The Cuckold

It's a Friday night and I'm late home after working away up north for the week. The traffic had been terrible and it was late and dark on this January evening.

I park up outside my fiancée's house and walk down her driveway to the front door. I'm so glad she managed to get the k**s looked after this weekend leaving us some privacy after being apart for 5 days.  Before I had left on Sunday evening she had fitted our new 'item' to me, a chrome chastity device that we'd talked about getting for ages.  Before she had put it on me for the first time she had made me wank into her hand demanding that I cum big for the last time and to drain my balls for her.  When I did she then told me to clean up her hand with my tongue, and the humiliation had made my cock go soft enabling her to fit the cock ring over my balls and to push my flaccid member into the chrome cage, quickly snapping the lock into place before I could become aroused again by her touch.

I take out the key she gave me and let myself in escaping the cold and entering her warm hallway.

Closing the door shut behind me I call to Missy that I'm home at last. Strangely the house is dark and there's no answer. Dumping my bags down I turn left into the kitchen and switch in the light. On the work top there's a note in her handwriting that simply says "Bored waiting so I went out...". Almost by magic my phone beeped with a new text. Reaching into my suit pocket I pulled out my phone and opened the new message, it was an mms. The picture was of Missy in a bar wearing a very short dark blue minidress, the one I say is too short, and very high blue heels. Her hair and makeup look impeccable and she has a large glass of wine in her hand. There is a wicked flirty glint in her eyes too. Clearly the picture had been taken by someone else.  The message said "Out having fun, get to bed and wait for me to come back...".

What with being locked up in chastity for 5 days I had been experiencing massive periods of desire for Missy and strangely this message immediately caused another one.  Where was she? Who was she out with? When will she be back? God she looks amazing! Will she release me when she does come back? What will my orgasm be like? So many thoughts rushing through my head.  As well as that i have thoughts of jealousy as she would bound to be drawing the attention of loads of blokes looking so hot, and concern for her safety out boozing with god knows who.

I decide the best thing to do is go up to bed and wait for her to come back. I'm shattered from the long journey so trudge up the stairs and go into our bedroom. As I open the door I am surprised to see that all her sex toys are strewn across the bed and floor and a porno is playing on the DVD! The film scene is depicting a woman being fucked by two guys, one in her pussy and one in her arse and she's clearly loving it going by the noise she is making.  What had Missy been up to while she was alone?! She must have felt so horny this evening.

Being so tired I strip off my work clothes, not even bothering to fold them up like I normally do, and slip under the covers. I must have fallen straight to sl**p as the next thing I remember is hearing people giggling and sssshhhing. As I slowly raise myself from my slumber and reach for my glasses, Missy comes into focus in the bedroom, but she's not alone...

She looks amazing, just like her picture, and there's a big guy stood behind her, in jeans and a white shirt. He's tanned and well built, standing well over six foot, with short dark hair. He must be about 25, probably one of the squaddies based around here. Before I can work out what to actually say and break the dumbstruck expression, Missy says "Stand up and move over there to the door!". To my astonishment I do as she says, still no word leaving my mouth.  As I do she rummages in her toy bag and pulls out the door restraints that we bought to try from Love Honey recently. "Stand there and put your arms up" she again orders.  Within seconds I'm trussed up naked with my back pressed against our bedroom door, my cock in chastity, and Missy wrapped around a strange young guy!

"Now I have taken control of our sex life Sub, you are going to let me satisfy myself in any way that I want, and tonight seeing as you've been away for so long and were then late, I decided to go and find myself some satisfaction.  Here he is.  You are not worthy of me you know that, that's part of the reason why I locked you pathetic little cock away in that cage last weekend.  Now you are going to stand the and watch me get pleasures by a real man, you weak little cuckold sub".

What can I say to that? She's right after all! I had neglected her working away, I was late tonight, and I do have a small cock.  I resigned myself to the facts and waited to witness whatever took place between my fiancée and this handsome stranger.  Bizarrely though I was feeling that new pain of my hardening cock pulling against the chastity device and burning my balls as the pressure mounted against the cock ring.

Missy, still in her short dress and heels, drops to her knees right in front of me and eagerly pulls the guys jeans open and releases his enormous cock. It must be about 9" because it looks just like the big dildo Missy has been making me suck and fuck recently when she's in Mistress mode.  She is holding it with both hands and it still pokes out above them allowing her to lick the head of his cock all over. In the light of the lamp I can see his precum glistening on her lips.  "Look at this, a PROPER cock! This is what I deserve" she says before sinking onto it, taking an eye-popping amount into her mouth in one swift movement down and up and making herself gag impulsively on his manhood.  Clearly he likes this and quickly puts his right hand up behind her head and whilst clenching her hair in his fist he pushes her all the way down and back up again over and over. I'm powerless as he uses Missy face to satisfy his urges. I can her her throat struggling to take his cock and the noise of her reflux as his full length sinks into her mouth. As he pulls out I can see all her spit stretching between her lips and his cock. She looks up at me with that same glint in the eye as her picture message earlier.

Rising from her knees after having her face fucked I feel her come close to me and she pushes herself against me. I feel the cold of the key to my device that hangs from a necklace against my shoulder.  "I think I deserve to feel that cock inside my pussy now" she whispers softly into my left ear. I let out a whimper of protest, but at the same time feel wetness on my bare foot as a string of precum finally reaches the floor connecting my cock with my foot momentarily.

Moving across the bedroom Missy bends over her bed, which causes her tiny blue dress to ride up onto her hips. Next I see her right hand come up between her legs as it pulls her tiny pink g-string to the side exposing her sex. It's all the guy needs as a cue and he takes two strides across the room, smiling at me as he moves, his cock still rigid after its oral stimulation. With one smooth movement he grabs Missy's hips and thrust himself unprotected into her waiting pussy. I hear her gasp with surprise as his whole cock disappears into her and start its relentless ramming. Slowly her gasps turn for shock to pleasurable moans as the young soldier builds a steady but hard rhythm of fucking. Somehow I'm captivated by the sight of my fiancée getting so much pleasure from sex with a stranger, and the sounds of her desire and satisfaction are intoxicating. His rhythm is building and with it too is the f***e, as he fucks Missy harder and harder in front of me while I'm strapped to the bedroom door with my cock under lock and key.

"Cum inside me, I want to feel your cock cum!" she now screams in delight, her voice altering with every stroke as he drives his cock home with one intention. All of a sudden he starts to groan and declares that he is going to cum, gripping tightly onto Missy's hips.  Her tone also goes up an octave and I hear the familiar sound of her breathing as a huge orgasm grips her while she takes the cum of a stranger into her pussy.

Slowly they stop moving and both collapse for a while onto the bed. I don't really know what to do with myself. I have immense pain from my cock straining to free itself for the chastity device. I've just watched my Missy fuck another man. I battle with my emotions...jealousy mixed with love and arousal.  My precum is now a steady stream from my cock and I'm desperate to have my own orgasm after so long.

Missy rises for her post coital trance and tells the gut that he can dress and leave. She kisses him in front of me almost as a final blow.  As he slips past me out of the room and I hear the front door click shut she sets me free from my restraints and tells me to lay on the floor.

I keenly comply, looking forward to the release of my imprisoned cock and that long awaited orgasm. Missy positions herself the wrong way round though? Her head is down near my cock and her leg is straddling over my head. "Now cuck you are going to clean my pussy while I lick your did nothing to stop me from fucking that guy you pathetic excuse for a man. You don't deserve to cum so I'm not going to release you from this cage for another week. Now clean!" Almost immediately she drops her body down across my face, engulfing my mouth and nose with her wet pussy. I feel an electric sensation as she touches my balls with something, her hands, her lips, her tongue, I don't know. It makes me deeply inhale in shock, and I smell that familiar aroma of cum, but this time for the first time it's not my own. Doing as I'm told I push my tongue deep into her warm hole and take the semen into my mouth, swallowing and licking continuously until I can taste the foreign flavour any more. All the time I'm f***ed to jump and shudder as my balls and the end of my chastised cock a touched and teased to the point of orgasm only to be left wanting, and struggling to breathe sufficient air as her hips grind against my face.

"I'm done now" she says and stands up. It's time for bed, I love you, come cuddle me to sl**p."

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2 years ago
i would laugh as i fucked her and told him dont wory you can lick her clean
2 years ago
Good story!
3 years ago
Awesome story
3 years ago
Missy here.. He did.. Read pt 2.
3 years ago
pity the squaddie didn't fuck you too, ya wimp.
3 years ago