The Meet

You pulled up outside my flat in your car and got out. I open the the door and walk down the steps to meet you. We both smile at one another.
I didn’t know what to do so I walked towards you and just waited to see what you’d do. I gave you a smile and pulled you towards me by the waistband on your jeans. You came straight for me and I kissed you hard taking in the reality of the fact you were actually here. Your hands slipped round me and you held me close to your body I could tell already that things were going to be intense between us but I kept my cool and broke lose of your grip taking your hand and leading you inside. We said our hellos etc and went upstairs; my heart was actually thumping my chest, as all I pictured was flashes of me on top of you. We walk into the bedroom and I lay down on the bed as you watch me. I don't have to say anything as you know exactly what I was thinking. You walked towards me and took my hand sitting me upwards on the edge of the bed, you put your hand on my face and kissed me. Just the feel of my tongue wrapping around yours made my pussy tingle. I pulled you closer to me so you were lying practically on top of me our mouths didn’t separate for a second. I slipped my hand up your t-shirt so I could feel your body properly and that was it, I was gone. I scratched down your back lightly making you shudder on top of me. I opened my legs slightly so you were in between me and pushed you on your side so you were lying next to me. Your hands crawled up my thigh and under my top; the touch of your hand on my skin was electrifying. You carried on riding your hand up and over my stomach slowly and over my bra and then back down to my hips. I couldn’t take much more I needed you. I sat up and pushed you down crawling on top of you. I lifted your t-shirt up and over your head. Your body was just lying beneath me and I didn’t know where to start. I glanced a cheeky smile at you and giggled as I leant down and kissed you, sliding down your neck, I stopped at your ear and whispered, “I hope you’re prepared for what I’m going to do to you”. That very second I felt your cock twitch underneath your boxers.
I slid down your body and sneakily you grabbed my top and pulled it up and over me. Finally we had skin on skin and it felt good. I kissed down your chest slowly, gently biting on your flesh. I carried on downwards. I could feel the moist from my pussy on my knickers. I got to your waistband and ran my finger in the inside. I stood up and unclipped my bra letting it fall to the floor. Your eyes were fixed on my small pert breasts and your cock was rock hard. I unclipped my skirt button and let it fall to floor revealing my curves you’ve been longing to get your hands on. You immediately sat up and grabbed my ass pulling me into you kissing my stomach and biting at my hips gently. You slid down my knickers and planted a kiss on my glistening pussy. You were driving me wild. I told you to wait and pushed you back gently. My hands quickly undid your trousers and pulled them down boxer’s n all. I nearly came there and then with just seeing your rbig hard cock but I wanted it in my mouth so bad. I dropped to my knees and you sat up right. I planted kisses on the inside of your thighs biting and sucking your skin till I got to your cock. I ran my tongue up your balls first and then up your cock slowly. My tongue was soaking wet and I could tell by the way your hands scratched my back that you were liking it to. I wrapped my tongue around the head of your cock and then slowly slid it right down my throat. I knew this anyway but you fitted perfectly. You grabbed my head, not hard, but you grabbed it and started fuckin my mouth. I loved the way you still had to be in control of the situation. I slipped one hand down between my legs and starting rubbing my clit. I don’t think you realised how nice my throat felt around your ock and you slowed right down after a few minutes. You picked me up so I was standing, my hand still between my legs, you layed back on the bed and I crawled over your body stopping at your hard cock so you could feel my wet pussy brush over you gently. But I didn’t stop there I carried on going till I was sitting over your face. I needed your tongue around my clit and inside my soaking wet pussy You licked at my pussy, biting and flicking your toungue at it as if you’d never experienced this situation before and I was so turned on I could feel myself getting close. You started biting at my clit and sucking at it between your teeth until you knew I was close to exploding.
I didn’t want to cum just yet though so I re-arranged myself the other way round. I wanted more f your cock but. Didn't want you to stop licking my pussy. 69ing was probably the thing that’d make me cum most so I didn’t hesitate. I kissed down your tummy and I got straight on your cock. You were still rock hard and this angle seemed so much better. You licked abit harder as I sucked your cock. I moaned and jolted slightly forcing your cock even further down my throat than expected. Your tongue flicked over my clitoris slowly then you were getting rougher. I started slamming my mouth over your cock I wanted to feel your cum spraying down my throat. And it wasn’t long before it was. You shifted forward taking my clit between your teeth and I came hard. Your face was soaking. The feeling of you cumin down my throat and me cumin so hard was too much to take yet I wanted more. We slowed down and I gently sucked you clean before crawling off you. I turned myself around and grinned at you. You looked as if you’d just been running a marathon; you’re face was shining with my sweet pussy juices. I kissed you hard on the lips. You pulled me close and we just lay there for a while catching our breathe…. but it wasn’t over…not yet! It was time for some slow and tender love makng.......

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3 years ago
Nicely done :)