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A Night To Remember

Posted by Clymene 2 years ago

[Story] The Italian Teacher

The Italian Teacher

“Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus”

“What am I missing ?” I looked at my notebook , biting my pencil. “I’m sure there were more words for the quiz in Italian” .
Stella stared at my page , it was full of words marked , some underlined, some circled others embellished in more creative ways , in blue, pink, and in every other color of the universe.
“ you have already 160 words” she said exhausted .
“160?” Toria repeated in an echo ..”how come ?” she looked at her notes “I only have 25”.
Stella smiled at me and we both laughed.
“Let’s just study from Vera’s n... Continue»
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You see me Naked

You see me naked
On a cold and wintry night.
When common thoughts get complicated
and lose themselves intertwined in little bundles of chaotic lights.
You can read my thoughts
Through the open flowing stream of my veins ..
leading you inside..
would you like to come in..?

Posted by missveronik 2 years ago