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You see me Naked

You see me naked
On a cold and wintry night.
When common thoughts get complicated
and lose themselves intertwined in little bundles of chaotic lights.
You can read my thoughts
Through the open flowing stream of my veins ..
leading you inside..
would you like to come in..?

Posted by missveronik 2 years ago
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1 year ago
HARD TO RESIST. Small but beautiful piece.
1 year ago
try and keep me out:)
1 year ago
Now there's an offer I'd find difficult to refuse.
1 year ago
yes, please..
1 year ago
@batla69 : what refugees do you mean?
1 year ago
what about the refugees ? what about them?
1 year ago
lost is where is seek
found is where i become...

brilliant wordage you have miss lady veronik it has been my pleasure to sit and read you works of art, thank you for sharing :D i look forward to reading much much more! continue exposing yourself in words, cause those in this lifetime that can appreciate your wordage will be happy to read pieces of you...
2 years ago
I am Proud to have nearly more Lesbian Friends Then Straigh :))))Movies To
2 years ago
Nice Poem
2 years ago
I want !
2 years ago
Oh to enter your garden of delights.
2 years ago
.. little bundles of chaotic lights .. :)))
2 years ago
Me gusta
2 years ago
2 years ago
I will come in wherever whenever you like
2 years ago
I will get in wherever whenever you like
2 years ago
C'est divinement dit et ...
2 years ago
mmmmm i would love to come in and keep you warm :)
2 years ago
Please do Shannon
2 years ago
Yes I would...
2 years ago
2 years ago
you touch that spot that is in me
and though is not mine
through me it flows
on day light hills
or cold deep caves
2 years ago
Indeed I see you. . .
luring from the back of my head...

I taste you on my breath
I feel the nude trail of your sole on quiet white crisp snow

Even on my peach black doom
for me your bare heart glows. . .

While the whirling sparks entangles both our minds
I can hear your red life rivers as my own
Pounding back and forth
Flushing all my skin
Yearning for the word
your lips let out tonight . . !
Yes, yes, yes I would
And I have . . .
Do you feel me in you now?
2 years ago
I love the winter time.
2 years ago
I love the winter time.