Blackmail and finacial domination

Every once in a while as a Dominatrix you get a call from a silly stupid man who wants financial domination. Here is my story.

A Judge from the Netherlands calls me and asks for financial domination. This man who thinks he is very smart and powerful has just made mistake number 1. He calls me five or six times asking me to record him promising to pay. He does not know that I record all incoming calls from the start. He then gives me his personal unlisted number thinking he is safe and that I can’t track him down.
Mistake number 2 was calling a Mistress who lives in Washington DC the Nation’s Capital where there are spies on every corner. The CIA and FBI and everyone else. I happen to have a very exclusive list of clients who will gladly do any favor I want. So I now have the numbers for his 5 closest friends, his real name and address.

So I do a little test. We have his phone call I let him make his confessions and clear his soul of any wrong doing. Getting charges dropped for female friends who he is sl**ping with and sl**ping with minor c***dren for starters. He promises a million dollars to keep quiet and not reveal his dirty little secret. I know that no one is going to pay a million dollars for a phone call so I tell him that to test the waters his first phone call will be $500 and then every few weeks I will call him back and increase the amount. I make him pledge to me that he is now my slave and his wallet is now mine to spend. For this phone call he will pay $500 and gave him an hour to pay.

Well an hour goes buy and no gift card. But he has called several times promising to pay $1000. By know I know that he really isn’t a judge and that his story is all fake so he could get his jollies off. Once again I tell him my fee and he once again agrees to pay. But little does he know that once you contact me and use my time I will collect my fees. I go ahead and do his session via the phone and once again give him his hour to pay. When his time is up I call him back and leave my first demand.

DEMAND 1 – pay agreed to fee within the hour or your f****y and friends will get a copy of your session played back to them. My fee goes up with each phone call.

So now my real plan kicks in.

I make a few more calls to his home and leave messages on his voice mail. He calls me back and says that he is not paying. He has changed his phone number and to stop calling. I remind him of his promise for a million dollars. I ask him how he will explain to f****y and friends why his number had to be changed, after all he is a Doctor in real life and this has been his number for over 15 years. He asks what I want to leave him alone and I say I want a new card dropped off at my house in the morning. When he asks how he is to do that, I tell him I don’t know and it’s not my problem.

Again no follow through on his part, I did not expect the car but I do want my fee or for him to admit to his lies. Call me crazy but as a real blackmailer you need to push them and the thought that I might call his wife or mother should do the trick.

In the middle of the night I call him and read to him my list of his most called numbers. I tell him to get out a pen and paper and give him the following shopping 10K list of electronics from Best Buy which he will order over the phone and have delivered to my home or I will start calling. By now he is begging me to leave him alone and all I can do is laugh at him. I tell him how stupid he is and how much I enjoy making him rush home to remove his taped session from his voice mail before anyone in the f****y hears it. I leave him in tears with the list.

1) Samsung 51” plasma TV model #PN51D530A3 sku 2584325
2) Apple iPad 2 with 3G Verizon network model #mc763LL/A sku 2340502
3) Apple iMac computer model #mc813LLA sku 2658095
4) HP Touch Screen all in one computer model #520-1030 sku 3395031
5) Canon EOS Rebel model #Rebel T3 sku 1980124
6) Lens wide angle model #9518A002 sku 7170116
7) Lens model #1056B002 sku 8794977

Once we are done shopping by phone I have him log into his Skype account and make him jerk off while I watch him and video record it for my call next month. I tell him that if he can cum within 5 minutes while I watch and call him names and tell him how small his penis is that no grown woman would want it, that next month my services will be free month with no black mail call only a nice phone sex call. I even invite my girlfriends in to laugh at him and make fun of this very small limp appendage that he has just to make sure he does not cum because next month he is going to buy me a car.

A few days later I received a dozen red roses and a new Apple iMac computer with a very nice thank you note for such a well played scene.

86% (6/1)
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1 month ago
Wow Goddess, this is so erotic! I could never afford to pay so much though. Do you take poor slaves as well as rich?
10 months ago
I really wish this would happen to me
2 years ago
That story brought back memories. A San Francisco Mistress put me in my place. $3000 for 3 compromising photos.
I was really lucky she let me off.