The suduction of Missy Lou .

To day is the first day of Miss Missy Lou , A newbie Cross Dresser who has only been with a few awkward men with little pretend dicks . She has longed to find a real man who could match up to her toy's , Her favorit being a 9" ivory tool moddled after a porn God . she has for years had to hide in the closet . Afraid of what she might find out in the world where people are cold and unfeeling . She has had manny fantasy's about what it would be like spending the day being fucked like a whore or a porn slut and it seems as though she is about to find out . She was just going thru the classifide ads of a local dating site and came across what appers to be a nice older gentleman who has taken a liking to what she has to offer which is pretty much nothing but this guy seems to be alone in the world like her so it appears they have that in common . chatting back an forth she finds the conversation stimulating an decides to tuch her self . her throbing 7.5 clit pressing out from under her silky nightie she give it a slight touch on the head and it jumps for her . She gigles a little an then begins to rub it as if it is the real thing . after a few minuets of this she decides she can not stand any more . It's either unload or take a shower . she grabs a few of her favorit toys an proceeds to go clen up an out . as the luke warm water rinses of the seductive ly applied soap she applies some of her favorit lubb to her now swollen asspussy inserting a finger in at first then two an so on till her whole hand is now bridging the gap . working hard on it her face smacks against the wall of the shower , Her mind racing with thoughts of how the comming week end will go once this master Dom get's her in his home .She knows this will not be just any light weight session and that she will be taking his 9" cock to the hilt , balls deep . ass to mouth an back to balls deep . She mones as she inserts her bull cock as far as it will go then turns her ass to the wall an places the suction cup to the wall an begins working her hot swollen ass up an down on it . after a few minuets she starts to stroke her now rock hard 7.5 cock an explodes in orgasum . It subsides an she fininshes her shower completly relieved with the though that a trip down the wild side is soon to begin .
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2 years ago
fasanating story looking forward to the next installment what happens with your new master