I don't really like to write but i wanted to share an experience i had some days ago with a friend of mine. She is a really shy girl, she always conceal her body under large clothes and she is virgin. We went out in the morning because we had some business to take care of and we went to my place for lunch. Since she had not been at home for some days she asked me if she could take a shower, and after her i had one too. She took her clothes in the bathroom and after the shower she came out already dressed but i was in my bathrobe. The weather was so hot because is summer and we are in Rome so we were laying on my bed waiting for the sun to lower a little and we started cuddling and talking. I didn't want to go further because i didn't want to seem like an asshole so i was just glad of the relaxing situation.
After a while we began to massage each others shoulders and randomly making soft tickling. For massaging her better i took off her t-shirt and i saw for the first time her body, her perfect body that she were concealing so shamefully, i said nothing but i thought that she was silly to be ashemed of her body, yes everyone who does that is silly but she hadn't any reason. The time passed and without noticing she was almost naked in my bed. The weather was hot so i got some ice cubes and i began to slowly slip them one at the time on her body, she liked that really much and was really relaxed, i don't know why i took off her panties but she curled up, i asked if she was ashamed and when she said yes i turned off all the lights in the room and closed the sutters behind the curtains. I asked if it was better now, she answered it was much better. We hugged and my hand started to go down, between her shutted leg that started to open. I must be onest it took me some seconds to find it in all the..."vegetation" but when i founf it it was really really wet, the scent intoxicated me and i slowly started to rub her clitoris. It was so sweet to hear her every single breath and gasp as i touched her as i was frightened to break her like she was made of glass. I tried to go inside her with my fingers but she is so tiny and my fingers are too stocky, it started to hurt her so i stopped there and continued on the clitoris. I immagined what would have happened if i tried to be her first: if my fingers are too big what about my "insert cute name". Probably she thought the same because she started to search for it and when she found it she started to examine with the tip of her fingers curiously checking the size and the shape of it. After some minutes we were still hugging but we where touching no more. I said that i din't knew how we got at that point and she replied that if i told anyone this story she would have killed me(XD) but she is pretty anonymous her no? and by the way i really wanted to share with somebody this splendid moment, who better that some random people on the internet? Hope you'll enjoy bye un bacio. (i'm sorry if i made any mistake but english is not my first language :D).
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great story, go on ...