Doctor student doctor part 2


As I lay on the exam table with my legs and feet up in the stirrups the five doctors stood at the end of the table. I has just had a breast exam by all five, my doctor and 4 students including one woman doctor. My ob/gym taught at the university and he wanted to have them observe and participate in an exam. Of course they all had or had seen a vulva but not in a formal exam. The doctor had just removed my gown as I reclined on the table with now my newly shaved pubic area exposed and very wet. I had consented to this situation because he asked me to assist him in helping train the interns and he flattered me by telling me my vulva shaved was a great example of a "perfect" example.

I was already flushed from all of them touching and probing my breasts including the woman and the handsome black foreign intern, who had an English accent. Now my pussy throbbed and must have been swollen as the experience of reclining and having 5 people about to probe and touch me dawned on me. Here I was a normal housewife whose pussy since college had only been seen or touched by by husband or a few doctors was not exposed. The thought terrified me but interestingly it excited me beyond anything I had experienced outside sex. I had of course fantasized about exposing and being naked but here I was doing it.

First the doctor put on his gloves and instructed the others to do so too. Then he proceeded to describe in medical terms my labia major ,,my labia minor...and my clitoris. He touched each as he described them and commented how nice it was Mrs. shaved since she had such perfect ones. The pulled on my lips as he described them....moving his finger the length of the lips on each side...and then probed with his finger to open up my vagina and expose my clit. He added some warm cream...which was not really necessary as now I was dripping down my leg.

His manipulation of my now swollen lips caused my breathing to increase..and indeed he commented how the lips had swollen..and how it made it easier to see. Next to my great shock and surprise he stepped back and said before we continue I want each of you to follow my procedure. He graciously asked me if it was okay and if I was alright with it, and I could not speak but just shook my head in approval.

So one by one the interns stepped forward felt my pussy lips and explored until they found my cit. The all commented as they put their fingers on and in my vagina....first the black English doctor who had huge hands....he said he had trouble finding the clit and inserted his middle finger all the way in and made an upward motion all the way up my slit. The doctor told him to massage it between his fingers to engorge it more...ah yes he said..very none of us will have trouble locating it. the 2 other male doctors next did the same...and took some time to finish..Finally the female intern stepped forward, smiled and me and spoke and said..yes doctor she does have a very nice vulva...she asked if shaving helped with sensitivity during sex....and she put in 2 fingers and moved them up and down....and took my lips between her fingers and stoked them...I was now breathing very fast....then she located my clit and gave it a little tug and then rubbed on each side gently...I let out a little yelp....

The doctor stepped forward and very clinically told the students the yes I was sensitive after what had been 30 minutes and perhaps we should pause. But instead of covering me up he left me laying on my back with my feet up and said now we will observe how long it takes the labia lips to disengourge . He asked if I minded....but again the response just stuck in my "calm me" he layed his hand on my mons venus..and chatted as I lay there....the interns didn't move from their positions and contiued to look at my pussy as he chatted about "medical" topics...

Next after a few minutes he told them they would have have the internal vaginal be continued....
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27 days ago
great story keep them cumming
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very nice
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7 months ago
oh would like to see that...
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my dick is dripping. need the next part
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Mmmmmm, my cock got harder reading this hot story. Looking forward to the next part.
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Looking forward to how turned on you get with the internal. Hot story.
9 months ago
you left
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Very hot sequal.
9 months ago
Very hot!. I wish I was one of the doctors!
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Oh damn that is erotic!
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im rock hard waiting to finish.. great story so far!
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One wild exam.
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I can't wait for the finish!!