blonde haired guy brought me down to them both and guided my behind towards Mike's dick. Mike thrust his solid cock into my ass hole, I let out a huge moan and lay my back on his body while the guy with the blonde hair entered my pussy.

Mike grabbed my tight swaying tits and nipped my nipples. The other guy knelt down by my head, I opened my mouth, grabbed his cock and f***ed it into my mouth, licking it intently all over. Mike lodged himself inside me holding me dead still while the blonde haired guy fucked me as hard as he could for another five minutes.

He pulled out of my pussy and stood up holding his throbbing cock in his hands stroking it as he looked over my body. Mike gave a few hard thrusts at the back of my ass before he released himself, grabbed my ass and pushed me up onto my knees. The other two guys stood with their dripping cocks at my head, both taking turns to face fuck me. Mike fingered me from behind and caressed my body.

The blonde haired guy was inside my mouth when I felt his hips spasm, I looked up to see him with his head up towards the ceiling, he shot a load of hot cum into my mouth which was overwhelmingly thick, it dropped down onto my breasts and nipples. He let out a loud moan as I tried my best to swallow as it came. When he was done I was left with a mound to the side of my red lips. I took my hand and scooped the remaining drops off my body, I looked up at him, his face still alight with pleasure, smiled and placed my two finger into my mouth scrunching my nose up as a swallowed. He smiled and walked over to the bed where he sat and watched for the rest of the night.

The other guy held my hand and stood me up next to mike who was also now standing. Mike began to suck on my tits as the other guy knelt in between my legs and stuck his tongue up into my pussy and continued to lick, masturbating intently as he did.

Mike's tongue wriggled viscously over my erect nipples. I dropped my head letting my hair fall back and sighed as I orgasmed again. He brought his hands down my back and grabbed my ass fully in both of his hands.

I lay back down on the floor. Mike took over from the other guy, I wrapped my legs around his head while he licked me up and down. The other guy knelt by my side and masturbated watching me in deep pleasure.

I felt a liquid heat drop onto the crook of my belly, I looked to see the other guy bringing his cummed up cock towards my mouth, he firmly thrust it in. He shot a hot load into the front of my mouth and pulled out. I openend my mouth to let him see his own cum drip onto my lips and tongue, then I licked his cum off my hands.

Me and mike were left in the middle of the room. He slid his cock into me and began to slowly ride my dripping pussy. In and out, every gyration and slight move of his hips kept me at a perpetual high. I looked to see him sliding in and out of my juices. He picked up the pace and began to ram his whole body into me. We groaned in unison, each one loader than the last, until finally I came all over his pulsating cock as he came deep into my pussy.

We collapsed together in a sweaty heap and kissed passionately. I didn't want the moment to end.


I closed the bathroom door behind, locking it. I turned the shower on and swiftly stepped inside. The hot water washed over my body as I gently cleansed myself.

I stepped out of the shower, grabbed the towel, and dried my hair over. I turned to see my naked body in the mirror as I did. Taking the towel, I wrapped it around my upper body covering myself. However it only just passed my hips.

Opening the door I saw Mike standing there. We stared at each other for a moment.

“What are you going to do?” He asked.

“...I can't go home now, It's 1 in the morning and I have no clothes.”

He looked into my eyes.

“You'll stay here, tonight?”

“Yes I will”

I looked up at him as he hovered over me.

“...You can stay in my mother's room.”


I walked into his mothers room and over to the far side of the bed. Mike followed in soon after holding a pair of boxer shorts and a T-shirt.

“...I found the smallest shirt I had” He said

I giggled as he held it out.

“...Thank you”

He walked over to the other side of the bed and placed the clothes down. He turned around and began to walk out of the room.

“Wait” I said. “...Will you, Stay in here... With me tonight?”

Mike gave a loving smile and walked over to me, he took his hand and ran it up my neck, over my cheek and through my hair.

“Of course I will”

We lay there under the covers naked. Mike hugged me from behind and lifted his legs up to meet the back of mine, his erection grew and nestled itself, resting in between my legs, rubbing my pussy. He kissed my neck until we fell asl**p together.

I slowly awoke the next morning. Looking over to the alarm.


I turned as carefully as I could as not to wake him.

Freeing myself from under his arm I pulled back the covers. I pulled on Mike's boxer shorts and slipped his T-shirt on over my cold, tight body. I placed my heels on and grabbed my coat. Fastening the front, I looked over to the bed.

I walked over and placed a kiss on Mike's lips, saddened by the fact that I had nothing to leave him, just to let him know that I had been grateful for everything that had happened. Placing my hand in my coat pocket, my hands felt a small object, it was my lipstick. I took it out of my pocket and stood it on the side table next to him.

Taking a last look at Mike before I exited the room, I closed the door behind me. At the bottom of the stairs I stood with my hand on the handle of the front door. I paused for a moment. Taking my hand I ran it down the bottom of my coat.

I opened the door into the bright morning sunlight.

Then I was gone.
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