How my wife became a whore

One night my wife and myself were indoors with a good friend of ours, we were drinking and generally having a good time. After several drinks my Wife made up her mind she was going to take off her clothes, she sat next to our friend naked. She started stroking his cock, it grew and stood obediently to attention. She then started slowly licking, sucking and taking his cock in her mouth.

He started slowly caressing her breasts and encouraging her head to ride his shaft, he then started to play with her clit, she opened her legs wide so he could get great access to her clit. I was sat watching this from a chair opposite so I saw everything.

I encouraged them by asking her to allow him to play with her, I went upstairs and fetched a condom, I threw it on the table next to them. Our friend took it with one hand, put the wrapper in his mouth and put the condom on to his thick girth of a shaft. She laid on the sofa, legs in the air. He slowly entered her pussy, she whimpered with delight at first. Then after several minutes he started getting faster and deeper inside her clit. She started to ride him, fucking him harder, he pounded her clit, and stroked her breasts.

She pulled his head towards him and kissed him passionately I was still watching this, eventually I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures and video of the events, my cock began to grow, I was getting aroused at seeing my wife with our friend.

A little earlier in the evening I had ordered a pizza, in the events that had began to unfold in front of me I had forgotten. I opened the door to the pizza guy and I left the door open to the living room, the pizza guy at the door was observing my wife in all her glory being fucked, while I took hold of the delivery from him, I fumbled about looking for some cash all the time mindful the pizza guy was able to see the action too. I could see he wanted to see more, so, I invited him in for a while. He stood there in our living room stroking his cock, eventually he unzipped his trousers and shoved his cock into her mouth, she began sucking it and as she did so, he got deeper and faster in her mouth, she began to gag and spatter as his large cock f***ed its way into her mouth, my friend was still fucking her pussy.

My friend looked up and smiled at me as he carried on fucking her pussy, deep, hard and fast. I could see my wife’s face had a glow to it, she was obviously enjoying the attention. She began screaming “fuck me like a whore I am”

The pizza guy let out an almighty sigh of ecstasy as he filled her mouth and face with hot creamy cum, he zipped up his trousers, turned and left, as he left he said anytime you want extra toppings for your wife just call me!

My friend was still fucking my wife, I pulled down my trousers and started putting my cock in my wife’s mouth which was still full of cum, I started fucking her mouth, I made her eyes water and gag, our friend, pushed me to one side and said “allow me to show you what your whore needs”. He f***ed his cock deep into her mouth and he too covered her face with cum.

My wife looked at me, her face covered in cum. Smiled and said, fuck me please! I took hold of her legs, held them in the air while she was on her back, her face and mouth covered and filled with cum. She gushed from her pussy as I fucked her harder and faster. I then ejaculated deep inside her cunt. She screamed “fuck yeah baby” I turned to her and said “I am not your baby and you are a fucking whore” she gushed again and asked me “what am I?” I replied “you are my fucking whore” she said “yes I am yours and I want to be your whore”

I turned her over and fucked her doggy style, our mate was stood at her head with his cock in her mouth fucking her deep in her mouth as I fucked the whores ass and pussy.

Now, after that night we have not looked back and my wife regularly fucks at parties or one to one meets we have a web site and are well known swingers in Bristol our home town

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9 months ago
Met my wife at a bachelor party gang bang she was working. Need I day more.
1 year ago
just like any good wife should be
2 years ago
Shes not a whore till she gets paid.and don't forget to tip her.
2 years ago
very hot and it makes me horny.
3 years ago
a great story
3 years ago
Great story, you're a lucky guy, I'd love to attend one of your fun nights.
3 years ago
Enjoyed - would love to cum in Sam's mouth too!!
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
mmm yummm getting to be a slut and make some money xxx hot xxx
3 years ago
the sexy life,thanks nice story
3 years ago
Thanks, the thing is, it is based on real events, not on one night, but a mixture of nights all in one story.
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
very hot love it