Chapter Two

She awakens to a new day with the same bull shit on tv , a stupid cartoon designed to dumb down american k**s . damn it she thinks . I was just having the most vivid dream . it was nice too . a fantasy come true . on the site of a porn shoot . A **** fantasy she has always wanted to put down on film . she recalls . walking up the stairs to he hotel room past a group of constuction workers , As she passes them they awkwardly tuch them selves an make crude jestures an comments to her . A dirty smile crosses her lips an she thinks , They only wish I would give them the time of day . She feels a firm caloused hand grab an almost exsposed ass cheek an she turns to say to the common worker , a burly fat man who is covered from head to toe in dirt smeers an sweat stains . he smiles a almost toothless grin . He is quite possibly the most offensive man she has ever seen . If you toch me again I will fuck you up , Don't think that I'm totaly defencless just because I'm a tranny . The crew goes quite . Provably because they did not know that she is a tranny . every one looks at the fat man who stands there puzzled an confused . the look on his face is priceless . almost the look of a dazed possum in the middle of the road . Suddenly the crew bust out laughing vilently at the fat man an the jokes erupt . He can't believe he's just grabbed a hand full of man ass . She insertts the key to her room an goes in . the room is the usual trashy hotel room . a shaby bed , plain table Small tv that only get's the chezzy porn that this kind of hotel plays . dirty floor an a shower that could really use a good cleaning . in general , A real lovers parradice . Not . she can hear the crew next door thru the paper thin walls still giving the fat man hell . he shouts back at them it's not funny . I could not tell , hell she had all of you guys fooled he exclaims . things quiet down an she gets a shower . about two hours of quiet an then a soft knock at the door . she opens it to find one of the men from the crew standing there with a couple of glasses an cheep vodka an orange juice . he wants to apologize for the way the guys on his crew acted earlyer and ask if she will join him for a drink . looking out the door she see's a couple of chairs on the walk way so she say's yea an walks out . the guy is not the most masculine guy . slim build an provably the only guy with any real mannors . he poors a drink for the two of them and starts to make small talk . he is very clumbsy and she can tell he is in no way use to holding a conversation with a girl much less a girl like her . It's a nice evening he says to her , gonna be a lot of stars out tonight . maybe you would sit out here with me an check them out , I do stuff an things like that . she smiles an thinks how sweet he is . he's trying so hard an can tell he's curious by the way he keeps looking at her breast . provably woundering if they are implants . she looks him in the eye's an say . I took hormones to make my tits . they are real . he gags on the vodka an coughs . is it that noticable that I have never had an encounter with a girl I mean woman like you . she smile an say Yes dear , it's ok . would you like to touch them . he responds with the excitment of a high school k** , Boy would I . he reaches out and awkwardly fondles one then the other , boy they feel so real . I have never handled a pair before . did you get every thing changed , did it hurt , and a host of other questions start to fly . she laughs an say easy , easy .. one question at a time . now the door to his room opens and a few other guy's walk out . they look puzzled that the small guy from the crew is sitting there touching her breast . they ask her name . I'm Missy Lou , one guy remarks is Lou your real name in a joke kinda way . She replies , Is Richard your real name cause thats a real Dick kinda thing to say . his friend laughs , you asked for that he nudges his friend . The smaller guy who is now really engrossed in tuouching her tits say oh , how rude of me . my name is mike . this is tim an paul . the fat guy is jake an the two black guys in side are slim an dawg . I don't think anyone knows their real names . Paul ask mike , are you gonna sit there all night touching her tits . Like a k** he pills his hand away quickly as if caught in the cookie jar an his face gets red . the guys laugh a little , you have to excuse him . he's still some what a virgin . we brought him a blow job once but he blew just as quick as he got started . Mike now has a look of complet embarrasment on his face . aw guys common . Missy smiles an says to him relaxe it's all in good fun , I can tell these guys care about you , their just teasing , you will get your in good time . paul walks around to her side an ask if he can feel one of her tits . he reaches down an grabs a handfull . Holly crap Tim , you should feel this , they are real . Tim now touches them and whole heartedly agrees . while she is distracted by all of this mike pours another drink . this time he puts a mikey in her's and hands it to her an then toast to new friends an what the night might bring . after a few minuets Missy can feel her inhabitions dropping as paul an Tim are now fondleing her all over her body . asking what other kind of suprizes are under her short skirt . Mike reaches down there to exspose her now harding cock . Yep he say's , she has a dick , an quite a big one . she's also clean shaven . he drops to a knee an places her cock in his mouth as she lets out a very soft moan . she want's to say no an stop but the feeling of the mickey an alcohal has turned her in to a slave at the moment . the guys stand her up and bend her over the table lifting a leg up so they can suck her ass an cock while one guy sticks his throbing cock in her mouth . he replies to the other guys eating her out . wait till you put your cocks in this mouth . she's sucking me to the back depth of her throat . damn I have to pull out so I don't cum just yet . after a few minuets of this they switch up . now mike is pushing his hard cock down her throat an causing her to gag . spit an saliva are running down her chin causing her to start getting sloppy all over her tits . the three men start disrobing her right there , the night air now making her nipples stick out and throb . they now look like small cherry's an the men take full advantaged sucking on them . so far all Missy can do is submitt to this assult of mouths an cock . the touching an rough handleing are really begining to turn her on but still in the back of her mind she wants despratly to say No , Stop . by this point the rest of the crew has wondered out to find a full gang bang taking place Missy is completly nude an being sucked on all over her body both tits engaged in a mouth , her cock being worked by a mouth . a tounge in her ass a cock in her mouth . suddenly they stop . she can feel one guy pick her up , craddled in his massive arms this black man is carrying her into their room . she says no , please stop . please don't do this to me . the men laugh an some one says relax , this is going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it except enjoy . On the bed she is placed in the position of ass up an face down . now a man lays in front of her , he positions him self and lifts her head to place his cock in her mouth and begins to throat fuck her another man lays positioned under her an begins to suck her cock . it's throbing with anticipation of the comming eruption . another guy is licking an spitting on he ass . he tells the other guys , look at this , I have not even poked it yet an yet is is gapping . her open hole is gleamming with the anticipation of recieveing a big cock . Dawg now begins to place his 9" black cock at the opening and as he begins to push it in he hears her say oh god your thick . then two cocks go right in to her mouth . he pushes forwards an continues to the full length balls deep . she moans with the pain this massive cock causes he pulls out an looks at the even bigger gap he has caused . He an one other guy spit on an in it and he repeats this several times then he begins to pump her ass till he lets out a grunt . she can feel his huge load building up inside her ass . he pulls out and the next of the six men now begins to work his cock in her ass . massaging the first load in he adds to it . churning up a gooy mess just out side of her hole an she thinks to her self I can't stop them . now a load of cum is filling her mouth and he wont pull out , instead he uses a hand to shut off her nose an f***es her to swallow . he moves out from under her and the next guy takes his place to begin the process all over . covered in ass juice an cum she knows this cock has already unloaded once in her ass and she is going to be sucking it for a while , she acceps this an begins the procces of getting him hard again . by now she has recieved one load in her mouth an three deep in her ass . they are rotating on a regular and do not seem to want to let up ny time soon , she thinks to her self this is going to be a long night . the men continue to bust nut after nut in her ass an mouth , she lost count at 12 and still no sign of letting up . some have covered her face an hair with jizz an spit , then they stop . they pull out a glass with out saying what they are doing . they tell her to push the cum out of her ass . and she pushes hard as if to shit . a steady stream of cum dribbles out . almost enough to fill the glass . suddenly she feels a hand full of hair get grabed up and is pulled up right . the fat man f***ess open her mouth and pours it down her throat . an makes her swallow . then the men begin the process all over . this gang **** goes on till late into the next morning . at some point she does not even remember passing out but the last thing she did remember was the double penatration of the two biggest cocks forcing their way into her open ass . they have left and she has awaken to stand an have cum run out her still gapped ass down her inner thighs . She awakens from her dream to find the same stupid cartoons on tv an says damn it . that was such a good dream .
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2 years ago
Great story gas always thanks
2 years ago
LOVED this story!