Showing her Son!

I was chatting to David the other day, he was telling me about the hot girls he was seeing at the moment and how he sort of fancied his Dads' girlfriend.
Sorry but I couldn't help myself......he was asking if I had any porn pics, and at first I said well ok, but just a few I've picked up off the net,then of course, knowing I'd been with his Mum he asked had I any pictures of her!
I could see that he was a bit more that just interested....there was a bulge that belied the question and from then on it became even more interesting!
At the age of 18 David would be no virgin, Samantha and I had heard his girlfriends moaning as he had fucked and licked them...he had no idea, but I loved the thought of those young girls getting his cock explode up their so tight little cunts.
Sure enough, as you have already seen before, I decided to show David the pictures of his Mother....and what a slut she is! was amazing, of course her face was not in the pictures and so all he could say was WOW what a slut!
It was at this time that his younger b*****r Mark came into the room.
'What are you guys up to?'.....well it didn't take long 'til he was wondering about the porn pics I had on the screen.........young guys are always interested in women's tits and cunts!
what was so great about this was they were looking at their Mother!
Big cocks fucking her, spunk leaking from her arse and cunt, all that sperm running out of her mouth mmmmmmmmmmm God such a great whore!
Both Mark and David loved the pictures, still not realizing the origin!
I'll leave it a week or 2 before I tell them the women who has all those cocks up her is their Mother!,,,,,,,,maybe I'll show them the video, where Mother gets Fisted in her cunt while she gets her arse fucked?.......or even the K9 stuck knotted up her! mmmmmmmm not that reaction would be good!

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2 months ago
Yes, it's a very true story.....exactly as it happened
1 year ago
Love to know what they said when you told them.
2 years ago
has she really fucked a dog?
2 years ago
Good story. cheers my friend.
2 years ago
Like mother like sons. They'll obviously be interested to know its her, and probably want to be introduced to incest. And why not, don't we all?
3 years ago
You HAVE to show them!
3 years ago
MMM great story, yes show and see what happens, really like to know where you three go with this, so sexy
3 years ago
great idea,,show us those videos,,we wont tell...luved it