I am not afraid!

I am not afraid!

Today my session with Mistress is a surprise. Mistress said that I must be brave. I must be obedient and understand that she is pushing my limits for my own good. Mistress believes that you should always face your fears head on. Win or lose as long as you do your best, then you can face life with a smile on your face. Time and time again I have seen her take on projects or do things that amaze me. There are only a few things that make me cringe and curl up like a baby; Spiders, snakes, needles, and clowns. Yeh I know the last one is crazy, but even at the ripe old age of 45, clowns send goose bumps down my spine and make me run the other way.

One time at a festival I watched as Mistress allowed her Dom to publicly demonstrate the use of a riding crop. After he showed everyone the right way to use the crop, which left visible welts, he then allowed anyone from the crowd to come up and try. Not once did Mistress say her safe word and I know when I saw her a few weeks later she still had black and blue marks left. Mistress also has a pet snake and a pet spider. One time I was f***ed to watch as one of her subs who was late for a session was staked out on the floor and the snake was allowed to crawl on him. He begged and begged as I watched the snake crawl over him and around him and then curl up between his legs with its head by his penis. I was shaking like a leaf and it wasn’t even close to me.
I wonder if today is my turn with the snake. I have been good and not late for my sessions and I always try to do as Mistress asks. I hope it’s not the snake! I know that whatever task it is, I am going to do my best to make her happy. Make her proud. I would walk through fire just to see her smile.

Once I get to Mistress’s dungeon she has me strip. I am blindfolded and tied down on her table of pain and pleasure as I call it. My legs are spread wide and my arms are straight over my head. I just know she is going to let her snake out. But wait I feel Mistress’s breast touch my legs. I am in heaven! Wait now her breath is on my penis. I hear her giggle as my cock has a mind of its own and immediately gets hard. Oh God this is my lucky day. Maybe she will lick my cock. If she were to lick my cock I think I would cum all over her. Her hands are touching my balls. Something cold is now being rubbed on my cock. Even then I don’t get soft, I feel her Breath again as she says this is going to hurt so don’t move.

I feel something like a bite on my cock. Oh it hurts, but Mistress is right there. I feel her breast and feel her breathing on me as she whispers in my ear only 34 more to go. My mind registers her words just as I feel the second bite. By the fourth one I am begging for more just because I want to keep her near me. She smells great. I am not sure what perfume she wears but I am going to send her some. Before I know it she is telling me here is the last one. NO please I want some more. Pleaseeeee I beg. Without even knowing what it was I was begging for. I know that I don’t want it to stop. But Mistress is firm, no more needles she says. NEEDLES! I think I might have passed out for a moment because the next thing I know is that Mistress is using her violet wand on me. Once again I am back in heaven.

For pictures visit my web site at www.raininpain.com
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3 years ago
Now that sounds internesting. Hope to read more