Chapter 2 continued

Leaving her house for the store it is just another Hot an muggy day , the normal Noon traffic has her waiting in the stop an go traffic that can even piss off the nicest of sunday preachers . evey so often a car with guy's pull along side and she has to deal with them gawking at her . some can tell an some can't . either way it is stll one hella thing to have to deal with . she would feel better about this crap if she could just get into the ac of the local mall . trying to catch the tail end of the green light so she can go the light changes to yellow as she proceeds , she rounds the corner of the intersection to be greeted by a set of blue lights pulling in behind her . Aww shit , this can't be good , I'm gonna get this ticket no matter what . these guys are never nice to me . she pulls over an waits for the usual treatment . A big 6ft cop in highly pressed blues approches her car from behind . she can tell by the shades an crip uniform he is going to be a hard ass . he calls her licens plate in as he walks up an bends to to say , Licens an registration please miss . as she hands him her license he can see that she is clearly a he and gives her a double take . a grin appears on his lips , the kind that tells her he's about to be a dick about things . he walks back to his car an she waits for the worst . Coming back after a few minuets he leans down to say , the reaseon I stopped you was because you ran a hot yellow that turned red as you were in the intersection , I just want to warn you to be more carful of this iin the future . heres your licens . She replies with a deep sigh of relief " oh thank you so much , I just knew i was gonna get a ticket , he respons with a quick , well I could give you one with my address where you would appear to stand my judgment . a dirty smerk appears on his lips an she blushes . why officer , if I did not know better id say your hitting on me , you are aware of the kinda girl i am . he responds why yes I do and to be quite honest it's why your getting off , I just happen to love girls like you and would love your company some time . after a few minuets he pulls one of his cards from his shirt pocket and hands it to her he says if you ever need any thing , a friend or some one to talk to give me a call . beside I lead a rather boring an lonly life being on call all the time . she motions for him to lean in closer an gives him a kiss on the cheek . as he stands back up she says ya might want to wipe off my lipstick so the guys dont think you spent the day fooling around . he smiles an walks back to his cruiser . as she pulls off she smiles an thiinks , wow that was different . maybe this day will be better after all . after another ten minuets in her car , the broken down no ac peice of crap that it is she finally reaches her destination . the Mall . people are scurring about from sale to sale . to oblivious to pay her any mind with the exception of a stare her or there of cunfussed look of is that a guy in wemens clothing most folks can't tell . even most of the clerks at the stors can't tell . Missy thinks to her self . I really have this down while checking out a dress pressed to her slim frame in front of a mirror in her favorite clothing store . she buys some make up and other femmine needs , a bra , some pink nighties an a pair of her prized coveted staletto heels . patten leather thigh high , she has been saving for these boots for months to go with a domminatrics out fit she has been wanting to wear to her favorit emo club . now that day is here . she can hardly wait to get home an try out the out fit for tonight . as she leaves the store a group of soildgers falls in behind her . they proceed with a host of crude remarks an gestures that their momma would wash their mouths out with soap for saying . they suggest at first that she should come back with them to their room then more profound statments . ultimatly she stops an turns to say . all you fag soildgers have every thing you need right in your pethetic group , a host of veiana sauseges an special sauce . go fuck your selves . a mall cop see's what is going on an walks over to break up the sceen anshe goes on her way to her car . the army guys are pissed by what she has done and are not just gonna let this slid . they follow from a distance as she goes to her car . she knows they are there and quickly gets to her car an goes about her way home . relieved that she does not have to deal with them any more she goes home back to the safty of here one bedroom apartment . as she gets out of her car she is greeted by the typical comments from the neighborhood thugs who wish they could have just a few minuets of her time alone though they are too scared to show it , the fact is they think she is hot but they are just horrny little 16 yr old school boys an though they look much older and are quite big for you average black k**s they are u******e even though any one of them could saticfie her needs . she responds with the ussual yea yea little boy's , in your dreams . the leader of them speaks . Hey Missy how about I give ya some genuine alabamma black snake tonight . she replies , you mean more like baby garder snake , come back an see me when your grown little boy . his friends begin to laugh an give him hell as she goes in to her apartment . once inside she quickly gathers the whole outfit she has planed to wear for the night , a seductive sparkle black lacy top with patten gloss leather highlight , black bra , gloss patten leather sleeve gloves , a gloss patten leather skimpy skirt divider thong with sexy guarder belt an sepender stokings and to complet her prize patten leather boots . as an added accessory a black with stanless steel tip ridding crop . yep she is gonna look hott hott hott tonight she thinks to her self , by now it's getting late in the day an she knows she has much to do to get ready . she runs a bubble bath an preps to get in . thinking about the night to come has turned her on an she touches her self , instantly her cock grows to full length and pushes against her undies to free its self the head now protruding through the rim of her undies only enhances the feeling of this sexual arousel . she takes out one of her favorit dildos and inserts it into her waiting ass . it's just a little too dry so she adds a little lub to it an it slide right in . bent over her toilet she works it hard an fast and is about to reach orgasum when she looks down a see's the ten inch long turd she left in it just fifteen minuets earlyer . aw shit she thinks . that just killed the moment . damit . i got so caught up in the moment I forgot to flush . oh well , I'll finnish after my bath . she flushes the toilet , drops her dildo in the sink an gets into the tub an lays back . ahhhhh this frrls so good she moans . she drifts off to a slight state of sl**p an relaxation .
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