Dressed to kill

By Mistress Rain @ www.raininpain.com

Mistress met me at the door and if looks could kill….

She was so hot dressed in a black spandex cat suit with a black and red corset a black Indiana Jones type hat and a long leather trench coat. Her feet were incased in a soft black sued over the knee boot with at least a 6” heel. Her eyes were lined in a heavy black liner making the beautiful hazel eyes just sparkle. Strapped to her thigh was a Taser and peeking out of the top of her boots it looked like a knife of some sort. My cock was hard instantly and Mistress had not even given a command.

As I walked into the house Mistress hooked a leash to my collar and lead me to the back garage. In the washing room I was told to dress in the outfit that was on the top of the machine. I found a skin tight black latex body suit. Which I struggled to get on as fast as I could, but it still took me 15 to 20 minutes. Once I was dressed Mistress covered my head with a black hood, bound my arms in front of me and led me into the garage. I was told to step into something and then lay down. Once this was accomplished I felt my feet being secured to the box and then these soft squishy things being tossed on top of me. As more and more were added it was getting harder and harder to move. With the hood on it was dark but all of a sudden it got even darker and then there was a loud pounding and I put my arms up to come in contact with a top of some kind within inches of my face. Next I felt like I was moving. Yes for sure I was moving there were sounds of traffic, horns and even a fire truck siren. The feeling of moving went on for some time. Sometimes it was bumpy, sometimes I felt like I was going up a hill. God only knows where I am. Try as hard I could I could not get the top to move. After what seemed like hours, I heard Mistresses voice.

Listen closely. You have an hour to figure out how to get out of your coffin. At the end of the hour if you have not gotten out there will be hell to pay…..

Panic set in and I screamed and screamed. I broke out in a sweat and it felt hard to breathe. Then it hit me. Mistress was testing me. She would not kill me and she only said that there would be hell to pay. That meant that there was a way out. Think man what would MacGyver do? Ok first get the hood off. That was the easy part. Next I tried to untie my wrist with my teeth. No luck! Man that rope was tight. All my moving around was causing the squishy things to move and change positions also. Then I felt something hard inside one of them.
When I got it in my hand I could feel what felt like scissors. A solution. I tried to break the rubber around the squishy things but could not do it with my hands. Maybe my teeth. It was hard work but I got a hole in it and this slimy wet smell goo spilled out all over my mouth. I gaged the smell was so bad, but at least I had the scissors. Next task get my hands free.

Getting my hand free took a long time and I am sure that I have some nicks from trying, but I am free! Now I starting feeling the space that I am confined in. It is wooden and feels like a coffin. It is Halloween after all and Mistress has a wicked sense of humor. A coffin. Maybe she put a false bottom in it. I run my hand all along the edges. I feel under me. I feel the top over my head. Nothing. NOTHING…NOTHING…What Now.

Then it hits me the top! And sure enough I feel an opening in the middle of the top. Not along the edges but in the middle. I find a lock and now I only need a key. Where would a key be? I have broken all the squishy things and found no key.

Your time is almost up! You have 5 minutes and then you will have hell to pay.
Panic! I am so close. Where could the key be?

Four minutes…
May be it is in the middle again like the door. Franticly I start to feel all the surfaces.

Three minutes…
I feel the top. I feel the sides.

Two minutes..
OH MY GOD…hurry up man. Then I feel it. It is under my butt.

One minute…
I pull it, but it is attached to the box. I pull and pull and just as it breaks free.


I hear them opening the box. I blink because of the light. I hear all kinds of noise. Laughing, clapping, shouting. Once my eyes adjust I can see that I am the center of attention at a large Halloween party with hundreds of people standing around. On a large screen TV I see that there was a hidden camera inside the box and there is instant replay going on. I am covered in a red gooey substance. My hands will probably be red for weeks.

Ok slave you did an excellent job. But you did not get free. Now your punishment is that everyone at the party gets to spank you. Make sure each one signs your latex with this white marker or there will more hell to pay when we get back to the dungeon.

100% (2/0)
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3 years ago
can you take me to a party,please.
3 years ago
Treaty story love it