the gift

This is a story I wrote, after an amazing f***ed orgasm scene I did for the site

I am bound to a table, my arms over my head, my feet tied by the ankles, about to shoot a f***ed orgasm scene. The photographer is a nice, friendly bear of a guy. Somewhat quiet.

But..when he picks up the hitachi, the quiet bear is replaced by a very stern DOM.

He’s already discerned that I am sassy. He teases me about being a switch..he warns me that this day, he is going to tame me into a whimpering, submissive ball of jelly.

He starts off by lightly passing the vibrator over my thighs, lingering there.. then he asks me if I think I've been a good girl. I try to guess the right answer.


"NO? Ok then, I guess you don't deserve any pleasure then do you?" he taunts me.


So he just keeps teasing my thighs..til I'm kind of bucking a little like..

..can you move that thing..

..just a little closer. between my legs..

So then he finally puts it right on my clit..really fast, flitting over it like a butterfly, for only a minute.

I think “Wait, don’t take it off. FUUUUCKKKKK.”

Then he moves it back to the thighs, lightly brushing, teasing the skin with the vibrations..all that does is remind my pussy how good those vibrations felt on it, making me ache...and he asks me again.

"Have you been a good girl today?"


"Wrong answer,” he chastises me. “You did not address me with the proper directive."

"Yes SIR." I correct myself.

JESUS. This is tough.

Then he says, "I might..give you a little taste of some pleasure if you continue to be a good girl Now, you know that feeling when you have the Hitachi on you..and you feel the pressure building..and you get to that point where you can't hold it in, anymore, and you just HAVE to release it?"

I nod, very meekly and murmur. “Mmm hmm.” I can't really speak, because he's still sliding the hitachi over my thighs, occasionally lightly brushing over my pussy, then dipping down to my ass, when I buck up off the table.

"Ok, “ he continues. “Now when you get to that point..I need you to say Yes Sir. And when you are ready to come, wait til I tell you to come. And when you do come, I need you to say ‘thank you for this gift, Sir. Do you understand?”

I nod. “Yes Sir.”

He replies reassuringly, “Good girl.” And he rewards me with a longer pulse of the wand on my clit. My eyes are closed, and I'm just melting into the feelings, just focusing on nothing but the pulsing on my pussy getting wetter and wetter..and I can't help it, I start thinking about Him..the one that’s far away..the one I met only once, but was smitten with from the very first moment our eyes met.

I start imagining what the tip of His cock teasing my wet clit would feel like..I imagine him on top of body rising up to meet His cock. and how it would feel to get that first tease of His skin, as He begins to slide into me.

Meanwhile, the photographer holds the wand on me for a change, instead of just teasing me.

And the more I think of HIM, my far away object of lust, fucking me for the first time, the harder it becomes to hold my growing orgasm...I’m soon flooded with a volcanic outpouring of yearning and desire..and I start cumming and cumming. I have to f***e myself to remember what the photographer told me to do.

He breaks my reverie by asking “Does that feel good?”

And I moan, "YESSSSSS SIR"

"Are you ready to cum, Pandora?" he asks.

"YESSSS SIR," I moan, writhing.

"You have my permission."

I let go, with a giant shudder. All the tension pours out of me, and I am flooded with pure pleasure, as I strain against the cuffs.

Practically screaming, and moaning so loud. I somehow remember to say:

"Thank you for this gift sir" between moans.

And I want to just collapse after the very last shiver, but I can't.

Because I’m still tied up, and he continues holding the wand on me...and it doesn’t matter how much I moan in complaint, which I do, because it begins to sting just a little. He doesn’t care. My clit feels tingly and stinging, still feels pleasurable on top of the pain...he knows this. So he keeps going.

And then my thoughts drift to HIM again... wondering, what if He were there watching? Would the sight of me coming like that turn Him on, make Him hard? Maybe He would stand over me, and free one of my hands, so that I could stroke Him, while I’m still writhing under the f***ed Hitachi.

Imagining that scenario sends me into another tailspin...another high...I imagine stroking His firm, large, delicious cock. I’d only seen it that one night when we met, but I’d been lucky enough to take it in my mouth. I still remembered how good it tasted. I summon up the sensory memory of the taste of Him, as the photographer pushes the Hitachi down on my pussy so hard, I can feel the vibrations course through my body. I try to hold back the orgasm, but I can’t. It floods out of me. I’m thrashing about on the table as I feel release after release...repeating “Thank you for this gift, Sir”, in whispered, raspy moans.

Even when I fear I am spent, my clit sore from the pleasurable torture, he refuses to release the Hitachi. He pushes it down harder on my mound. I gasp...such delicious pain and pleasure entwined...once again, I am filled with the longing for Him, this time imagining His tongue on me, taking the place of the vibrator. I think of it lapping hungrily at my clit, and I remember all the things He said He wanted to do to me in our hours and hours of phone conversations. Several days and 3000 miles of distance had done nothing to dim my desire for Him, as the f***ed orgasm session proved.

The 5th time I came was a surprise. I didn’t think I had it in me. It was also the most powerful one. I was filled with the undeniable desire and longing for Him, so powerfully that I thought I could feel Him taking me, his firm cock filling me up. In that moment, I wasn’t cumming for a video shoot, or a photographer, or anyone else-the eruption was only for Him. In my imagination, it was His alone-my gift to Him.

After the shoot, I am driving home. At stoplights, I text Him to tell Him how aroused I became, thinking of Him, and how hot the scene came out, and that I had Him to thank. He tells me, “well if you’re aroused by that, you’ll probably really go crazy over the email I sent you.”

I can’t resist - I check my email on my phone. Right about the same time I was experiencing my 5th orgasm while thinking of Him, He had sent me this message He wrote:

“You are beautiful. From the pale shimmer of your soft skin to the complimentary glint of the light off of your hair. And those eyes, if only I could drink from pools as blue as those eyes. You insist that they are "polar bear blue", but you're wrong. There is nothing cold about those eyes. They're two volcanic springs, rich and hot with the muted sparks of unfathomable intensity. You may have been born with blue eyes, but you earned the other qualities, forged them with your personality and your intellect.

When I tell you that there's something about you, something difficult to explain, these are the things I wish I could say.”

I can’t help it. I’m blushing. I smile a Cheshire cat smile all the way home..feeling intuitively that maybe, even 3000 miles apart, my gift had connected us.
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3 years ago
Now THAT was giving, honest, hott, revealing, kinky and unexpected. It's not very often that one is surprised in a pleasant way, and usually when this happens it involves the human spirit. Somehow someone is revealing that down in the core of themselves that they are much like we are ourselves, so in the relate-ability we bathe. That is a true connection and the only one we really share here on our small planet. Too bad we rarely stop to notice it. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.