The Italian Teacher

The Italian Teacher

“Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus”

“What am I missing ?” I looked at my notebook , biting my pencil. “I’m sure there were more words for the quiz in Italian” .
Stella stared at my page , it was full of words marked , some underlined, some circled others embellished in more creative ways , in blue, pink, and in every other color of the universe.
“ you have already 160 words” she said exhausted .
“160?” Toria repeated in an echo ..”how come ?” she looked at her notes “I only have 25”.
Stella smiled at me and we both laughed.
“Let’s just study from Vera’s notes” Stella suggested.
“Come on, ask us something” Toria ordered .
“ummmm oh ok , my favorite word” my red fingers floating on the page looking for it..
“ciò è analessi ?” I asked with a huge smile that couldn’t be repressed.
“what ?” both girls leaned closer .. I held my notes close to my chest .. my eyes glistening with the secret of knowing ..
“a-na-le-ss-i” I rolled the vowels across my tongue .. enjoying every long interval of breath .. accentuating the ‘na’ ..
“I don’t know” Toria said .. biting her thumb ..
“I don’t remember ever hearing this word in her classes” Stella pouted confusedly.
“What is it”? Toria asked with a smile ..
“fatto del passato che ci ritorna improvvisamente alla memoria” I said .
“It’s a flashback”
“Oh” Stella said. “where are you getting this from?” Stella asked.
“From classes” I said simply.. looking down.
“Which classes now?” Stella asked mischievously.
“our Italian classes” I pouted my red lips at her .
Toria started laughing . “I think that Veronika gets some other additional classes with the Italian professor.. special private classes” she elbowed me on the side , smiling from ear to ear.
“No. I wish. God knows I need it” I laughed it off ..enjoying the idea she suggested.
“Ok I need my coffee now” Stella stood up and fixed her pencil tight skirt which got as high as her butt.
“YES” I quickly stood up as well stroking my tight black leggings, putting my sandals back on .. I kneeled down ass facing north .. her window was in the northern area , and if she was still looking from her window now . she could distinctively see what I wanted her to tights were stretched so that the fabric got see-trough enough for her to see the outline of my thong.. I licked my lips thinking about it and took longer time than humanly necessary to put on my sandals.

I loved how they poured the cream on top of the boiling coffee.. and how it floated swirling till it melted into the hot boiling drink .. the white cream got swallowed little by little into the hot brown and black liquid.. and the smell was intoxicating .. then came the chocolate .. this coffee didn’t need any more sweet in it .. but who in his right mind can say no to chocolate anyway.. I sat on the counter , eyes transfixed in a hypnotic daze on the coffee making waiter .. he looked at me .. and enjoyed giving me the show..I put my hands under my chin as I waited ..He knew my name .. I smiled.

We were sitting on the grass again .. I found myself staring at her office window, wondering what she is doing. Is she writing ? marking quizzes ? are her legs crossed and lips pouted and is she yanking at her chain like she always does?
“Your coffee is getting cold “ Stella remarked.
I woke up from my daydreams and sat in my meditating position, my legs spread sideways, knees crossed, pulling the sweater’s loosed sleeves back to cover my shoulders.
“Something is swimming in my coffee” I noted to Stella and moved closer toward her.
“It’s chocolate” she said singlehandedly without taking her eyes off the screen and continued typing at her notebook.
“But it’s swimming on its back and stroking with all its limbs” I tightened the grip of my red nails around the cup, my eyes inspecting the microscopic creature.
She bent down and focused her thin long cattish eyes on my coffee.
Then I heard those indisputable heel-steps, so distinctive and loud, like a never ceasing and never changing musical composition composed of beats of..cling cling cling .. I could recognize her walk among a million others , the rhythm , the beat and the intervals between them were encoded in my memory , triggering an instant increase of my heart beat .. it was beating to the sound of her steps.
“Yuck , that is disgusting throw that away.. damn insects get everywhere” .
I stopped looking at her direction and stared at my watch, it was already a quarter to twelve, I quickly stood up and swayed all the grass from my tights and fixed my sweater covering my shoulders again ..”quick Stell , we need to go to class” I picked her up from the floor and we went in the northern building.

During class I daydreamed while being attentive to her every word and took notes.. I was giddy and anxious .. I was more than horny, but I remained poised and as static as I could , yes I was guilty of entertaining dirty thoughts of having hot steamy forbidden sex with her right on her desk ..and rubbing my thighs against each other occasionally under the table.. I saw her looking me, she did not say anything, just a point blank stare. ‘what is it’ ? I looked down . She looked down as well . I looked around and saw everybody writing , some mumbling curses, some conversing among themselves , Stella was hitting at her keyboard with a speed of lightning. She came closer to our table now , still looking at me, Stella did not take eyes away from the keyboard “uffff” I heard her say. “Is something wrong” she directed the question toward Stella but did not take her eyes from me.
“ummm no no” Stella mumbled, “all’s great”.
She smiled and went back to her table, “Listen if there is something you don’t understand then ask” she was accenting the wrong syllables for English , following her distinctive Italian prosody instead. It mad my heart race. I bit my lip. She looked at me as the sole brave soul that can answer her, her eyes questioning. There was a long awkward pause.
“It is not that we don’t understand” I reassured her , she immediately hang her head to the right to hear me better..I thought she started walking toward me .. but she froze in place and just listened. “It just that you talk so fast, we are trying to follow” I said with a smile. Knowing exactly where I want to follow her.
She was smiling now “ahh” she clasped her hands together “I’m sorry” she said “só-r-i “ and it made the inside of my stomach knot ..”but I’m Italian” she continued , slowing her pace now, her voice husky and looking straight at me added almost in a whisper “we can’t calm down”. Neither could I.
Finally the class was over , I started collecting my things. “Vė-ro , please” I turned around , she was writing something in her papers. She has to stop saying my name like that or I can not hold myself for too long. “Yes?” I came toward her desk.
“ Can you do any mistakes” she said laughing..
“I’m sorry?” I did not understand what she means , she used to lose her intention when she translated her thoughts to English.
“ I just finished checking your exam” she looked at me. “You did not do any mistake” her eyes glaring.
“I was trying to not make any, isn’t that what we all want” now I was teasing her , I had had enough of her teasing . I am only human .
She laughed shortly. “yes, but” she got more serious. “you got all the questions correct, even the ones I did not teach you” she looked at me as if trying to figure me out. “How did you do it?”
“Well” I came closer to the table and put my hands on the table.. smirking at her “ I knew you would ask about the effect Flashbacks in the book , you always talked about that, so I read about it “ I leaned forward almost whispered “and besides I knew you couldn’t give us just a vocabulary quiz, that’s too easy” .
She almost looked surprised, but more pleased and interested in what I was saying.
“You are ..” she stooped midway.
“what?” I asked.
“very smart” that is not the word she initially picked.
“Not so much as I am curious” smirking again .. I let my hands fall down to the sides of my waist..
“davvero Vėro? “ she asked provocatively now , knowing I can’t resist her Italian accent.
“Sì, davvero” I bent over the table a little , my sweater immediately slides down revealing my shoulders and a glimpse of my bra..”Sono curiosa” I mouthed .
“Troppo curiosa” She half whispered .. looking down my cleavage.
There was a slight pause , I could hear her breathing .. I started walking away .
“Thank you “ I bent over to take my bag from the chair.
“Wait Vėro” she said, a slight alarm in her voice and something else .. passion.. is it?
I walked back to her.
“You have to stop wearing these pants to my class” she said with flamed eyes , her voice not betraying any hesitation.
I took it she was at her window watching me as always, and have seen what I wanted her to see. I couldn’t hide the satisfaction from my face.
I watched her eyes moving lower to my knees and sandals, I moved my toes to inform her I like it.
“I won’t wear them anymore” I looked into her eyes while I started peeling the strap of the pants down .. “I will take them off right now” .
She looked at me with disbelief, her confidence had long gone by now, leaving her completely transfixed in her seat by apprehension. I could see the pulse at her neck beating helplessly , uncommonly fast, she jumped from her chair came closer to me and quickly grabbed both of my hands.
“don’t” was all she mastered saying.
Her hands felt ice-cold to touch , she was frozen . That is surely not the effect I wanted to create in her . I waited for her to finish her sentence but she remained quiet , not even taking her hands away from mine. I covered her hands in mine and waited for them to warm up .. ‘I am not a monster, don’t be so scared, ok I bite sometimes but that’s it’ I thought to myself as I was looking in her eyes, now reassuring ...”It’s ok” I mouthed to her, still holding her hands.
She finally loosened up a bit.
“You are a very beautiful girl” she said.
“Thanks” I said and kissed her on her cheek , barely grazing the skin with my lips, I came closer to her ear “ And you are a very beautiful woman”..
“Not here “ she said barely looking at me.
I faced her now moving my lips from her cheek to her mouth. “Not there” I stroked her cheek with my hand , the spot where I had kissed her had my red lipstick on it. “then maybe here” I came forward and licked her lips .. they parted .. I held back .. moved away, knowing it would be hard to stop if I started kissing her.
She swallowed hard and started looking at her hands, like a student caught not doing her homework.
“Vėro…” she looked at me with her black eyes , almost pleading. “ not here, please” .
“ Not here then “ I came closer to her cheek again and whispered in her ear.. she breathed heavily ..”I’ll just clean my lipstick off your cheek” I took out my tongue and licked her cheek .. her skin was almost salty lipstick was strawberry sweet .. I wiped it off then with my thumb .. and smiled .. “sorry” I said, I was not sorry at all .
She took a deep breath and sat down .. almost collapsing on her chair.
“See me in my office at 4” she said , with renewed composure with her usual teasing and tantalizing tone .
“Yes” I said and walked away .

“Am I too intimidating?” I looked down at my feet , pulling away some pieces of dry grass from in between my toes.
“You?” Stella echoed from behind her screen.
“Me” I straightened up and looked at her .
“Is that a tricky question?” she asked half amused.
“No. It is not” I stared straight into her eyes.
“Now stop looking at me with those eyes” she smiled “I’m an engaged woman”.
“Stella “ I threw some pieces of grass at her “ I am serious”
She immediately started cleaning herself, knowing how clean-up obsessed she is , I had to laugh.
“How can you be scary, or intimidating?” she asked still checking herself out for any sign of grass.
“I can not” I agreed.
“Not most days” she quickly added.
“You’d say!!” I tickled her.. “I’m too innocent and shy, aren’t I “ I had my most innocent smile on ..
“Yeah , right” she said. “Oh by the way, I met the Italian Prof. on my way here, she asked me to tell you to come to her office at 3 if that is possible” she looked at me probingly.
“Oh” I shifted my weight from one leg to another “how did she look, was she mad?” I asked.
“Her usual “ she added. “perhaps a bit troubled” .
“Oh my” I started playing with my crystal ball pendant..
“ Now what did you do?” Stella asked inquisitively.
“Nothing” I said quietly ..
“Oh my God Vero!” Stella raised her voice a notch.. then looked around and half whispered. “What did you do?”
“Nothing really” I looked away because I couldn’t lie while looking at Stella ..or anyone else really , looking at their eyes. But Stella had a way of pulling all information out of me . “I just kissed her” I said finally looking at her. “On the cheek” I quickly added.
“Oh my, that is all? “ she didn’t move her eyes from me, those cattish frames with glaring honey brown and grey eyes staring at my very soul.
“ok, maybe I licked her a little bit too” I confessed .
“Goodness gracious “ she held her hands to her face. “why did you do that?”
“well I left a lipstick stain on her cheek and ..” I started .
“ Ok” Stella looked like it was more information she could take. “You are crazy honey” she summarized my life history in one sentence.
“I’m sorry , I couldn’t resist , you know how I get with foreigners” I looked at her half smiling half pleading my innocence .
She smiled. “You know I’m Romanian, right?”
“Yes” I added crawling a bit closer to her “ And you know I love it “
“ Ok “ she looked all serious now. “It’s almost 3 you should go” she said.
“Stella, ho did she look to you when she said that, now that you know what happened” I nervously played with my pendent circling it around my fingers. “Do you think I’m in trouble” I asked.
“Oh “ Stella laughed “She looked you’re in all kinds of trouble” She pushed me toward the building of her office.

To be Continued

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grazie mil ;)
1 year ago
You are welcome. As I have tried my hands in writing like this, I know the intricacies and the difficulties in finding the right expressions for apt situations. I can't resist appreciating the real good things. Certainly we both can enjoy. Kisses.::))
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Now since I have found the reply button haha I can personally thank all of you proporelly. Kisses.
1 year ago
Thank you so much for your appreciation. I very rarely find people in here who like this kind of erotic material.. perhsps its too light for a sight like this ..but nevertheless I think people like you and me can enjoy it. Kisses
1 year ago
Beautiful narration and perfectly worded dialogues. Eager to read the next part.
1 year ago
molto brava, complimenti!
1 year ago
@Clymene .. purrrrr
1 year ago
Draco vigilantis est
2 years ago
Nice and Beautifull Long Story I like it
2 years ago
Really beautiful and intriguing! I am waiting a continuation ...

2 years ago
I think so too
2 years ago
You seem to know what a teacher needs!