CBT and Respect

As typical I was a few minutes late when I got to the dungeon for my appointment with Mistress R and I knew I would be punished for my inability to keep to my schedule. I grew up in a f****y with money and we had a maid, a cook, and a house keeper. I know everyone is thinking “poor boy” but a series of Boarding schools and parents who are never home is not easy for any c***d. As a result I grew up with a lack of concern for the value of other people’s time and I am a total slob. That was always someone else’s job to pick up my stuff. Now as a successful businessman these two habits have become a burden. And because I have always been an attention slut who is turned on by the thought of a domineering woman telling me what to do, I came up with the bright idea that a professional Dominatrix would work better than the shrinks that I have been seeing for the last 10 years.

Because of my position and money I needed to have someone who would be able to keep my identity a secret. A few years ago I found someone online that just did not work out. Because she needed the money to live on and she was afraid to lose my business she was not as controlling as I was looking for. I had to be the one who said what would happen at each session. She always did what was asked and was good at it but, it was not the total exchange of power that I was looking for.

But here we are today and after only 2 visits I can see a change. I am actually aware that I am late. Not only aware that I am late but even nervous about what will happen. I tried to be on time and I know that all the excuses in the world will not save me. The bottom line is I should have left sooner. When I get to the dungeon and knock on the door the sissy maid gives me “THE LOOK” and then looks at her watch and shakes her head. I am starting to panic that Mistress will not even see me. I am shown into the sitting room and the sissy maid leaves without saying a word. I sit down and wait. I keep looking at my watch as the minutes tick past. First 5 minutes then 20 and I start to get mad. I get up and start passing back and forth. “Who does she think she is to keep me waiting” is the phrase that is running in my head. When 30 minutes had gone by if I wasn’t so mad I would have left but now I can only think of giving her a piece of my mind.

I hear the doorbell ring. The sissy maid opens the door and welcomes the guest saying how nice it was to see him again and as always he was early. There was some small talk as the new guest was shown into the sitting room. The new guest was shown to a chair and asked if he would like anything by the sissy maid. He responded “No thanks Tom”. A few minutes later the sissy maid showed this new guest down to the dungeon. This was not fair I was here first! Who did she think she was! As I made my way to the dungeon I was stopped in the kitchen by the sissy maid. We exchanged words and before I knew what happened I was flat on my back and he was sitting on me. “Here’s how it’s going to go big boy” he said. “You have two choices, 1) you leave now and never come back or 2) you go sit down and wait until Mistress calls you.” Once again my anger wins and I choose to wait, just so I can give her a piece of my mind. When I get back to the sitting room I call my secretary and have her cancel the rest of my appointments for the afternoon and then to book me a 4 o’clock tee time at the club. I am going through my emails on my phone while I wait when I realize that I can hear the session down stairs. The first noise that caught my attention was the snap of a single tail whip as it cracked. There were several more cracks which made me jump with each one. I know I would have been screaming like a baby if that was me, but not a sound was heard. How could anyone take a whip like that! In the movies that much f***e always ripped the skin of the victim. Now I had this picture of a naked man strapped to the cross with bleeding cuts crisscrossing his back. Sweat was forming on my forehead. A few more cracks and I am thinking maybe I am in over my head. I don’t like pain. But with confidence I tell myself that “she wouldn’t dare hit me like that” A few more cracks of the whip had me so distracted that I did not hear the sissy maid enter the room. I jumped a foot when he tapped my back. “Mistress said to have you strip and then put these blindfolds on” He said as he held out a black latex hood that had no holes for the eyes. I started to protest, but the sissy did not let me get far before he reminded me of my two options. I dropped my head in agreement.

As I undressed the sissy took each item and hung it on a hanger in the hall closet. At least he knew how to treat expensive clothes and I would not have to deal with wrinkles, my brain was telling me. I tried to pull the hood on but the latex was very tight and the hood kept sliding off. I noticed that the sissy was watching me just shaking his head. After the fourth try I looked at him in anger and said “just don’t stain there Help Me” I snapped. Once again without knowing what was coming I found myself on my back with him sitting on me again. “Mistress is waiting….and you are wasting time… and if you want my help you will ask me nicely… or you can leave.”
“OK” I snapped back, “will you please help me get this thing on!” The sissy actually had the nerve to say “No, I said nicely” Then he went on to say to kneel in front of him, offer him the hood and ask nicely. Of course I refused. Who did he think he was! I would squash him like a bug…. What came next was totally a shock to the system. He grabbed me by the hair dragged me to the front door and pushed me naked to the street closing and locking the door. As I banged on the door yelling that I was naked and needed my clothes he had the nerve to say “If you do not quiet down I will call the police to arrest you” he said through the door. The threat of the police at least got my attention and I calmed down enough to see what my options were. I was naked outside a house on a busy street, next to a large church where lots of friends went. No money. No phone. I was really stuck unless I wanted to be on the 6 o’clock news……”and tonight’s lead story is…..found naked in the street…..is the CEO of….more to follow, tune in at 6pm.” I looked at the sissy through the door and tell him I am sorry that I will do anything just let me back in. He opens the door and points to the middle of the floor and tells me to kneel and offer the hood while asking for help. I go grab the hood, kneel down, hold the hood up as an offer and say “will you please help me”. The sissy then takes the hood and holds out a pair of leather arm mitts that he tells me to put on first. Once I am tightly laced into these and have no use of my hands he pulls the hood over my head. The mitts are then clipped together behind my back and a collar is buckled around my neck. I feel the cold metal of a chain hit my dick as I realize there is a leash attached to the collar. I am roughly pulled to my feet and led to the dungeon.

I hear the clicks of Mistress’s heels at the same time I smell her perfume. The sissy yanks the chain forcing me to my knees as Mistress says “thank you, Tom. For your reward you can stay and watch me teach this piece of shit a lesson.” Mistress now has the leash and while calling me shit tells me to follow her on my hands and knees as any good pet would do. I guess I did not say “yes, Mistress” fast enough when I felt the first lash of a cane on my bare ass. As Mistress led me around the room I felt the bite of the cane 10 more times. At last we stopped and I was told to stand up and put my mitt covered hands over my head where they were attached to a bar that was lifted higher and higher until I was not able to stand flat footed on the floor but had to dance on the balls of my feet.

When Mistress started to talk, I realized that she must be talking to the client who came in before and the sissy maid as I felt the light tap, tap, tap of the cane on my already sore ass as she said “what should I do to this piece of shit, that thinks I am to be kept waiting.” When I opened my mouth to give excuses a cock gag was stuck in and strapped tight. “When I want to hear from you I will ask you” Mistress said and then added 3 hard whacks with the cane. “I guess he thinks he is a King and that the world must bow down to him” she says. I start to shake my head no and again I feel the bite of the cane. I feel the bite with each word…”What (whack) did(whack) I(whack) tell(whack) you(whack) about(whack) wanting(whack) to(whack) hear(whack) from(whack) you(whack). The last coming very fast and very hard…I will ask you until then do not move. Now my ass was very sore and I was really rethinking the wisdom of giving this woman the right to treat me like this.

“Tom look at this, this little piece of shit has the nerve to get an erection! I guess I have not been hard enough on him.” It wasn’t until she said this that I realized I was excited. “This is a punishment not a reward” Mistress snapped. “Tom get me my rope” I then felt a noose slip onto my dick and be pushed down around my balls, pulled tight and then wrapped around and around the base and balls. There was so much pain and pleasure that I got even harder. “If you cum maggot, I will whip you within an inch of your worthless ass” Mistress snapped. Then I feel more rope tied to the head of my cock and it feels like my cock is now being pulled from my body. With every movement of my feet there is a sharp pain in my dick. I need to stand very still to feel any level of comfort which is hard to do now that I have been on the balls of my feet for a while. I jumped at the sound of the whip crack in my ear which caused immediate pain in my cock. While listening to the crack of the whip I also felt a whack of a flogger on my back. “Tom how late was this piece of shit” Mistress asked. I hear Tom say 10 minutes Mistress. Okay you and Z can have fun playing with this piece of shit while I watch for the next 10 minutes. You can hit him as hard as you like my only rule is no bl**d.”

“Oh thank you Mistress” they both say at the same time.

Those 10 minutes felt like an hour. They flogged my back, caned my ass, added
nipple clamps to my tits and left little zings from the whip all up and down my legs. Just when I thought I would pass out Mistress said that the 10 minutes were up. All the hitting stopped. “Now you can hang there for 10 minutes and think of what you would like to say to me when I let you down. “ Mistress said. I hear the three of them go up the stairs talking and laughing as they walked.

Sometime later I hear the click, click, click of Mistress’s heels on the floor
next to me. I feel the needle pricks of pain as my cock is released from the ropes. The pain is intense and I can’t help the tears that form in my eyes. Next my arms are lowered and I am flat footed on the floor. As Mistress removes the mitts again the pin pricks pain as the bl**d returns to my arms is more than I can take and I fall to me knees in tears. Mistress wraps a warm blanket around me and tells me to rest a few minutes before I try to move. As I lie on the floor the gag is removed from my mouth but I am told not to talk yet. Mistress then sits next to me as she pats my head telling me how upset she was that I was late. She tells me to think of all the people who this affects when I am late. “Are we beneath you?” she asks. I answer “no Mistress” “Then why are you always late” and more important “are you going to be late again?” she asks. Please do no answer me yet because I need you to think about your answer. I am not talking about your being late for just our appointments but your overall schedule at work also. And believe me I will know if you are running late for your appointments at work also. Your clothes are laid out over there and I will give you a few minutes to get yourself together and meet me upstairs in the sitting room where you may give me your answer.

To be continued….
What will his answer be….
Will Mistress R think it is the right answer…
Will he be allowed to leave….
Or was this only the start of his training……

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