The Next Day... written by me, enjoy


I am thinking what did I do.. omg how did I allow myself to fuck this perfect
stranger like I did.. hmmm but am now desiring more from this man.
Don't think I got his name.. I don't remember I am still in shocked at it all.
All I am doing now is getting ready for work and getting wet at thinking of it
again.. going over in my head being in the car..
What should I wear today? What if he comes back? I mean I whispered to come back
but will he??

At work I am involved in my work but every now an then I think of him and damn
my panties are getting soaked.. shit and can't change them yet...

I am about to get ready for my hour lunch when he pops in again..omg he is here
.. shit what do i do.. He comes over and and smiles and says hello.

I tell him I am going to lunch, he asks if he can join me?
I tell him yes, all awhile thinking omg what if he can tell that I have been
thinking of him...

We have lunch and still there is time before I get back..
we are in his car again.. back to the scene of the crime.
he noticed how nervous i was .. he leans in to kiss me to try to calm me down
but the kiss doesn't help just gets me hotter.

we kiss and then kiss some more... then he feels how wet my panties are and
questions about them.. told him that i was thinking of the other day and that is
what happen.

next thing i know .. omg .. he takes me and slides me down into the seat and
just licked my wet spot and then ripped my panties off..then he started to lick
my clit and go to town on my pussy.. he licked and sucked me to the point of

I couldn't go on after that , but had to.. had to go to work with no panties on
.. omg.. damn ..

but this time he told me his name was jim and that he wanted to see me after
I said ok. see you til then.

100% (10/0)
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10 months ago
Fucking hot
10 months ago
Sexy story. I want to shop at that store.
2 years ago
nice sexy story.
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
Well aren't you a naughty little girl?
By the looks of things I'd have to say someone is in need of a good spanking for acting out in such a mischievous way .
; )
3 years ago
Good start. Hope you will tell us more.