Comforting a friend

You came over today just truly needing a friend. You have been dealing with so much including losing someone special in your life. I said get comfortable an I got some wine out. We were talking and drinking wine and crying and laughing and just letting you get it all out of your system.
As you laid your head on my shoulder, I was caressing your hair and kissing your forehead. Next thing I know is that you were kissing me, and I didn't stop you.. Yes we were both attracted to each other and you knew I wanted you but also knew I was not going to pressure you. But you would not stop and your lips were so delicious.. Next thing I know we were all over each other.. Could not stop kissing.. I could kiss you all night long.
Next thing that happen was our hands were caressing each other.. I was feeling your breast and I could hear you breathing heavy telling me to continue.. You help me get closer to your breast by undoing the buttons on your shirt and taking your breast out of your bra. Damn your nipples are great.. I can't stop sucking them.. You moan and tell me not to stop.. To lick and suck more.. Nibble on them please Robin. I don't stop and as I'm doing this my other hand goes under your skirt and I can feel your wetness through your panties. I had to finger you and finger you deep.. I stopped on your breasts and tell you to lay down.. I start sucking your juices from your panties, hmmm damn you taste so good.. I pull your panties over to the side and continue on.. Kept licking and sucking. You thrusting upward telling me not to stop.. Hmmmm yes baby you are so good.. You wanna cum for me?? You nod and tell me yes please make me cum..
With that said, I went in deeper with my tongue and just continued on tasting all of you.. You moan saying you are cumming and wow... You came so hard in my mouth.. Loved tasting all of you. Hmmmm yes baby.. We kiss with your juices on my lips and then you fall in my lap and I cuddle with you til you fall asl**p ... You look so beautiful there..

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