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After we took pictures with the young couple I was wet and my husband was hard. We walked a little more down the beach so his cock was not so erect. As we returned to our spot on the beach his cock was dripping and shiny. We got the attention from others on the as we approached our towels. The man I had made eye contact with earlier was sitting in a beach chair and said hello to us as we passed.. His cock was slightly erect and he had just oiled up....his girl friend/wife as laying on her back with her knees bend and spread apart, her pussy lips were swollen and moist.

We reached our spot not far away and I felt like showing off, so I stood and rubbed oil on my body and asked my husband to do my back. I then oiled his back and told him to turn around and put oil on his chest and reached down and oiled his cock and pulled on it. This beach is not one to have sex on it so I made it like just helping each other with suntan oil. His cock sprung back to full staff and I told him he better sit down. I sat in my beach chair and finished oiling my legs, letting them part and expose my pussy to others nearby. The couple we passed was watching us and the man smiled at me as I sat in the chair. After a while he got up and came over to us. I was sitting as before and as he approached I saw a nice cock slightly erect, he said hello and asked if we had a nice walk. He asked us if we wanted a beer with them. He was about 5 feet away and his cock was eye level with me. I looked at him and then gazed for a while at his cock and told them sure we would love to. My husbands cock had lost its erection so I knew he felt comfortable,

We took our beach chairs and joined them. I sat opposite the man so he could see my pussy and my husband sat opposite the woman. She was about 5 years younger than me and had a nice set of tits. Probably 36C...and very tan. Like me she was shaved clean and had a bigger labia than me, and it was swollen. The mans cock was bigger than my husbands and as he sat he pulled on it a little and his uncut head poked out. We chatted about the beach and our experience with the photos and posing for the clothed visitors. We shared a beer and I was fascinated to see his cock come out from his foreskin. My husband was cut and I had never been this close to an uncut cock before. I opened up my legs even more and even bend my knee up which I knew would gap open my pussy lips. I felt the moisture run down my legs..not sweat, although it was hot.

We decided to go to the water to cool off and all 4 of us walked down together. My new friends cock was still out and growing. We walked together but as we did I moved over next to the man, and my husband next to the woman. I was now very close to his cock as we walked and I could not help admiring it. What do you think he you like my cock...I told him I did and so wanted to touch it. We walked a little more out of the crowd and faced the ocean....he came next to me and I reached down and held his cock and even stroked it...It grew it felt like another 3 inches. I glanced at my husband and he grinned at me and said go ahead. Since we were not near others and facing the ocean and with his encouragement I started giving him a handjob while standing next to him. I don't know what came over me but I wanted to make him cum. My husband reached down and started rubbing his cock while the wife reached down to him and cupped his ballls. There were all 4 stood as the women jacked off the he came close he reach own and fingered my very wet pussy. Out in the open within sight of others with 2 strangers I came harder than I had for a long time. Just as I started to cum the man squirted all over me and my husband came all over his wife. We all laughed as it happened and then went into the ocean and cooled off.
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4 months ago
Nice story. :)
6 months ago
This real life event is such a turn on for me. I would love to expose my pussy to strangers, especially a pretty girl! Maybe squirt on her as she sits in her chair and me standing close by!
7 months ago
just excellent ...:)
7 months ago
Fantastic story. Would love to have been the other guy, especially getting to make you cum and then cumming over you.
7 months ago
glad you liked it...really happened....later I went back with girl friend and ran into waiters from hotel....
7 months ago
nice very hot story !
7 months ago
great story very horny I hope the four of you then went back to a room for a good round of fucking each other:)XXXXXXX